Thursday, May 6, 2010

Counting on the Redbuds

The response to counting all the Redbuds in Columbus was underwhelming. Don't make me do this by myself, you know me, I'll just make crap up!!!

So here is my plan for NEXT year!  I'm going to put a paragraph in the Letters to the Editor for volunteers next April to help out. I figure I'll get a bunch of maps and block off sections.  Then drive up and down every street and map all the Redbuds! Should not take too long, it's not like we are Madison.

Maybe I'll have a contest on how many Reduds are in Columbus!  Maybe a photo contest and we can give awards to the best Redbuds in the city.  How about The Tour of Redbuds.

Did you know that redbud flowers are can be used in salads and for making pickled relish.

The Redbud is also known as "The Judas Tree" because, according to legend, Judas Iscariot used an old world relative of redbud to hang himself. This is why the tree is now so weak-wooded; it refuses to grow branches that would be strong enough to hang another.

With that said we're thinking of putting a redbud in our front yard next to the Don Wyman Crab. I don't think anyone on our area has a redbud yet as people are just now starting to plant trees.

Oddly yesterday was the 60th anniversary of  of a sever wind storm that hit many states. Green Bay recorded 92 mph sustain winds. Madison and I assume Columbus had 84 mph sustained winds! 

And if you are wondering, this past April was the 4th warmest ever and March. world wide was very warm.  This chart shows where it was warm and cold in March.


For the last year I've been planning on taking a photo of the barn on Kestrel Ridge from our house.  Sooner or later there will be house in front of it so I thought I needed to get a shot before building started.
Of course I'm standing on the exact spot a redbud would go so . . . .

Speaking of wind - we had our first golf league night last night and it was rather blustery! I was mediocre (for me) and only made a fool of myself a couple times. HOWEVER - my former buddy who I'm making beer for, adubya, stole my thunder.

So adubya is the best golfer I know and even though I loath his talent I still manage to golf with him from time to time.

Well last night on the last hole we had a flag event. Closest to the hole on the 2nd shot would win a prize selected just for the winner (oops - sorry - I was forced to watch Let's Make A Deal in the waiting room yesterday . . .along with Matlock). Well adybya crush's his drive 300 yards and it lands on the green!


I hit my drive about 240 and I still have 75 yards to go but I'm pretty happy. I see that somebody has already hit a close 2nd shot and I have to go up hill over a big bunker. WELL - My shot lands 4 feet from the hole -WHOO HOOO!!! I'm totally pumped. But adubya only has to putt his 2nd shot and of course he wins! grrrrrrr!!!

BTW - I missed my 4 foot downhill putt, missed it coming BACK up hill and holed it for a FIVE!

Saturday my buddy Elweed and I have some work to do. Arriving will be a Summer Ninebark, two Gold Flame Honeysuckle's, two Annabelle Hydrangea's, an Aronia Erectra (Red Chockberry) and three Cotoneaster Acutifolius(Peking Cotoneaster).

He's pissing me off a little lately. He calls me on the phone ( why did I teach him to use the phone)  and out of the blue will say "How's the Sedum Selskianum Variegatum doing?".

What? Which one?  then he get's all huffy like I'm an idiot because I don't know all the names for my plants!  He'll say "  sigh  YOU KNOW the ones next to the Lamium Maculatum, YOU BOUGHT IT don't you even know what you are buying??".   Like that helps me so freaking much!  I bought a pretty plant with cool green leaves!!!  Must I know the name also??  I saveed it from the plant factory!  I have over 200 plants! I can't remember all of their names. (hardly any actually).

Sedum Selskianum Variegatum

hand held shot of Saxifraga

that is why I have my Lasagna Garden blog - so I can remember and document what every thing is.


Mom update - tests went well, MRI MRA EEG EKG and so forth. The results show is tomorrow so I'll be road trippin' again.  The good news is that she is open to moving to Sun Prairie into a Senior Apartment where DJ's dad lives.  Great place and she should be real happy once she gets there but moving from a home after 40 years has to be tough.

She does understands that it's a little more then she can handle.  HOWEVER - she is getting better.  Not loopy at all (except for the typical Melotte loopyness) and only a word here or there are(is?) missing.

So have a great but cool weekend, expect a lot of rain tomorrow! maybe an inch total.



  1. Great Blog!!!

    Windy was a understatement yesterday, yikes.
    But at least we come to almost or breaking records for good things like weather.

    Redbud Contest would be fun!

    Golf~ Well keep practicing.

    Your friend Elweed would get mad at me too. I don't know proper names for my plants either.

    I see one I like I get it.

    Sometimes not even looking at the name, just make sure it can tolerate sun. Heehee!

    Hope all test come back good for your Mom!

    And I'm sure your Mom would love the place that DJ's Dad is at.
    More comfy knowing someone is there that you know.
    Good Luck tomorrow.

    Hope all are having a great Thursday.

  2. I just realized that whenever your blog includes Elweed-- it's a story I sit back to enjoy.

    Keeping good thoughts on behalf of Rod's Mom!!