Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act

Public Enemies - Milwaukee from Cub Reporter
Arriving at the filming site on Prospect Ave at around 5pm I waited with about 100 other people to see what was going to happen. It was rumored that Johnny was filming a few blocks away, but I could not see anything. The crew was very nice to us, and a few of them came over to talk to the crowd as we waited to see Johnny, and the other actors pull in. They were filming some inside scenes in an apartment building on Prospect....night scenes/indoor scenes only. The scenes were being filmed on the pent house floor in the apartment building. Michael Mann arrived at about 8:30pm, but then left about 15 minutes later. He did come back around 10pm, and the crowd said hello to him. Someone screamed "Last of the Mohican's ruled!" (Something to that extent) to which Michael raised his hand in appreciation.

(I guess his last five movies DIDN'T rule LOL - rm)

Everything was pretty quiet tonight, until Johnny arrived. He pulled up in his SUV just after 10pm. However, he did not roll down his window, but went directly inside with a group of people. Jerry came out to inspect the barricades that had been set up. Perhaps for a later meet and greet? I had to leave as it was getting late, so I left Peg with her sister down by the set. It was also rumored that Marion was on set tonight as well, although we never saw her.

We did however see some extras, and what some believe were Johnny and Marion's "stand-ins".

The crowd tonight seemed a little restless waiting for Johnny, but all in all it was fun to hang out with the crew. Their job is much harder than I would have ever imagined, and I am glad that some of them took their time to speak with us.

I'll be down there tomorrow, and hopefully we will get to see some action!

Thanks Vicky!!
Let me say right off that I am NOT blaming anybody for the mess up. I am only writing so in the future things will be handled correctly.

I also want to thank and give a standing ovation to the Columbus Countryside Veterinary Clinic for taking it upon themselves to save our pets. We are taking Milo and Sierra there tomorrow and I will personally thank them. If anybody wants to give thanks and support send an email to me and I'll forward it to them tomorrow.

On May 22, 2006 the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act (PETS)was passed and signed into law by George W Bush. The Bill is Public Law 109-308.


The bill requires that local and state emergency preparedness authorities include plans for pets and service animals in their disaster plans to qualify for grants from FEMA.

It grants FEMA the authority to assist states and local communities in developing disaster plans to accommodate people with pets and service animals.

It authorizes federal funds to help create pet-friendly emergency shelter facilities and it allows FEMA to provide assistance for individuals with pets and service animals, and the animals themselves, following a major disaster.

People victimized by disasters should not suffer needless additional injury by having to abandon their household pets or service animals to their fate.

If you have a pet in need of evacuation contact your local Human(e) Society. FINE - I'll change it!
Well, Thursday, the day of reckoning is here. The fields can hold about 1/3 of an inch of water and I figure we should get about 1.5 to 2 inches of rain today. Cross your fingers!!

Dew points will be rising and the cold front is coming at us!! Every degree we warm up the air will become less stable!
Speaking of pets.

Here you see our Cardigan Corgi Blake. Why is he smiling? It is because he see's me and I will free him from being stuck on wet lamby.

You see he is constantly getting his leash wrapped around pretty much anything from rocks to plants and he knows that once there is a tug on the leash he is pretty much doomed.

So yesterday I'm taking photos of the yard and I look and there he is. Stuck on wet lamby. He has felt the pull of doom and and understands that resistance is futile. There is no way he will become unstuck from THIS insurmountable obstacle. He just prays high water does not come his way.

I saved him.
Painting the Train Station. The real news is that I will be making a batch of Sesame Ginger Chicken with Noodles to pass around after painting. That's right, my one recipe that is in a bona fide cookbook sensation will be making it's 1st Columbus appearance. YUMMO!!

So June 21st 2008 about 10:30 we will be painting the inside of the Train Station. BYOPB (Bring Your Own Paint Brush) we will have almost everything else. If you want to bring food and or drink - bring it on down!! Let's party.

PLUS - I have personally scheduled the Milwaukee 261 to make an appearance (not sure if it is stopping and I personally had nothing to do with it).

