Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trying to Piece Things Together

Well - I've been left dangling so I'm just doing my best to piece info together.

I BELIEVE they are shooting interior scenes near the lake front today and tonight in Chicago. The old Uptown Bank and the Aragon Ballroom are in close proximity as is the lake front.

I do not have a script but have heard from several sources that there have been 21 or 22 rewrites (I heard 22 when I was in Oshkosh and someone on IMDb said 21). I guess 9 or 10 is the average.

Just guessing but I think they are filming meet and greets between Dillinger and Billie and some interrogation scenes but again - I'm flying pretty blind here. So pretend I'm right!

NOTE - I do NOT think filming is over yet in Wisconsin or Columbus but I have no solid confirming news.
DJ news - Down for the count! This Common Cold is like clockwork. Do other countries call this a "cold" also? Man it is really crushing Wisconsin and Illinois.
A funny thing happened on the way to REM sleep.

We built and then moved into our house on June 1st 2007. It is next to the 16th hole of Kestrel Ridge and there is a large mound in front of our back yard that protects us from . . .well nothing actually but it's nice anyway.

Just after we moved in and the lawn was seeded we had a quick 8 inches of rain so the area was pretty moist early on.

But once it dried out a month later, on a warm evening we heard an odd noise. shhh shhh shhh shhh Looking out the window the sprinklers were going off sending mammoth arcs of water into the air on the course. Very pretty and relaxing and all was well. They stopped after 15 minutes and others down the line went off shhh shhh shhh shhh. So relaxing.

We go to bed and are drifting off and I wake up a few hours later shhh shhh shhh shhh smile, and start to drift back to sleep shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh shhh
Wow I wonder what sprinkler that one is

shhh shhh shhh shhh BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM shhh shhh shhh shhh WTF? Are we under attack?

I get up rather quickly and walk into the kitchen for a better look and the entire kitchen floor is soaked with water. I walk onto the deck to see what is going on and see that there is a sprinkler on top of the little hill next to our back yard 20 yards away. AND HERE IT COMES AGAIN!! shhh shhh shhh shhh BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM shhh shhh shhh shhh

WELL - I guess they did not take into account a house being here when they installed the system.

On a bright side our lawn and garden get a regular 0.04 inches of rain every few days and we just make sure we have the kitchen doors closed at night.

What got me thinking about this is that our cat Milo was out the other night and he hangs out by the porch all night. I bet it surprised HIM!! (insert evil laugh).
One hundred and thirty five years ago today,San Francisco businessman Levi Strauss and Reno Nevada tailor Jacob Davis are given a patent to create pants reinforced with metal rivets.

Strauss sold dry goods including clothing to gold miners and was the West Coast representative of his family's firm. Davis was a tailor and a regular customer of Strauss's business. He wrote a letter to Strauss about his method of making work pants with metal rivets on the stress points, the corners of the pockets and the base of the button fly to make them stronger.

Davis did not have the money for a patent so he contacted Strauss who loved the idea. The patent was called "Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings".

At first they employed seamstresses working out of their homes to create the "waist overalls", but by the 1880s, Strauss had opened his own factory.

The famous 501 jean (which I am wearing today) known until 1890 as "XX"--were soon a bestseller and still are #1.
Five hundred and two years ago today - Christopher Columbus died his final words were "I wish I could have visited Columbus Wisconsin, just once". His final will asked they his body be bronzed and sent to the Americas to the town that was named after him.

And that my friends is how we got that statue that I FINALLY found on Hwy 16.
And last but not least - the first speeding ticket EVER was given out today in 1899. Jacob German, operator of a taxicab for the Electric Vehicle Company, became the first driver to be arrested for speeding when he was stopped by Bicycle Roundsman Schueller for driving at the "breakneck" speed of 12mph on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

YEA baby - how is that working for you!!



  1. Rod, re: Christopher Columbus's final words. Is it Tall Tales day, or what? And the cig ad...at lease he wasn't blowing smoke up her a@@. He left that to the advertiser! You're in rare form today, Rod. :) Keep it up!

  2. Sorry, can't spell/type today.

  3. lol....i just about died from laughing today rod! very funny! nice ad at the end...blow smoke in her face...id slap him! :)

  4. Rod,

    Please tell me it ain't sooo???? I sure hope you are right about them coming back to Columbus. I am hoping for one more chance to see/hug JD. Keeping my fingers crossed....
    Rod, you have the BESY way of explaining things! I could totally visualize the whole sprinkler mess. Funny man!


  5. oops!! sorry I meant the BEST not BESY.....


  6. The water actually reached the kitchen area.

    It's great for the yard (which sucks with weeds).

  7. This place is kind of dead today, where'd everyone go?

  8. I was updating my own blog. Sorry, won't happen again. :p

  9. Hee Heeee! love the sprinkler story, poor MIlo though!

    My how times change! Interesting marketing ...

