Thursday, May 8, 2008


I was a snappin' fool this morning with the ol' camera. Hope you are not on a dial up today!

I woke up and let Blake out (more in HIM later in the blog) and from the deck saw this little scenic moment.

I think that fog is actually cow farts.

Then as we were getting ready to drive to work in TWO cars (it's golf night . . . .more on golf later in the blog) I looked at our Don Wyman Crab tree and noticed it's getting close to flowering.

THEN I'm walking the few blocks to work and notice an odd shaped object I have never seen before in front of our post office. As luck would have it I have my camera and snap away.

Not sure what that is about but it is less creepy then the Martin Luther King Memorial on the other side of the steps. I tried to look at the book but the pages seemed to be stuck together.

Speaking of pets.

Sleeping all nice and cozy when below the bed I hear HACK HACK HACK GLOP!!

Sierra has just blown chow under the bed! YUCK. OK OK what do I do - get up and clean in up and completely wake up? Or stay 1/2 a sleep, roll over and forget about it for a while.

Blake groans in his bed next to us (our dog), gets up, crawls under the bed and LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP LAP cleans it up.

Now I'm completely grossed out and I'm up!

Pet's - ya gotta luv em'.
I think the schedule for PE is pretty solid. A few things have occurred that makes me think that you can now PEN in Monday and Tuesday for Columbus.

In the last few days The Company has been in and around Oregon which is south of Madison (home of The Flower Factory - seriously awesome place for flowers). I believe they were shooting Pretty Boy Floyd's death who was gunned down in an orchard.

After Columbus I believe that is it for Wisconsin. Not sure if Stevens Point is in the works as I have not heard anything. No a clue on Milwaukee (anyone anyone).

A few more photos from the Madison shoot coming from 33 Graham.

This last photo is of the crew exchanging license plates. They are REAL anal about the plates. As SOON as the cameras stop rolling for the day they are taking them off. The most stolen piece of set there is.

Universal really does not want to have a parked car that keeps showing a different plate number from scene to scene. Continuity.

In The Untouchables there is a scene where Sean Connery's collar keeps flipping back and forth. In The Wizard of Oz, Dorthy's hair keeps changing length.

Picture Car Drivers always look to see what kind of plate they are getting, plastic or metal. Metal will tell you that your car will be close to the action.

Golf - I have a golf outing at The Wilderness Saturday, some sort of charity scramble - never golfed there and I'm for sure taking my camera - never know who you might run into.

I golfed at Whistling Straits The Irish Course a couple years ago . hre is a quick and dirty web page of photos of the course. I'm male #3 (from the left) in photo #21.