Also on Wednesday June18th and Monday the 23rd the Milwaukee 261 will be making a stop in Columbus. This is a seriously awesome train and you should make it a point to check it out.
Starting tomorrow (or tomorrow night) I will be coming to you from Fish Creek (Crick) Wisconsin.

Door County has more lighthouses than any other in the country.

Join us in our adventure.
Be on the look out for Fire Fox 3.0 - awesome upgrade with many new and great features.
Talk to Josh and Jenny and ask them how HAPPY they are with State Farm Insurance. What a crock of BS. They have been calling them since Saturday and STILL no one has talked to them about insurance. They are getting the total run around.

I guess they have never had to pay out before???



  1. Sorry Rod....i was planning on coming down to the Paint party...but someone just reminded me that June 21st is international "Go Skateboarding Day" i will be busy that day.
    :( Owen would have loved seeing that train too...maybe we'll try to stop down one of the other days it's passing through.

  2. Sorry for Jenny getting the insurance company shuffle. The company needs a new jingle, "Like a good neighbor, State Farm AIN'T there."

    I hope you southerners don't get any more flooding. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  3. Just in case this may help, I thought there was a State Farm mini-office trailer set up at Pick N Slave. Or was it Farmer's? Just in case that helps....I try to be helpful by not knowing all the facts. Duh!

    JP has a smart car! And I still have a wet basement. Getting ready for the next round...I should stock up on some sesame chicken (sounds luscious, Rod) and Summer Shandy to tide me over.

    Stay safe everyone! Off to get some bleach...

  4. YEAH for the pet savers!!!

    LOVE sesame, LOVE ginger!!!! Can't wait ;) I'll be bringing Ohio treats from Tessa if Osh and Evan are coming... (Buckeyes and chili)

    How would you serve the chili Tessa, if you were serving it? (Wouldn't want to mishandle the Cincinatti Recipe Chili)

    Praying you are wrong Rod and you can all stay dry in Columbus...

    Hi Blakey (the heart-shaped doggy)!

  5. ha ha ha ... Evan already declared he would not lift a finger to help at the paint party...I will have to check with my dear husband before I can commit to the date.

    Rod and family, have fun in Door you camp or hotel?

  6. Kathy - Farmers Mutual insurance was stationed at Pick N'Save and we saw 4-5 American Family Insurance Teams driving around Columbus, but no State Farm. We initially called on Saturday and were told that our insurance agent would give us a call soon. By Monday we still hadn't heard anything so we called again and were told our insurance agent no longer works there, but we were going to be assigned to someone else.

    Tuesday we still hadn't heard anything, and called back. They said an insurance adjuster would come out and take a look at our property Tuesday or Wednesday. Wednesday 5pm, still no one... Josh called again and they said "I can't believe no one has come yet, you were one of the ones with more damage" And our house was deemed as being uninhabitable with no hot water. So then we finally got a call from a claim adjuster who told us "I don't know why they said we'd be there Tue or Wed. We're in IOWA right now"

    Do they only have one claim adjuster in the entire midwest??? So now we're still waiting... We've paid them on time every month, but now that we finally need them to pay us they're MIA!

    Needless to say I AM NOT HAPPY WITH STATE FARM!!!

  7. I am rolling on the floor over Blake being stuck on the lamby. I didn't know Corgis were so smart!! ;)

    Typo alert: Human Society, Rod? Sorry, sorry, sorry. I cannot help myself. :p

    It's raining here now, and it sounds like it's going to start pouring according to the radio. :(

    I think we'll be okay here...landlord left the sump pump in place. Hoping everyone else stays dry through this round too. [fingerscrossed]

    Glad the pets are getting the attention. I found the Columbus vets to be wonderful with my kitty when I had to take my Mister Moo there.

    Here's a tidbit for you too. The same reason the Lake Delton people aren't covered is apparently true here too. There's some contract that localities need to have on file with FEMA that Columbus doesn't have. (Five places in the state are not covered). This comes from info from my neighbor who asked her insurance agent how much a flood rider costs to have on her policy. Her call-back netted that information. :( If anyone has information to the contrary, feel free to correct me.

    Great blog, Rod. Have a wonderful time in Door County this weekend. :)

  8. Oh dear!
    It's raining kittehs & puppies.
    Grab yer come da flood!

    Hope you & DJ are keeping dry!

