Friday, May 8, 2009

Main Street Program Rises From The Ash's

Perhaps a little dramatic but the title popped into my pre-coffee head. Perhaps I should type "Main street Program Reboots?"

Either way a new road map has been formed with a business plan, a vision that includes goals and tasks for the now brimming with confidence marry band of volunteers.

A new look and feel is in the process of taking shape vanguarded by the Marketing Committee (of which I am part of . . what's up with that!!). Notice small changes in the Visitor Center Website. This website will be phased out slowly as a new sleeker site takes over later this year.

The plan for downtown look and feel will get a once over also as the reconstruction of Hwy 16/60 is due run through James Street in 2014. The DOT has their blinders on with THEIR vision but they are very very open to positive suggestions (of which we will force positivity down their freaking throats if we have too) and MSP will be talking to other MSP's that have gone through this ordeal.

Trees in the downtown? I'm not on that committee but I will be voicing my opinion loudly on behalf of trees (I was nominated their spokes person in a secret vote). Trees can ONLY bring good and as seen in Lord of the Rings can win a war vs. Sun Prairie if needed. You can't depend on the Red Buds to do battle (sissy boys all).

As with many groups, clubs, organizations and programs that I have come in contact with there always seems to be a lot of vision but very little in planning and organization. No real road map with timelines. Not true with the Columbus MSP.

I don't know the past but I know the future is looking bright and we're all wearing sunglasses. Seriously - these people have it together as we worked for 6 hours on what most would call a business plan.


The only other news I have is that West James Gallery will have a canvas print of the Public Enemies Poster.

I have the day off to plant trees (yea - I had to bride the tree to get the vote). On TV there is a group pretending to be New Kids On The Block but . . . .come on . . . how old are they? Oddly their music sounds over the top computerized and I'm actually getting a little dizzy.

Good God the members are 40 years old!

They are NO TLC.

With that said I have nothing for you other then that.

OH - we were trying to find out ANYTHING about the City Wide Garage sales on the web and all we could find was THIS BLOG!!




  1. Can't wait til Red Bud Days tomorrow! Bring on the Brat Fry!

  2. The first Brat Fry of the season! YUMMY!!! come visit the West James Gallery- I will have 2 artists here: Kathleen Jahn- watercolors and her daughter-in-law, Robin Downing- mosaics made from glass and ceramic. They will be here from 10am-4pm, creating before your very eyes!
    And, yes Rod- you must- that's why we need/want/love you on the Main Street Program! You get the words out!

  3. Great Blog

    Happy Sunshine!!

    Boy was it nice outside today.
    I got my patio set out and washed and ready to go.

    Glad to hear MSP is making a difference!
    Go MSP!!!

    The canvas piece at West James Gallery sounds super.
    I'll have to check that out!

    Hope you had fun planting tress Rod!

    Have a good night!

  4. Too Late Robbie - it was sold LOL

  5. Oh!!
    I did not know it was for sale.
    I thought it was a display.

    Darn! Hope you got a pic of it! LOL!

  6. It's Sunday!!

    To all the Mothers out there.


    I hope your day is filled with Lot's of Love!

  7. Thanks for sharing.......