Friday, May 15, 2009

Public Enemies Columbus Premier Party

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Part Four in
Behind the Scenes of Public Enemies Coming to Columbus

There will be a meeting at West James Gallery about 5:00 Monday for the Columbus Premier Party - if interested in helping we would love to have you!

First two TV spots were on last night - pretty exciting!

OK - now that I have goose bumps.

Columbus Premier EVENT

I am calling all citizens of Columbus and PEC blog-dom to come to the aid of THE COMMITTEE.

I have been in contact with EastGate officials and they are setting aside one theater (or more) for us on July 1st (or earlier if they can swing it!!). Our vision is to have a party before the show and bus's (for an extra fee) to transport all down to Madison for our very own premiere at 9:00pm July 1st where we can hoot and holler at inappropriate times.

I would love to have Picture Car Drivers attend with cars as we will have security and they can park in front of East Gate. We hope to have a red carpet and those big freaking spot lights. We would LOVE to have people dressing up in 30's outfits and there will be media.

However - I need help on setting all this up. If you are interested in helping with logistics of just want your opinion heard contact me ( I'll set up a meeting next week (Monday? Tuesday?) and we will go public (newspaper) next Saturday. Time is of the essence as we have 47 days to the premier. We need to sell all tickets (240+) BEFORE the movie (to lock in the theater).

Spread the word (particularly the Picture Car people).


Also - there is a Party after the Oshkosh Premier at Fratello's and Andy - one of the extras I met in Oshkosh (I met his brother also but did not know it) is looking for photos of the Oshkosh shoot for a slide show at Fratello's. He needs photos. If you have any he would LOVE show them. Contact Andy at word is something will happen in Chicago about a week before the premier"


14 years ago last Monday DJ and I went on our first date. I knew on that very date that I would end up marrying her and I have never regretted it.
Have a great weekend - I hope to hear from you.

OH - anyone else NOT having their Jolly Bee Geraniums come up - OR my Asters.



  1. Bring on the champagne and party! This is so exciting!

  2. Goosebumps? I have freakin' HIVES!! I CANNOT wait! I am hoping East Gate can get an early premiere date for us; on the weekend would be fantastic! Why does the first have to fall on a work day?!! I am definately in; one way or another (we may have to close the daycare the next day!)
    I need to make a run to Columbus to see the display at Gallery (and
    have a burger at Mullin's).
    Hope we can swing this big PARTY!!

  3. YAY!!!!!! Woohoo! Electricity IS in the air, but I'm not sure if it's lightning.

    I love the romantic in you that remembers your first date with DJ. Awwwww. Congrats to both of you on a wonderful marriage. :)

    BTW, your asters did not come up over here. ;)

  4. OH - I would LOVE to take credit for remembering the date of our first date. LOL

    But that would be fibbing!

  5. "I knew on that very date that I would end up marrying her and I have never regretted it."

    Aaahhhhhhh. I'm not a very romantic person, but that was just SWEET! Much more interesting than the PE stuff...more touching.

  6. Thank you Michael Irvin!

    Michael Irvin's recent comments about Favre:
    “I can’t understand this for the life of me,” Irvin said of the looming speculation and rumor that Favre will unretire to play for the Vikings. “I love Brett and I appreciate his competitiveness and I appreciate the times he didn’t listen to anyone. Because I remember the Monday night after he lost his father and everybody said, ‘Brett, don’t play. Just don’t play, Brett. It’s too tough for you.’ He didn’t listen. It was one of his greatest assets. He didn’t listen and he showed up and he played great and we have a memorable moment to remember on that Monday night, watching Brett Favre play that game because he did not listen to anyone.

    “But the reality is now it’s time for him to start listening. His greatest asset is becoming his greatest liability. I hate the fact that you’re sitting here saying, ‘I want to go to Minnesota.’ You hate [Packers G.M.] Ted Thompson that much that you’re ready to kill each one of those Green Bay fans that cheered you on, that are going to put your kids through college? They made you the rich man that you are. Why kill them? Just let that thing go, Brett. Stay retired and you can make umpteen millions of dollars on number four jerseys in Green Bay.

    “But if you go back to Green Bay wearing that Minnesota jersey? Oh, it’s a wrap, buddy. You lose your whole legacy with that.”

  7. Have never been a fan of Michael Irvin, but I think Brett should listen to him--he makes a lot more sense than #4 right now!!

    PS--I'm definitely in for the Eastgate showing & can probably rustle up some more folks!

  8. I'm looking for volunteers to help . . .somehow.

    I believe the meeting will be at Kims about 5:00.

  9. Is anyone going to Kurth tonight?

  10. Great Blog!!!

    I'll second the :
    Bring on the champagne and party!

    Sounds like a great time to be had.
    I sure hope this gets going!
    Our very own Premier!!!

    How sweet of you to remember your and DJ's first date!

  11. hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

  12. Hi Hapi,
    Thanks for visiting!

    You came on a exciting news day.

  13. There will be a meeting at West James Gallery about 5:00 Monday for the Columbus Premier Party - if interested in helping we would love to have you!

  14. Frost Advisory tonight - bring in any annuals!

  15. Happy Armed Forces Day!

    It is time to put back on a parka,yikes it is chilly with that wind.

    I only have one annual to bring in tonight.

    Have a good one!!!

  16. Greetings from the North Woods!

    What an exciting blog on Friday! Lots of great news with a little romance thrown in!

    Stopped in at Little Bo yesterday. They have two huge Public Enemies posters on display. They are the first one that came out, not these latest three we've seen. The Barkeep told me they have lots of PE things planned,but it's all under wraps for the time being.

  17. Rod, I know this post doesn't really fit the comments for your blog but the subject has been mentioned in passing before and wanted to tell of my research.
    What box office is expected for Public Enemies? I did a search around some predictions on the internet. I tried to choose sites with some sort of history of predictions and not just bloggers having a go (not that bloggers may not be right). The following numbers are averaged from IMDB/BoxOfficeMojo, ComingSoon, IndieWire, FilmSchoolRejects, MovieRetriever. All predictions were made prior to start of May when no-one had seen all the films.
    While most writers/predictors want to see Public Enemies, they know that summer movie time is for families and students. Cute animations and exploding roboots rule, not R-Rated historic gangster dramas.
    After averaging, the prediction for Public Enemies is 12th place with $115million box office.
    The full list.
    1;Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen ;$345m
    2;Harry Potter and the half blood prince ; $310m
    3;Star Trek ; $229m
    4;Terminator Salvation ; $222m
    5;Up ; $220m
    6;Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ; $206m
    7;Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian ; $204m
    8;X-men Origins: Wolverine ; $204m
    9;Angels & Demons ; $172m
    10;GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra ; $133m
    11;Bruno ; $118m
    12;Public Enemies ; $115m
    13;Funny People; $111m

    This is not the first year I have looked at these type of predictions so I can assure you that there will be some that fail to achieve expectations and others that are surprise over-achievers.
    Public Enemies will not be the number one film for summer. It won't be the number one film for the 1st July when Ice Age will have the family audience plus 3D ticket price premium.
    Don't take this as my criticising Public Enemies. I hope it will be a great film for adults and a critical success. I really want to see it and like it. It is just not meant for 8 year olds. It has a smaller budget than most of those listed so it does not have to have such big box office for business success.