  9. Well I'm planning on bringing cake to the painting party cuz there is a rumor that its SOMEBODY's birthday that day!! I won't say who, but it rhymes with "Bakenbis."


  10. Jenny&Josh, don't know if this will help, but the complaint number for the WI Commissioner of Insurance is 1-800-236-8517.

    What crap.


  11. Great Write Rod!

    Laughing at Corgi stuck on a lamby..

    Have a wonderfull trip.....

    Jenny: So sorry that you have to go through this...
    I am kinda surprise that State Farm is giving you the run around,I used to have them and they were right on top of things...

    I should be able to make it for the painting party.will know soon.

    I just finished scraping the floor with a Vibrating Scraper....
    Works real well.
    Never knew they made something like that until yesterday....
    Just finished getting under the basement stairs...

    Thunder is Present!!!
    Dark Sky is Present!!!
    And a few Rain drops..;..
    Please No Flood...

    I hope we will be Ok...
    And that goes for everyone else to.


  12. Cute little Corgi! bakenbsis BD, hmmmm.

    I have wonderful insurance, USAA, and last August when our basement flooded I got a quote from USAA on flood insurance. I never did get it, because that was a once-in-a-lifetime occurance, right? Joke's on me!!!

    They never said anything about not being able to get it because of the City! So, who's right? I gotta find out!

    Where is the HUMAN Society when you need them?

  13. Rhymes with bacon bits??


    Sorry, Rod. Most stuff I can forget about, but FINE! I'm glad you changed it! :D (And I never mention the apostrophe stuff, so there)! hehehehe

    Kathy-it is now your job to find out as many sketchy details to provide us with absolutely no clear understanding to the FEMA paperwork question. Can you do it??

    My new job is good so far. I will update my own blog in the next day.

    Rod, you are doing a fairly good job of creating a safe bubble for us, not that much rain has come down. At least, not as much as I thought would come down. :) Stay safe and dry, everybody.

  14. Johnny did finally come out! There was a very last minute m&g at 6:20 this morning!! Yes folks, I arrived at the filming at 4pm on Wednesday and waited until the wee hours this a.m. and it paid off! There were about 20-30 of us who braved the night (ok, some went home and napped but took the chance...)

    This had to be the most intimate and reserved meet and greet of them all. In fact, when he crossed the road, he waved and said "Hi", because all of us were either dumbfounded or half asleep. However the crowd woke up as he greeted and took pics with each of us. Only one autograph was signed as he did so for a small little girl about 5 years old. I finally spent some quality time with the man that I have been anxiously waiting for, without feeling like I had to rush him through. I didn't want to leave with regrets! He hugged me twice, held my hand in between and on the second hug, I kissed his cheek in thanks and he brushed his lips on my cheek, too!

    Although Jerry persistently moved him along, Johnny truly showed his appreciation for those waiting quietly and patiently. He is a true gent and I am content if I never get to see him again. Sad, but content...

    For those of you who are interested, filming will be again on Prospect and the meet & greet, although promised, may be affected by some nasty weather...
    However, persistence pays off.

    I meant some awesome new friends and crew members during the night/a.m., many of whom are readers of this blog. For Natalie, Crystal and Sandy, I'm sorry you left! Try try again, only with rain gear!

    We did also get a few glimpses of Marion as well. Her beauty transcends any pictures I have see of her.

    I'll send Rod a few pics and see what I can post on photobucket/depphuggs. I'm working on 30 hours no sleep, so please be patient!

    If I can provide any words of wisdom, please don't be freakish and screaming idiots. There were only 2 small instances of drunken ill behavior, which were quickly handled by the authorities. If people remain calm and rational, they will have an unforgettable experience to share, as I have today....

    All my best,

  15. We actually got to see JD this morning.Though a meet&greet wasn´t planned,they probably had mercy on us hardcore fans who had waited all night for him.He came over to us at around 6:15 ,gave a lot of hugs and took pictures with almost everyone of us.
    So in the end the long waiting was all worth it!
    They´re also filming all night today.Until the morning hours of Friday.So if you wanna see him,come to Prospect/Juneau(same location as yesterday)around 1AM-possibly 6/7 AM.


