Monday, December 8, 2008

Guess Who I Saw Saturday

Our very own Santa Josh started his new career.
SNOW COMING - I think it will be on the bottom end of most forecasts and maybe a little below but predicting snow is hard because of so many factors. It's easier to predict rain. Still - expect it to be slippery with a nice coating of ice below the snow. I really think we're going to get more rain then expected and would not be surprised if we only get 4 inches! I believe everything is shifting north.

THE WEATHER BUBBLE IS GOING UP!!!! It might not be enough but . . . . .

On the bright side Moscow has been in the 60's and normally what Moscow has we get a week later. I expect the rest of December and into January to be warm and wet.

The other day driving to work I heard a Carrie Underwood Christmas song. O Holy Night. It was awesome. One of the few versions where the artist was "feeling" the song. Even though I'm a head banger hard rocker I've always appreciated Carrie Underwood's singing skill. I think she might be a star someday.

This is the best rendition of this song I've ever heard.

You can listen to the song hear.

Did you know that O Holy Night was was the first piece of music performed on radio? It was composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847 and on December 24th 1906 the first AM radio program was being transmitted and the song was played by a violin. Most think it was the first broadcast music ever.

I'm not fond of most modern Christmas songs but a few I really like. Greg Lake's "I Believe In Father Christmas is one of my favorites.

Jethro Tull's "A Christmas Song" is a wonderful tune

In fact his whole Christmas Album is nice.
OK - what else - DJ and I went on the Columbus House tour Saturday. It was nice to see some of the interesting things people have done to their houses and apartments. Here is Alice Schmidt (sorry if spelling is incorrect) telling DJ a story about one house.

The tour ended at Steve Black's Grand Opening (sort of) of his Remodeling business. There is so much talent in Columbus.

We're looking forward to next summer to do more work with our house - perhaps we can tap into krisx's brain to pick out colors. We were thinking of finishing our basement but there are so many things we want to do.
Speaking of gas prices. Can you say $1.25 per gallon? Might happen!! How about below $1? We need the price for a barrel of oil to fall another $10 to get in the $30 range. Already some parts of the country are paying $1.29 per gallon.


Question - SHOULD we have the Water Works tour THIS WEEK? It was pointed out to me that this was NOT the 3rd Friday - only the 2nd. Plus with snow forecast for Friday perhaps it would not be the best day ????? Comments Opinions?? I'm good at anytime and I believe John the Water Dude is good for either Friday.

Did everybody remember what Yesterday was. The day "We will never forget?" Pearl Harbor Day. 67 years ago and I bet most Americans forgot. I guess in 2075 we will be allowed to forget 9/11. I know I will as I'll be the oldest man alive. Or at least part of me will be the oldest. With medical advances I plan on living to be 150. Although I'll have no spinal system or be able to actually communicate but I'LL BE ALIVE!!!

No word on any Public Enemies Trailers. We went to see Four Christmases and it was WAY FUNNY!! takes a lot to really get me laughing but there were parts that were outstanding funny!!

I see the movie is rated "R" For graphic violence, nudity, language

Have a good Monday and be careful driving tomorrow.



  1. I don't have a problem switching the water works tour. In fact it would work better for me if the weather was good.

  2. Again we will miss the third Friday...we will be at The Performing Arts Center seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Bang.

    Oshkosh could get 14 inches of snow!

  3. I kinda hope we don't get a lot of snow. I don't drive well in snow. If you switch the day of the tour let me know. Not sure if I can make it next week. However, if it is snowing on Friday, then I definatley wont be coming LOL As I said...I don't do snow!!

    TFF about JOsh! I hope his santa career takes off!! He would make for one great santa!

    That is so cool that you guys took a tour of homes in Columbus. I love that kind of stuff! Very Interesting!

    Put the weather bubble up for this weekend!! I have lots of plans hee hee!!

  4. UGGGGHHHH! I hate freeaing rain...

    Love Josh's Santa though! ;)

  5. I burst out laughing when I saw that cover from a Tull CD I wasn't familiar with: complete with their human logo in the corner!

    It gets a big "leg up" review from "most satisfying Tull release in 25 years." I will have to find that!

    We can't make the tour this Friday, sadly. If it were moved to the next Friday, hmmm, maybe!

    Vix, I hate driving in snow too. Even with a Subaru.

    Josh looks kindly, and for some reason I bet he can do a great Santa chuckle!

    The WF is in MN, and I have a sheet of single-spaced instructions on how to start and operate the behemo-snowblower. I've done it before, but it's not easy. That sucker is heavy. Later...

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