Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Saw Jesus In My Hash Browns Take The Wheel!

Talk about a surprise.

Here I was eating my breakfast and all of a sudden I look down and there is Jesus, the King of Kings, the Heir of all things, the Lord of All, the Source of Eternal Salvation staring up at me.  I jumped back in shock.  OH MY!!   

Then Milo jumps up and tries to eat Jesus!  NO MILO!!!  DON"T EAT JESUS!! 

After my shock I immeadielty started to think of what he was trying to tell me.  I believe it was a way for him to make me some money so I felt eBay would be the ticket.  Thank you Jesus!

If you would wish to purchase a copy of Hashbrown Jesus go to this eBay page

BTW - if you want your own Hash brown Jesus he is in Crystal Farms SouthWest Style Hashbrowns.  They are REALLY good even without Jesus!


It's NOT McDonalds that is making you eat more!!!  

Researchers, with absolutely nothing else to do have been studying paintings of The Last Supper.  It seems as the ages go by the serving sizes have been increasing.   In fact in the last 1000 years the main course has increases in size by 69%, loafs of bread 23% plate size 63%.  In fact a coworker who I shall call "Cathy" noticed that in the painting of The Last Supper by Lucas Cranach the Elder they seem to be eating a puppy! 

The Last Puppy


I mention food because yesterday some of you MIGHT have noticed that I did not blog.  This is because I had a call back on bloodwork. Seems one of my readings was high and they were concerned.  My sugar level was at 136 and they thought I had to have a hemoglobin test to see just how close I was to dieing.

So I was told I needed to fast for 12 hours starting Sunday night.

I started to binge eat and drink for 12 hours to make up for the time I would not be eating OR drinking while I slept and Monday at 7:30 I was having some guy force a needle up my arm looking for a drop of blood.

The last person that took my blood was awesome. I didn't even feel it and it took 5 seconds.  YESTERDAY - wow - I could feel the needle ripping through my vain slowly.  WONDERFUL!!  THANK YOU!

They took my blood pressure and it was 110 over 60 and my pulse was 62.  I was barely alive.  It seems on my last bloodwork  every one of my stats were great except my good cholesterol was low-ish and my sugar lever was "elevated" as they called it. (Some might call it freakishly high).

At noon I got my results and I'm not going to die.  My hemoglobin came back a stellar at 5.6 so I'm good to go back onto my all white food diet!

The more I look at my Hashbrown Jesus it is looking more and more like either Miley Cyrus or James Brolin (who could sort of look like Jesus.


Anybody watch Dancing With The Stars and Wannabe's last night?  We did (for some reason) and I tell ya - I THINK I could beat Buzz Aldren in a dance marathon.  I'm sure Ashly Costa was thrilled to have Buzz as a partner. Actually Buzz was cute but he seems to have slowed down a bit after he hit 80 years old. 

Evan Lysacek the gold medal skater was funny as he never looked at his partner - it was more like a singles competition with some woman following him around.
Of course the big news was in the Columbus Journal about some guy urinating on the Police Station at 6:30 in the evening.  "He appeared to be intoxicated"  AND AND  it's against City Ordinances to pee on the Police Station.   Our new Police Chief Danial Meister came down hard and is going to send a message to other urinateors to pick a different building next time and peeing on the police station is just bad judgment. 

Oddly two hours after "the event" the same guy was found to be disorderly and police were called to the scene.

I better stop while I'm not getting EVERY ONE mad.  

Have a great Tuesday


  1. James Brolin (Young) looks like Christian Bale.

  2. Dead ringer for the big guy. This could be your golden ticket. As for the guy peeing on the police station I've been there(drunk) and you pee at the first opportunity. Its natural and there should not be a law against it.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhV6zeWYxdk&feature=player_embedded

    Trailer for a great film: Ghost Writer (we saw it this past weekend @ Sundance-great plot, great acting, movie I have seen in a long time)