  16. Great blog Rod!!! Thanks to Blazn for the reporting!!!!

    HUZZAH for pets lovers/savers and those who care!!!!!

    Jenny~ damn! Sorry for your issues with the insurance. I have State Farm and have never had any trouble... maybe they are overwhelmed, but that is NO excuse at all!!!! I hope you get what you need soon!!!

    Peg~~~ AWESOME!!! congrats on the M&G!!! Cant wait to see the pics!!! A hug? A kiss? WOW!!!!

  17. Johnny is awesome...he loves his Wisconsin peeps the best.

  18. Suz - you pointed out a mistake but did not tell me what was wrong, I cut and pasted the first time!! LOL

    you only get 1/2 credit.

  19. So, do I get a "C" for half credit? :p

    No worries....I just thought the Human Society was a funny slip. Your blog is wonderful, and I should just keep my English teacher thoughts to myself.

    The Meet and Greet story gave me goosebumps, Peg! YAYYYYYYY!! I'm jealous, but jubilant for you all!

    [shuffles away with her grammar book tucked under her arm]

  20. thanks so much for the info peg and sandy!!! i'm definatly going to be there...the weather better behave! >:|

  21. Okay—somebody had their 5 year old kid out all night waiting for JD?? Say it isn’t so…. PLEASE!

  22. what would be the best way to take there from the beaver dam area. i would take 41 but which streets should i take in milwaukee..i'm scared of getting into the wrong area

  23. Kendra, I don't know...I'm scared to drive to MKE late at night by myself as well. I'm not familiar with the area at all. Last time I was downtown there was road construction...I have no idea if this is still true...Vicky or Peg should chime in...I have no idea why I am

  24. I'm planning on going to Milwaukee, and am unsure if I will have company. Anyone who would like to meet, please email me at


    I hope Johnny doesn't get blown away by a tornado! He's probably like, "what is it with Wisconsin weather!"

  25. "what is it with Wisconsin weather"

    It's exciting! Pretty active at the moment a little north of us!!

  26. Hope you guys like my weather bubble today! YIKES!!! It's trying to fill in - can't hold it up much longer.

  27. Rod,
    I'm gheytarded, where is this bubble on the weather page?

  28. The hole formally known as Lake Delton is just getting hammered!

  29. Jenny, I am so sorry the insurance company is giving you the run around! Even if they are SUPER over worked; they could at least return your call!!! I hope you get some resolution soon!
    We had to close our daycare early today. I don't want to complain, because our problem is MINUTE to what all of you are going through. We had one small area in the kid's play room in our basement where water was coming in on Saturday (there is an open space; "fruit cellar) under our front porch and that's where it was leaking). We kept mopping up the problem area all weekend and had fans to help dry it out. In the closet itself we had linoleum tiles on the floor and carpet in the room. Well, the water had been creeping under the tile and followed the edge of the carpet and slowly seeped into the foam backing on the carpet. It smelled so bad this morning!! We had to take out the linoleum and carpet. We cleaned the entire area
    with bleach water (thus having to close the daycare) and now have three fans and a dehumidifier (and my air conditioner) running. If dh
    fixed the source of the water coming in, we should be okay on Monday to put in new carpet. If we have more water come in with this new storm, I don't know what we'll do.
    A birthday on painting day?? I'll have to make another card!
    Congratulations, Peg and Sandy on getting to meet JD. I couldn't find a ride to Milwaukee; so I'll have to wait until he comes back to Wisconsin another time!
    I agree Anonymous 2:13. There's NO
    excuse for that!!

  30. Kendra-take 41 to 45S-then merge onto 94E. Merge onto 794 E. via exit 310C(left). Take the Van Buren St. North ramp. Follow Van Buren, to Wisconsin and turn right. Prospect turns into Prospect and you will come to Juneau.

  31. tiffany i sent you an e-mail! i'm going by myself and kinda scared so i could really use someone to hang out with

  32. thanks anon 4:22!! thats wut mapquest told me to do but i wanted to make sure that it was safe

  33. is the filming indoors?? cuz the weather is looking pretty bad. do you think they would postpone?

