Tuesday, May 13, 2008

NyQuil, Paging Dr. NyQuil

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I'm ripping you off a little today on the word count with only 10 or 12 pictures from last night.


An Extra told me last night that he is to report to Beaver Dam at 2:00 Tuesday after noon and bring sunscreen.

That means the Columbus shoot will be MUCH later in the day and into the wee hours of the morning.

This makes sense because Johnny D left Columbus about midnight last night. I know, I was there

What would possess a grown man to stand for six hours waiting for a glimpse at a mere mortal?

His wife.

But the real question is what would possess a grown man to STAY standing on a street for hour after hour waiting for a glimpse of Johnny Depp.

The reason is the same reason a normal male on a golf course will give the beer cart girl a $3 tip for a $3 bottle of Gatorade. That one in a ten million chance something extraordinary will happen. Once you are there standing on some else's lawn trespassing (John - I have pictures) you just KNOW that as soon as you leave Johnny Depp will come out, sit down on a chair and call all of his fans to gather around and listen to his stories.

Didn't happen,

However - what did happen is once again the people of Columbus formed a sort of union of friendship with people talking and laughing and shivering together.

So the first few shots were of a group doing the 21 Jump street Hand Shake. NOT A CLUE what that was as I never watched the show when it was on over 75 years ago.

Hey - they recognized me and took MY picture so I felt obligated. :-)

This is a photo of John and his son Brooks who was the VERY FIRST person to get a Johnny Depp autograph in Columbus. And I believe that is documented on video somewhere.

And what blog would be complete without a Johnny driving past in a car photo.

Christian Stolte came up and signed some autographs.

And then darkness started to take over the night and we waited.

John Michael Bolger a big Jenny fan (funny stories to come sooner or later) was a fan fav last night and he gave Jenny and dj a kiss on the cheek and made everyone laugh.

I'll have more on his Tom Foolery with jenny in the coming days.

This little girl had the thrill of not only getting cheered but also being held by Mr. Bolger

And the night wore on and on and on, the temperature is dropping , the wind is kicking up a little and legs are getting tired.

It's reaching midnight and finally they come out and give instructions, no screaming, now pushing no flashes directly in the face.

And then he was gone. Dj received a hug and she is still walking around on a cloud because JD was so gentle and talked right to her.

Shakenbis received some attention from Jerry when he asked her about her machete (it was not loaded) but they joked a little which was "too cool".

Thats it for now.

As luck would have it being a little sick and staying up late last night they delivered our (what I believe) full freaking grown Cleveland Pair tree so I have to dig a 6 foot hole in the ground this morning.

See ya later.