    BTW kitties are 3 and 1. 3 boys and i girl (orange/cinnamon one is the girlie) that is probably 3 and 1... I am a little inexperienced in this area!

    OK, gotta get back to work before the electician gets there and squashed said kittehs before he figures out what's what! =)

  10. I'm here, but mostly lurking! With a little over 3 weeks until the Carriage Classic, my life has been officially taken over.

  11. bummer Jenny! I just read you are getting it too = ( (hope you both feel better QUICK!)

  12. heehee nice sprinkler story. :)
    do you ever sneak off onto the course and play mini golf?

  13. great blog today Rod!
    Living on a golf course has more benefits than free balls...

  14. hey rod,
    your blog is especially funny today. Just wanted to let you know we appreciate it!
    -cassie and brianna

  15. The only filming left in WI is Milwaukee and that will be a one day shoot.

    The rest will be in Chicago till the end of June.

    lips are zipped++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  16. As I read, I picture you sitting there doing the shh shh bam bam
    Out Loud!!!
    Great read today as usual,my laugh for the day..
    DJ hope you feel better soon!

    I am off for a nap.Landscape work Stinks!
    But I know it will look good when done.


  17. Anonymous 2:40

    What about the Indiana Prison scenes ?? Not arguing but curious.

    Also curious about scenes 71-73 ?? I suppose they can all be done on a set in LA but . . . . . New Orleans, Miami??

    Again - all CAN be done on a set.

  18. hello cassie and brianna!
    don't forget to email my wonderful jd pic! Hehe!

    -really bored at school, Chelsea

  19. Rod, you make me laugh so hard! I was under so much pressure with final exams, then I get on your site and I laugh my butt off. Thanks!

  20. shhh shhh shhh BAM BAM!!!!

    shhh shhh shhh be vewy vewy quiet!

    *runs away laughing*

  21. Last night I saw Noel Coward's Brief Encounter directed by David Lean on TCM. If you want to see a film that is perfectly put together, piece by piece, Brief Encounter is one of the best. When watching it I was thinking to myself how they are going to put PE together piece by piece.

    Made in 1944/45, Brief Encounter makes you think about the whole art of making a film. One example is the central role that the film score plays in creating a prevailing mood and a state of tension. (It was filmed in England in a train station during WWII - talk about filming under pressure.)

  22. Sunday, I was told Chicago (June) and Florida was still to be filmed (I asked about WI, not on the list). Sounds like they might film on the (261) train between Chicago and Milwaukee?

  23. Speaking of Milwaukee... what ever happened to that?

    Did I miss it? Or did it not happen ? Is it not in the cards or is that the wink, wink, about coming back to Wisconsin?

    Boy, I'm taking over for garyandyvonne today with all those ?'s :)

  24. Rod... I loved the trivia! Especially those last words of Columbus :) Hope your kitchen wasn't damaged from the sprinkler but the sound effects sure add to that story!

    My friend's brother is being a stand in for CB in Chicago again, which is neat.

    Hope they come back to Colombus! If it's during the summer months of June there is no doubt I would be driving up...

  25. Hi, in regards to being an extra and getting a short haircut, I was and I did. The haircut I recieved is the best haircut I have ever gotten. And not only was the haircut free, but I got paid for getting it! So, if you are chosen to be an extra, let them cut your hair-no worries.

  26. zelilychlo and lips are zipped

    I do not know the route back to Minn for the 261 but if you find it is going through Columbus I am looking for a photo of an old train passing the depot! Could you give me a heads up?

    zelilychlo - I have heard a few woman worried about their hair and all have come away with WOW - awesome job!!!

    Thanks for confirming.

  27. I was just watching the Channel 12 News...
    And they said that filming in Milwaukee would be next month...

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I really hope this is the end of the filming in Wisconsin. I would love to get a hug or something wtih Johnny or anyone for that matter.

  30. I love the sprinkler story, it was a good start to the day today.

  31. Anonymous 2:40

    I haven't checked yet, but I know Rod had Sioux Falls, SD also for a list of places they would be filming at. Any word on that either?

  32. Rod, what Indiana Prison scenes were you talking about? I live in MI and Indiana is closer, depending on where in Indiana. Thanks for any info you have.

  33. Not sure where the haircut conversation started, but. . .

    The guy who cut my hubby's hair also cuts JD's hair, and is regularly does Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli's hair. His name is Manny. My hubby said, "This is the only time in my life I will have a $200 haircut."

    Personally, I thought it was really HOT. He said he didn't like it, but then he tried to have the next person cut it the same way (he brought pictures of his hair).

    I said, "Mark my words, when this movie comes out, everyone is going to be cutting their hair that way."

    What do you think?

  34. Rod - OMG today was wayy too funny! I am so glad you wrote all that. I had a terrible day, and now I am much better. I'm still giggling!