  34. it is storming pretty bad in Oshkosh! my kitteh's are under covers!

  35. I think they are filming in an apartment building. As per IMDB.

    Here's the link:


  36. Be careful if you are going out tonight.. it doesn't look like it is going to be a nice one.

  37. [First, sorry for the book!]

    When we had our flooded basement earlier this year, we had some problems with insurance too. The insurance agent said our policy didn't cover flooding (so we wouldn't be able to get money for items damaged, such as books, furniture, etc.), and even if we had bought a special flood rider, it sounds like it wouldn't have covered much either. Just a waste of money for them to keep more of your money. In the end, they decided our policy allowed them to compensate us for the time we had to take off work to clean up, at an hourly rate. Minus the deductible. It took both of us a full day to get rid of the water and move things to dry ground, and another partial day to clean. We would have barely broken even.

    (In a bad stroke of coincidence, our furnace stopped working that same day, but we didn't realize it b/c we were so focused on the water problem. We went to bed with no heat (in March) and one of us had to stay home the next day for furnace repair. It seems the furnace's death was unrelated to the water; the furnace malfunctioning actually led me to find the water early in the morning and gave us time to avoid severe damage.)

    We tried to schedule the claim agent to come over, but he didn't show up the day we were told (he said he was in a town 80 miles away all day--who coordinates these things?), so I stayed home from work an extra day for nothing (and unfortunately slipped on my front porch, injuring my elbow, while looking to see if anyone was coming), and in the end we decided to forget it and move on. But our damage wasn't nearly as extensive as some people. So we were lucky.

    I hope you all have better luck with the insurance than we did.

    Gotta go, another tornado siren.

  38. anybody in Winnebago county? are the sirens going off? I can't hear them.

  39. Captain - the dilithium bubble is gonna break - we can't keep it up forever.

  40. Highway 12 is closed and the Dells DUCKS are rescuing people from Baraboo!

    THAT is too funny - I love those DUCKS! Being put to good use now!

  41. Rod, you must be watching ch. 3, I almost made the exact same post.

  42. Yeah for the ducks!!!!

    Tornado sirens going off here now again too... (beloit) been pretty active here today but only heavy downpours twice...

    Haven't gone in the other room to assess damage yet (I left ALL my windows open today, duh!)

    this is why i don't believe in insurance (parasitic robbers!)

  43. ok, feeling guilty...
    Sorry to all good insurance carriers out there, there must be soem good ones.

  44. Peg, Sandy! Thanks for the awesome updates!! ; )

  45. Hi all!

    I forgot to tell you have some MAJOR fans in Milwaukee. We met a couple of them last night, and they love your blog!!

    I am headed down to Milwaukee, and hope that the weather doesn't get too bad.

    Kendra and Tiffany....look for me. I am wearing black and white pants with a black t-shirt and white over coat. I also will have a black/white umbrella!

    The meet and greet is on Prospect and Juneau tonight.

    I am sorry for everyone with previous flooding...this rain seems like it is going to go on FOREVER!!! My friend keeps calling it the "end of the world". I say global warming LOL

    happy early bday Shakes!!


  46. And a HUGE THANKS to Peg for handing Jerry my cards for him and JD!! I wrote some thank you cards about the time he spent with us in COlumbus, and one for Jerry bc I think he has to deal with a lot of stuff from fans, and he is such a great guy!! ( I know i'm a dork) But she gave them to Jerry who said he would make sure JD got it!



  47. OH cake! YEah, I like cake! ;)

    Tiffany, you've got mail...

    Thanks Vicky! You MIGHT see me tonight (LATE) I'm thinking napping sounds good first ;)

  48. You all be safe heading for Milwaukee!!!! Hugs for Johnny!!!!

  49. OKay Shakes!

    Call my cell...if you still got it! Sound slike I might be by myself tonight. Waiting to hear from PEg. She got to meet JD yesterday....and I left before he came out :( :( :(

    I had to be up early this AM, so I had to go. I never expected him to come out, and esp not at 6AM LOL


  50. Hi Rod, have loved reading your blog since all the JD/Public Enemies events started! I'm one of the vets at Columbus Countryside Veterinary Clinic, and just wanted to let everyone know that we are in the process of updating our website (have had a few delays) so there's lots more to us than what's posted on our "old" site. Unfortunately, the old site isn't posted as "under construction" or such. Thanks so much for mentioning us, we're always happy to help when we're needed!

