Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will the Badgers lose power again in Las Vegas?

August 31 2002.  Wisconsin vs. UNLV!  The big game.  On this day Wisconsin and their rabid party fans were ready for the big game.  All day long hoards of Red had been drinking and rushing the Sports Books betting on Red.   Reports were that you could not go 10 feet without seeing Bucky or as one guy put it "wearing a friggin’ foam block of cheese atop their head."  Badgers were flooding the Sports Books betting large on the Badgers were were 5 point favorites.

Strippers, cab drivers, poker players, even the 9 year old kids passing out porn agreed that this game was a lock.  I had money on the game - it seemed like a lock to me also.  5 points?

So much money was being bet on Wisconsin that the starting line went from -3 to -8 by game time.  The game gets underway and all is well, Bucky is crushing UNLV.  The attendance for the game broke all-time records and the crowd is riotous.

Bucky is winning with ease 27-7 and people are counting the money with glee!!  

Then . . . . . with  7:41 left in the game all the lights go out!    Power is lost to the Stadium (no where else).   The officials talk to the coaches and both agree to call the game!  No worries right?

But wait . . . back at the Sports Books we are hearing that even though the game officially ended there is a rule that a game MUST go 55 minutes to be LAS VEGAS official.  All bets are canceled - you get refunds! 

WHAT????   Literally millions of dollars are refunded to stunned Badger fans.

First reports were that a car caused the blackout, no car,  then lightning, no storm.  Nevada gaming officials  denied ANY foul play, and simply say the timing was coincidental.  Case closed and let's move on! 

Can you say FIXED?  The game is never over until Las Vegas says it is!
Storms coming later tonight and for the next few days until the front passes - THEN - I doubt we will even be NEAR 70 on Friday and MAYBE hit 70 on Saturday before warming back to the 80's next week.

Meteorological summer ends today and this is the 4th wettest summer of all time.  In fact of the top five wettest summers three have come in the last four years!  Global wetting, not warming. 2007 was #1, 2010 #4 and 2008 is #5.  In fact in the top ten wettest summers five have come in the last ten years.
Did you know it takes 3000 cows to supply the NFL with enough footballs every year?  And did you know that when Nebraska plays football at home the Stadium becomes the States 3rd largest city? (sort off).
Our Maple tree is getting really big and I'm thinking of importing some squirrels.  I HOPE I can get sopme good ones for entertainment.

Have a great Tuesday

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pass the Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride

So cold iguanas fell out of trees!

So the Farmers Alamac says "residents of the upper Midwest and Great Lakes are expected to get the piles of snow that'll be lacking elsewhere."

Of course reading the Old Farmers Alamac for weather is like listening to Fox News for News.  It's all pretty random and made up!  I kept track on their predictions (Farmers Alamac) for a couple years and it was basically like tossing a coin!  However I called up AccuWeather to see what they said and this was the map they presented. 

One thing to note is that the BAD winter looks to me to be in the north west while we here in Wisconsin are in the battle zone.   Meaning we will be the dividing line between warm and cold which means snow.   I don't mind snow, good for the flowers and keeps the frost level shallow.  I would rather have snow then cold.  Although ask me after 3 months of every other day snow and I will have a different answer.

However - no Snowmageddon this year.

Right now we are having the last serious heat of 2010 and it saddens me.  I didn't even know it got to 90 yesterday - I thought it was a beautiful day.  The wind really cooled things down.

A few days of heat (tomorrow hotter then today actually)- and cold front which is starting to take shape out west and will bring us rain tomorrow night and a cool down with for the weekend into the very low 70's

Polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride - you know you can actually pronounce this.  This is the worlds first synthetic plastic.  I mention this only because I was reading about the 10 ten accidental discoveries! We all know about Silly Putty and the Micro Wave but then there is Saccharin.  Two chemists in 1879 forgot to wash their hands after some experiments and ate some food. I would think this would typically be something a chemists would not do but these two dudes licked their fingers and tasted something oddly sweet. 

The Slinky was an accident and Play-Doh was a cleaning product!  Super Glue was an accident along with Teflon.  Even the Pacemaker for hearts was an accident.  Velcro was invented by a dog. Well, it was a dog that kept getting burrs on himself and some guy was so tired of picking them off is dog he got out a microscope and saw the little hooks.

I made a comment about TV and that the only shows I really liked were The Office, Parks and Recreation (which REALLY reminds of me Columbus) but I had forgotten about Modern Family. I love that show.

