Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Thinking We will Have A White Christmas

So DJ and I decided to get our Christmas tree last night before it had an inch of freezing rain and 11 inches of snow on it. I think it was a bright move. We pick out a LONG NEEDLE tree (Pine) and bring it home and set it up.

All is well until DJ starts screaming and I come running. It seems there was an animal in the tree.

wait a minute . . . .that's not just ANY ol' animal. IT'S SIERRA!!!!

OK OK - DJ didn't scream and I didn't come a runnin. And the tree didn't have an animal in it.

But Sierra does love to climb in the tree.

We have not had a long needle tree since I have known DJ. I have lived an oppressive Christmas. I grew up with long needle trees but you try telling Jenny who was 13 that your evil step dad is now going to insist on LONG NEEDLE and well. I would not sleep soundly at night! Keeping one eye open.

THIS year I got the balls to ask for a long needle one and now I am finally happy. The aroma is so much more Christmassy. Very piney foresty.

Here is what it looks like naked. Not bad for $30.!!

The problem is we forgot to design our house with a Christmas tree nook. No real good place to put the tree. OH, I suppose we could move the huge TV and huger sub woofer to a different room but . . . . .come on, let's get real.

It's about 10:30 in Columbus and we have about 8 inches of new snow on the ground. I just got in from snow blowing the 30 pound rocks that the snow plows left on my driveway. I feel ALIVE!! Pumped up baby!!!

In 1775 the Patriots gain control of Virginia. I hate the Patriots AND their fans.

In 1994 President Bill Clinton fired Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders after she told a conference that masturbation should be discussed in school as a part of human sexuality. . . .

hmmmmm There are so many things I could say.

Kirk Douglas turns 92 today.
Deacon Jones is 70.
Beau Bridges is 67
Donny Osmond is 51

OOPS - did you see they arrested the ILL governor today for trying to benefit from his ability to appoint President-elect Barack Obama's replacement in the U.S. Senate. A 76-page FBI affidavit says the 51-year-old Democrat was intercepted on court-authorized wiretaps over the last month conspiring to sell or trade the vacant Senate seat for personal benefits for himself and his wife, Patti.

My brother lives in ILL and he said a few months ago that the governor was VERY VERY crooked. In fact their LAST governor is in jail isn't he?? Maybe they can set up something together in prison.

Have a fun Tuesday!



  1. Beautiful long needled tree, Rod.
    I wish I could smell it! I'm just
    getting ready to take mine out of the big tree bag; no smell! Guess
    that's a good thing with an artificial tree. Hope everyone is
    enjoying the snow. Those of us that have to shovel all of this before little ones start arriving
    DON'T!! I hope your predictions for the rest of December are correct!

  2. Rod - Your full of bologna we always got long needled tree :P

  3. But I do like frasier firs best...

  4. Great Blog today!!

    Love the tree!!!
    And the critter in it!!heehee!!

    Jenny ~ You are funny!
    Full of Bologna~ I love that saying..

    Have my tree set up and started to put lights on, only 4 of the sets are giving me grief!
    So, I am about to venture out to buy more...
    Can not wait any longer..
    need to get the lights on it ..LOL!!!

    Hope everyone is safe today!!
    Having fun at home!

  5. I am lazy and cheap. I fiber Optic 3" foot tree that I set on my table with a timer. I added the decorations and the Angel on the top Plug it in and set the timer. I am good to go. It looks beautiful by the way. The snow outside is lovely. I don't have to shovel I live in an apartment complex the manager does it for me. I can't wait until we buy a house so I can get a snow blower and do it myself. I must be crazy.

  6. Jenny - are you on drugs?? We neer had long needle trees!

  7. Beautiful tree Rod, Were did you get it? Lovely news on IL Gov born and raised in IL and All I could do was laugh . I hope no more snow roads were horrible this morning!


  8. My freaking snow people haven't bothered to show up. Lovely people.

    I enjoyed borrowing my neighbor's shovel to dig out so I can go to work. I also enjoyed being humble in the wake of his help with the snowblower he recently got.

    Bah Humbug! (Though your tree is positively gorgeous)!!


  9. Well...we haven't had as much snow in Waueksha I don't think....but its still falling :)

    I love your tree! I have never had a long needle pine before. I got a balsam. It's all thawed out, and ready to decorate tomorrow! I can't wait!

    Kirk Douglas is really 92? Wow.

    The senetor problem...that's just amazing to me that he would do that. Crooked is right!

    Take care everyone who is still out there driving...I am off to shovel!

  10. Oh, and that picture of Sierra was wayyyy funny! I have had so many problems with my cats being in the tree! Now I have solved that problem I hope....next step...trying to get them to stop drinking the tree water!

  11. I think we got like 9 inches here? Does anyone know?

  12. We had a little over 8 inches from my measuring and taking 5 readings and averaging them out.

    We got the Norway Pine (also called a Red Pine) at Jungs! it's a self "pruning tree" - I can't wait to see THAT!!

  13. OOPS - it's a WHITE pine - disregard the above. They are the tallest tree in eastern North America and can grow 230 feet high.

    The Chippewa Indians used the sap to successfully to treat gang green.

  14. Seemed like more than 8 inches at my house, but who knows. I'm just glad it stopped!

  15. we have almost 11 inches on my back deck rail.

    I love Frasier Firs, hate long needle, the ornaments get lost in them. JMHO.

    About 8 years ago I developed a horrible allergy to real trees, now I have to get fake, and the cats still like to climb it.

  16. The average life span of a professional football player is 55.

  17. "The Chippewa Indians used the sap to successfully to treat gang green."

    They treated the NY Jets?!

  18. gorgeous tree!!!

    Yeah, Blagojevich is a freakin' thug!!! And yes, Ryan his predecessor is still in prison... OMG! Loved that press conference though! (I was going stir crazy today)

    Now I'm jsut dead beat after moving the white stuff around!

    Suz, want me to call you LL?? Hee hee! (pretend I fell and broke my leg on your walk?)

  19. Just wondering how PE Fans and JMB fans feel about John Michael Bolger coming back to Wisconsin? THIS IS A HUGE POSSIBILITY BUT I NEED TO KNOW!

  20. Everyone that is interested should contact John directly and let him know that we want him to come back. Second hand through a spokesperson doesn't let him know how much he was loved.. send him Christmas cards, call him, do whatever... let him know that the fans want him to come :)

  21. Ahh, you mean the fans that he's utterly ignored since he was here? Even though they've written him, sent him cards and gifts? The ones he promised he'd write back to? The ones who asked serious questions on his boring looking website, only to be told he wanted funny, sex-related questions? Those fans?

  22. Hey is Friday night still on? Will Captain Sack be making an appearance? hehe.

    I can't keep track of what Fridays are what.

    A confused girl needs help :)

  23. I'm Thinking We will Have A White Christmas.......