  51. Vicky, I would meet you but uh, there is a big storm and uh, I need a driver and uh, THERE IS A BIG STORM!

  52. Carla- So nice to hear from you! I love animals....and I am a vet tech in sussex. I appreciate all you are trying to do for the animals. I just can't imagine leaving my 10 pets behind....I don't think I'd be able to anyway LOL


  53. LOL Osh!

    Well hopefully it will stay out of Milwaukee. I don't want it to go to Columbus, but it looks like that is where it is headed :(

    My sources tell is just raining a bit by the filming. I hope it stays that way. Rain I can handle.


  54. Oh and JP-

    I have a smart car too!! Well, I don't have it yet. I ordered one back in 2007, so I have to wait till January to get it. I can't believe how long it takes to get one. Ughhhhh


  55. Vicky.... be safe out there!!!!

    From I see on the radar.... Milwaukee is clearing up somewhat....

  56. PS, Shakes...I made the Italian Beef tonight and Scott gives it a hearty 2 thumbs up and Evan was he (Evan) ate the entire jar of granola!

    Yummy! Thanks again!

  57. I would totally go to Milwaukee tonight, if I could convince someone to go with me. But then again, they keep closing the interstate, so it doesn't look like it will happen anyway.

    I've been thinking of all the Columbus folks today--I've been telling the rain that it is supposed to STOP ALREADY! When I was at work we had to get all the kids into the lunchroom (no windows) twice. Then we got home and had to go in the basement. ENOUGH!!!

  58. Shakes...PLEASE tell me you are coming!! LOL

    I don't wanna be by myself :(

    I hope they are still filming in this weather...YIKES!

    I will know more in about an hour when I get there.


  59. I went last night and stuck it out, it was SO worth it.. he didn't take a pic with everyone so I didn't get one of me with him but I got tons of him.. it was amazing. I'm going to go again tonight. I tried to sleep when I got home but I was and am just still so wound up from having a dream come true.. I just couldn't sleep. I did manage to get 5 hours though so I'm ready to go. I don't have to be to work until 9am so as long as he comes out before then, I'm down for the long haul again, I was there for 12 hours last night and it was COLD. I hope the weather stays good.. I just want to see him one last time and hopefully get a pic with him.

  60. OMG I think we have bad weather does not even compare to yours. We just haven't had any sun the strawberries will not be ripe for June first time that I can remember. The temp was in the high 30's this morning.
    Oh Peg his lips actually brushed your cheek, I can hardly type that you must have been in heaven.
    I really enjoy reading this blog, thanks.

  61. Can anyone tell me when filming starts? Is it 11pm? Will they shoot in the rain? I hope so. I took a vacation day so I can be up all night in hopes of meeting Mr. Depp!!!!

  62. ChasingDepp - I jsut heard from someone that was there last night that they needed to wait for dark so perhaps 9ish for a start?

    Good Luck, will probably see you down there. I will be wearing a peachy colored sweatshirt and have my long brownish hair up in a pony tail!

  63. Thanks Shakenbsis! I will be there with Mom and 2 sister with our cameras in tow! Glad to hear there will be people there braving the elements! See you there!

  64. *shakes you crazy people*

    there is a nasty storm outside! Oshkosh is 50-75% flooded!

    Somebody come and pick me up!


  65. Heading down right looks bad, but i will stick it out in my little car...I hope!

    See you down there shakes!


  66. Here's a behind the scenes pic of JD after what appears to have been a long day (or night) working. He has padded knee socks and padded shorts on, and the harness on the floor looks like what he wore in pics from filming outside the Biograph, so perhaps it's from then. I bet he was happy to get that glass of wine in his hands!

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. It looks like he's wasted and wearing an adult diaper.

  69. wow, that pic of JD is kinda scary...he looks so sad!

    sorry havent posted in so long, im taking a summer nursing course and its stealing all my time, not to mention all the nasty storms...
    im safe here in mt horeb. we are on a hill, so we have been fortunate.
    my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who has suffered damage. i am so sorry!

