Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't Frackalize Me Bro!

How are your brackets!!! I picked Murry State!!!!!  YEA BABY!!!   The problem is that I picked them to win another game . .against UTEP! , not Butler. My biggest losers were, of course Georgetown but they were only going to the semis and would lose to Ohio State and Marquette who whould lose to West Virginia in the Semi's.

I was 9-7 overall.   I have Wisconsin losing to Kentucky in the Semi's also. I new I should not have picked Sand Diego to beat Tennessee. Today I need Missouri to beat Clemson and Utah St to beat Texas A&M (sorry guys)

Final four, Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Baylor.

Take a look at what happened to the snow cover from March 4th to March 17th. 

Speaking of snow - meh!   MAYBE an inch of wet snow on the grass - nothing more. There will be no FOUR INCHES as they were trying to tell us a few days ago. 

Of course with that flashing above you I fear some of you are now going into convulsions!

It was so nice out I I decided to get to the driving range and hit some balls.  My goal is to actually golf better this year.  Seems last year I took a year off from actually caring how I did!  It was the first year NOT playing in the Nine Springs League and I honestly think I needed to just get a away from golf.  OH, I played but I did not put too much thought or effort into it.  

So last night I hit about 50 balls and actually tried to get my weight going the right direction (not falling backwards).  I think I did well.  In fact I did pretty darn good for hitting off a mat. I started with a hook and slowly straightened the balls out. AND more importantly - I was falling FORWARD.  Of course once I hit a real course and have a target I'll tighten up instead of wailing all loosy.

Kestrel Ridge is in great shape.  Last year was the 1st year they were never closed for more then a half a day from water.  Typically they would get an inch of rain and be closed for a week but they have really worked on the course.  The new Sup has done a great job wit hthe drainage problem.  Columbus has suck a messed up water table. So close to the serface. 

HOWEVER - today I can't move.  My back hurts and my pecs hurt.  I guess I have not used THOSE muscles for a while.


And before I leave you for the weekend - something completely different.

Some bizaare Black Eyed Susans . . Fractalized!  Think what this would look like 20x30!!  :-) 

Have a weekend!


  1. The BB tournaments are just TOOOO much! They should be on a separate channel and quit messing up my TV! Cool flowers!
    Just had chili delivered by a cute Columbus Nursing and
    Rehab guy- yummy!(the chili) It is the first Annual Chile Cook Off put on by the Nursing and Rehab Center and the Columbus Fire Dept.

  2. Great Blog!

    You and Cableman would get along great right now with your Brackets!LOL!

    That is all he talks about right now.
    (and to think this is just the start) ughhhhhhhh~

    Glad we will not see alot of snow,,

    Flexall works great on sore muscles~
    Just so you know

    Love the pic.

    Hope all have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You shouldn't be falling FORWARDS either! Trying not to fall might be a good first step, lol.

  4. Happy National Goof Off Day!!

    Hope all got to do some!

    I know I did! LOL!

    Hope all your test went well

    Enjoy the day.