Big Brother is boring this season.  People say how can you waste your time watching BB but then they watch Survivor.  Basically the same show except one is outside and one is inside.

I can not believe Top Chef won best Reality show!   I have to think it was just a "we don't want Amazing Race to win AGAIN" vote.  What happened to Survivor!!!  One of the best seasons ever thin thought - not even nominated!

We watched the movie "Taking Woodstock"  A twentysomething man finds his life forever changed in the summer of 1969 when he offers up his parents' motel in the Catskills as a home base for Woodstock organizers and helps the show go on by donating an all-important music festival permit.

It was one of those - "it could have been better" movies and actually for me they kept touching plot lines I would RATHER see. More Max Yasger, more actual Woodstock stories. The acting was great but it felt like a movie from a book with so many "why's" and unexplained plot lines I wanted more of.

Once AGAIN - Netflix - I should have listened!  The previews were the best part!  One of the best things about Netflix is how good they are at predicting movies.  It says I'll LOVE "Inception" and "Salt".

However in Taking Woodstock - there were scenes when the kid takes acid (they could have left that part out) and trips were right on with what you actually "see" when under the influence.  Been there, done that in the 70's.  Remember, back then acid was a pretty clean drug.  No real side effects and no downside (when taken in moderation).  I'm always surprised when I talk to another adult and find out just how many, when younger, got high in the 70's AND lived!  All of those predictions were false.  They got high, took acid and now have families and homes with great children. 

Avatar in 3D.  I've never seen a 3D movie and after seeing Avatar on my big screen at home I was disappointed!  It was so AMAZING on a BIG screen.  I want to see this in 3D.  I might have to figure out a way to see this this week as it might be my last chance ever. 

That's it - have a Monday.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Is Any Body Out There

Geez - Madison is a little dead today - seems everyone is taking off.

Yesterday morning I attended the CDA Business Round Table in Columbus but failed to see an actual round table. I think Sobiak was just pulling my leg on that one and I'll have to be more careful next time so I will not be hosed into thinking I'm going to view a unique piece of furniture.  Dan Amato from the Wisconsin largest Antique Mall was there too looking for the round table!  I'm starting to think the only reason Steve invited me so I could help Mr. Walcott wash his windows before anybody got there (which I did).  I'll do anything to suck up.   

But the good part was that I was able to tour Walcott Studios and was floored at what the inside of his studio/house. I believe Universal Pictures could have used his place for some sets. Plus the fact that John has like a few dozen International Awards to his credit I was able to glean some knowledge out of his and his wife. 

In his studio one room is ringed with very expensive sets which include some truly amazing remote controlled backdrops.  When I say backdrops I immediately think of those cheesy ones that you see in TV but these are works of art in themselves. Another room is a natural light room with a waterfall and surrounding his house are all sorts of other sets including a beach! Yea - you would never know it! I felt like a geeky kid with a good (yet aging) camera.  

I'll just continue to do my thing with my little Hawkeye Brownie camera ( the Hawkeye was actually my first camera). 

Many people do not know that the Hawkeye was actually a digital camera that would convert the image into big rolls of paper film.  It was not until later in the century that they felt maybe the "film" part was not actually needed and everything went to digital.  And that is the truthyness.

Here is a collage from the Senior photo shoot I had last weekend.  This is just a demo for the parents as they get to choose the photos and I'll recreate it and fix a few things.


I hope everyone got to see the Space Shuttle last night.  I was attending home brew club and we were all out watching and waiting for the candy to hit.  We mooned it . . . . perhaps we were sampling a little to much home brew.  I suppose that if they had thrown candy it would of hit us going like 10,000 miles an hour!  NASA probably has a rule about throwing candy.

I read that the ISS is traveling at 17,239.2 mph but seriously, it did not look like it was going over 15,000 so I wonder if their gauge is correct.  My Subaru's gauge is 5 mph fast which explains why I've never been picked up.  Maybe their gauge is off by 2000mph.  Just sayin'.
Packers - So before the game Indy and GB and sports dudes are saying this is a dress rehearsal and the closest thing to a real game before the real games start.  But after the game Indy is all like well, it was only a preseason game and we were not really like trying or nothing and we had lots of guys we don't even know their names in the game and one dude didn't even wear shoes.   

Yea - OK, me too!  The last time the Packers had 59 points was against the Cedar Rapids Crush in 1938 or something.  So Indianapolis is as good as the Cedar Rapids Crush.