  70. I sure hope you all are safe and somewhat dry down in Milwaukee tonight...

    It is pouring here right now again...
    Today 3 Tornado Sirens went off.
    But nothing /

    Power was out for 2 hours...

    And yet my basement is still dry...
    Had to plug in the second sump pump...
    But so far so good...
    I can only pray it will be the whole night...

    Another bad Ins issue...
    Seems that I am not covered for any of my loss.....
    There is an exclusion.....
    Not happy about that...
    Will be talking with my agent tomorrow...
    Get this!
    A sump pump is not even covered....

    You knew I had one...

    So everyone that owns a house. let me just say read your policy carefully....
    because I missed this ...
    I am just so shocked I can't even believe it...

    And to boot Cableman is having truck problems....

    I hope all of you stay dry tonight..


  71. Robbi, I am so sorry. That just sucks ass.

  72. Carla @ 6:23 pm... I am so slow, I just figured out who you were. "one of the vets"... may I point out, you are "one" of the most conscientious and honest of all. You are awesome-- how cool to see you here!

    -Mary ("mom" to Bootsy et. al, and Spike whom you helped in '04)

  73. I know Osh,
    I just can't believe I am not covered....
    I have known my Agent forever and he said I had the best coverage out there....
    Right?//// Sure//

    I hope to get something out of this.

    Off to bed,,,
    or at least I hope I am. These storms just do not want to stop.


  74. I'll see Carla in the morning - Milo seems to have really hurt himself today - can barely walk AND does not want to go out tonight.

    He does not mind the rain too much but not three legged.

  75. Doesn't anyone remember how horrible State Farm was to people after Hurricane Katrina? It made the news.

    I used to work for an insurance company. They are all basically evil and worthless. The happiest day of my life was when i quit and no longer had to feel like a horrible person with no soul.

  76. welp, I'm flooded now. We share a common wall in our condo and the neighbor's are not answering their door...their basement is flooding and seeping into ours...I did the best I could do damn it up. Scott is at work, not sure how he will get home...highways and county roads are closed. Oshkosh is under a State of Emergency right now and we are advised to stay off the streets.

    This also means no root canal or Dillinger vet visit.

  77. Oh Osh! That is not what I wanted to hear from you. Just be safe!!!

    Be safe everyone! This is nothing to mess with!!

  78. Well, sounds like Osh & I got hit harder in our areas this time around. From her last comment, it looks like she's far worse off than me though. :( I'm out in the country, kinda centrally located among Fond du Lac - Ripon - Waupun. My yard started to flood last night but I see it's gone down already. However, I'm hearing all three of 'my' cities are flooded.

    I'm hearing on the radio that some areas got six inches of rain?!

  79. Looks like most of the roads are back open in Oshkosh - just a few are still closed.

    There are some unbelievable pictures on WLUK's website that people have sent in of the flooding here in Oshkosh.

    I got stuck at my mom's - I came over here when there were tornado warnings in neighboring counties because I still have water in my basement from last weekend. It rained so hard, so fast the roads were flooded pretty quickly.

    I'm going to head home here soon and am afraid to see how much water is in my basement now.

  80. How is Appleton? I have someone that has to go there on Wed. and they asked me if I knew how the city was.

  81. Appleton didn't get as hard as Oshkosh did. They were just on the border of the bad stuff, but I haven't heard anything on the news about Appleton. I would guess that in this case, no news is good news.

  82. anon 9:43

    I think the picture of Johnny is from Chicago, Biograph. When Dillinger was killed, one of the shots hit him in the back of the neck and exited just under his eye. The make-up appears to be mimicking that info. So, yes, after shooting that emotional scene I bet he did enjoy the glass of wine lol.
    Thanks for the picture!

  83. I just read on the Portage Daily Register website that my aunt and uncle were evacuated from their home in Pardeeville due to flooding.

    Honey are you doing ok?

    What about Josh, Jenny & Michelle as well as others in that area?

  84. Tami,

    I talked to Michelle last night and she still is not at home. With the dam in Wyocena breaking, I'm unsure how things are going with her right now but I'm sure she will post when she can :)

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