Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Slow Wednesday


I have to start off with the feel good story of the week


In other news. hmmmmmmm

The Columbus Community Garden had it's ground breaking Saturday. Located on the corner of Tower Drive and Western Avenue (doesn't Western turn into Hamilton St. and of course Tower actually turns into Dix - WHY does Columbus do this, did they have a surplus of names? Geez - we have way to many names lets call streets by two different names. Good Grief. One of the most major streets in Columbus, HWY 73/Business 151 is Park Street which turns into Ludington. There is a guy that reads the blog - he tells people looking for his house to turn left onto Vista Circle and then turn left onto Vista Circle even though they are ON Vista Circle, it actually makes sense if you are looking at a map . . . . . .looking at a map I also see Narrow Street turns into Harrison).

ANYWAY - if you are looking for more information about the Garden which is located somewhere in Columbus email (unless they changed the name).

The Columbus Carriage Classic will be June 19 to 21 baring flood, fire or the 100 year locusts.

I see Trooper Zenk is still stalking Columbus - I saw him pull over 3 more vehicles inside the city - oddly none of them had front license plates, go figure. Watch out for the State Troopers roaming the streets of Columbus - he has a mission and it's to stay off REAL highways.

I've been in contact with Starbucks and we're looking at September for Grinders Wall of Photos. I had to submit art work to them to see if I was worthy. Guess they did take my word on it. I TOLD them I take pretty pictures but I GUESS they needed more!! Man! corporate is strict!

Here are a few I took yesterday. I don't know why I picked those two to show you - cool places for sure. Heck I was wondering around all over the place. I must have looked official - no one bothered me.

And one of some Tulips in front of our building - I'm getting a nice size collection of tulip photos. I hope these look better on YOUR computer - the one I have here has a dieing screen - everything is gray-ish.

Thursday the Columbus Middle School is having it's annual spring art exhibit and concert. The art will be in the halls of CMS and the exhibit is entitled "Transcend into the Arts". What I want to know is how many fourth graders know what "transcend" means?? I didn't know until I got into Transcendental Meditation. What to know my mantra? Can't tell ya! Secret. I bet everyone has the same one.

I might take my camera and check it out the CMS art show. . . . . . wait . . I think that is actually illegal is it not? It's against the law to take a photo of someone else piece of art without their permission.

One final thing - notice how the aggressive and attacking TICP letters to the editor in the Columbus Journal have ceased? Reading the paper is fun once again. No more mindless Columbus bashing.

In fact TICP has basically ceased to exist. They have not updated their website for almost a month. What up with that???? Must I do something so they can attack me . . again??

I think fondly of the good old days. :-(

PECOTA now has the Brewers running the table the rest of the way - BREWERS 148-14.

Actually - Brewers 91.1 wins, Cards 85, Cubs 83.

ELO adjusted PECOTA - Brewers 94.2 wins, Cubs 89.8, Cards 85.0

In the last 20 games the Brewers have actually gone down on offense, .253 avg, .358 oba and .430 slg but pitching . WOW 3.17 ERA including Loopers 6.04 ERA .

Tonight they go against red hot Wandy Rodriguez - lets hope the Crew can get his pitch count up to get at the bullpen - otherwise it'll be a long long night. He has only walked 5 in his last 4 games.

Interesting - Minute Maid Park is the 3rd easiest place to hit a HR, right ahead of Miller Park but is 25th in runs. It's the hardest place to hit a double - I wonder why ??? Doubles getting turned into HRs perhaps?

Rod out


  1. I loved the baby duck video! Thanks for a great start to this beautiful day!


  2. You stole my ducky video :P

  3. Nice duck story! Thanks! Great pictures, too! Can I have more in the Gallery? enjoy this beautiful weather everyone!

  4. That video was so cool! Thanks for putting it up. Made my day!

    You really do take some nice photos rod! I love them!

  5. Great Blog!

    Cute video!

    Good Luck getting your photo's up at Starbucks..

    WoW!!! Wow!!! And more Wow!!!!
    American Idol Finale was Superb!!!
    I can't believe Adam didn't really win, but then again, he will have a great career.
    Congrat's to Kris!

    Hope everyone enjoyed the day~