    I hope that when JD comes to Milwaukee, I can help out with info. I only live 20 min from the milwaukee historical society (which is where I'm told they are filming). It looks like its ready to go when I drove past last night. They still had some painting crews (not from the movie) on te ground, but it looks 100% better than it did a few months ago. They had to do a lot of renovations. I haven't seen the inside in a long long time though. The historical society is a great building, but needed the repairs badly.


  35. so, my Closed Captioning saga...

    it was my son's fault. He disabled the option on the DVD player in my bedroom. (and we can't fix it)

    So I am now watching Blow and then Benny & Joon in the living room in all my deaf fan girl glory.

  36. I also forgot this little fun fact about Dillinger:

    A lady I bowl with was telling me about the last time they filmed a movie about Dillinger in Milwaukee.

    She owned an antique store in the old third ward in Milwaukee, and the director of the movie stopped in to purchase a bed actually belonging to Dillinger from the 1930's for one of the scenes. After filming was done, he returned the bed (which she now sleeps on), and inside she found some movie props that the director had forgotten to take back with him. He had left an old phone, some ladies clothes, and fake guns in the dresser draw. These are her now "prized possesions". Just thought it would be something fun to share with you all!


  37. Vicky... does the Milwaukee historical society show any signs of "Hollywood"?

  38. Well, I for one hope Rod is right about filming in Columbus possibly NOT being done; and that anonymous 2:40 is wrong!!!
    Thanks, Rod, for all of the laughs today! I was really beginning to wonder how long we'll all pay a daily visit here after filming is completed; but I think today's post answered that question with a resounding "A LONG TIME"!!

  39. When I went past the historical society yesterday, it just looked like they were still renovating it. No sign of "hollywood" that I could see as of yet....but I am sure there will be as soon as they are done in Chicago.


  40. Thanks Vicky!!!! Please keep us posted if Hollywood shows any signs of being there.....

    Its really hard to say if/when they will be coming back to WI... or any other locations that they "said" were gonna happen. Sounds like they are in Chicago area for a while... and I think they are trying to get things wrapped up before a potential actor's strike in the beginning of July.... sounds like the talks still are not going well.
    *crosses fingers for NO strike*
    I guess its a wait and see kind of thing.

  41. Regarding the Milwaukee site... I was there the weekend before they were first going to shoot until all of the delays.

    There was a Universal truck with two security guards posted on the street.
    There were several electrical cords around the building...

    This past Sunday I drove past and only a few of the cords were there, but no white trucks were in site.
    It may be a while then...

    Regarding Rod's post, I agree with the others, this really made me laugh, especially how you made the sprinkler seem so real. Keep us laughing, grinder!!!


  42. Is everyone with pictures still posting to DeppHugs?? I am going through withdrawal and need to feed my "hunger"!! I'm still waiting for more pics from Monday.

  43. anon 11:41 - I posted all the ones I had. I only had ones from tues pm. Keep checking the site, as I am sure more will go up from time to time.

    Peg- Do you live in Milwaukee? We should get together and do some paparazzi work when they start filming hee hee.....

    It was pretty boring down at the Milwaukee site yesterday. Can't wait for it to heat up!


  44. Vicki,

    I live in Mukwonago, but was downtown on Sunday because I graduated from Cardinal Stritch.

    I would love to go "stalking" with you! It really has been so much fun.
    I promised two of my students to come with me if I went for a "meet and greet" in Milwaukee...We could teach them a few things about being paparazzi! I was reading your blog
    and thought your perspective of meeting JD was quite familiar.

    I have met him twice now, and have yet to say something of any intelligence or get a picture with him. DUH! I'm hoping for a third chance to do so...third times a charm.

    To everyone else, Vicki and I will do our best to find out about the Milwaukee shoot...Maybe Anonymous could give us a little help???

    Have a great day all!

  45. I had to read all of your stories again, Rod. I forgot about the Levi's one! One of my grandson's is named Levi. This past Sunday he
    shook the minister's hand and the minister said he had to have help remembering my grandson's name. My grandson said "it stands for a brand of jeans"!! The minister guessed right!

  46. http://andymcnamara.blogspot.com
    I've got some pictures of the Biograph transformation in Chicago.

  47. Peg and Vicki-

    Can you keep me posted on Milwaukee? I have a friend who would love to meet JD and if I could get her there... it would be great!! My email is raetherese@gmail.com

  48. No problem Rachel. We'll do our best. Nothin much is happening right now. But when it does...we'll be on it!!


  49. Andy-

    I noticed the Pete Best stuff on your blog. If you're interested I interviewed Pete a year ago and the audio podcast is available here...


    He's a great guy and was more than happy to tell all of his stories of life with the early Beatles and what has happened since... He's a great storyteller...


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