Now remember - this is only Preseason and remember last year when the Packers looked crazy good and then Rogers was sacked 40 times in the 1st game.  So while it's all good to get pumped - remember - it's preseason.
Brewers - . . . . nevermnd
In 1883 the most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded history occurs on Krakatau.  When we were looking for a name for our rock band in the 70s I thought  Krakatau (or actually Krakatoa) and thought it was a perfect name . . . .but we settled on Wonder Horse which doomed us.  Wonder Horse?  Are you kidding me?  Wonder Horse?  sigh!!   

When Krakatau exploded the sound was heard 3000 miles away and created a 120 foot tsunami.  The event blew dirt and dust 50 miles into the air which then covered the earth and lowered the temperature 3 degress for years.  Awesome sunsets for a few years I guess.  Everything I read they always mention the sunsets.  If you can remember sunsets for 120 years they must have been good!

Heat but not humidity will build and peak out Sunday, then a cool down to the low to mid 70s by next weekend.

talk at ya later. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Worst Interview I Have Ever Had.

Looking at the below chart you will see the average temps for this year.  Looks like since July we have leveled off and have not yet started to drop in temps.  We have been hitting the above average more then the below average since May.  Also above average in precipitation since June. 

This is what August has looked like.


Yesterday at lunch DJ and I were walking near the Capitol as I needed to take a photo of the lions on the Cap lights near the Capitol doors when we were approached by some shady dude wearing a suit and his leary looking side kick with a huge camera on his shoulder.

At first I felt like running in terror but then a calm came over me as I realized it was David Douglas from Channel 3 Madison and an unnamed cameraman.  They were hot on a news trail and wanted to ask us some riveting questions.  Well, DJ was still freaking out Mr. Douglas presence and was basically saying "Talk to my hand scoop hound"  leaving me to fend for myself.

He reaches into his pocket and I jump back but all it is is an iPhone.  He forces us to look at a tiny little dark photo.

"do you notice anything odd about this photo"? he asks.  I was going to say I actually could not see the photo but instead I said.  "No".  So he zooms in and I see some guys butt in the background.   He says this family was getting their photo taken and the guy was stealing their stuff behind them. 

"What is you reaction to this?". and the microphone enters my face space.

". . . . . ummmmmmm . . . . . that's not good"   I say with confidence.

"So, being a photographer what are your thoughts on this being caught on camera?"  and he sticks the 2 yard long microphone back into my face and waits for an answer. . . . . . "ummmmmm  wow . . . . that was pretty lucky"  and I start to get dizzy trying to find the angle he is looking for, after all I want to have some good sound bites.  And as soon as my reply leave my lips I expect another tough question but no . . . . . the mic is still there, they are both looking at me like I'm the dullest person they have ever seen.

After silence for 10 minutes as we both try to make each other uncomfortable he ask "Do you have any other thoughts on this?"   DUDE - GIVE ME SOMETHING TO WORK WITH HERE!   The cameraman is either falling asleep or he he is finding shooting a few minutes of my camera more interesting then I am.

"You know there are camera's all around the Capitol filming people"  he says . . . it's not even a question anymore, he is making odd statements.  Is it talk like Twitter day?   OH!!  I think this is a story about "Big Brother Is Watching Us" and I respond saying I do not believe this is a bad thing.  And again, the mic is in my face for another 10 minutes and we stare at each other seeing who will blink first!

Interview is over and we part ways!  For the next half an hour DJ and I are trying to figure out WHAT  he was trying to get out of me.   Sadly - I failed to get on the news! 

Have a good day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This and that

ISS flyover Columbus Thursday night at 8:57 - should be VERY VERY bright.  -4.0 magnitude meaning you would see it at high noon.  Going straight over head from the WSW.   I heard they will be dropping candy.


Full Sturgeon Moon tonight! also called the Full Red Moon because, as the Moon rises, it appears reddish through any sultry haze. And is the Green Corn Moon or the Grain Moon.

I believe my grass is actually growing FASTER now! I looked this morning and realized it's getting REAL long, when did I mow? . . . THURSDAY!! WHAT? 4 days ago? I'm dumping Tru Green because they are making my lawn grow to fast.

I love having a long lawn. These people that cut if so short are not doing anybody any good.  Long grass kills weeds, is very soft and sucks down CO2.  Look at the lawn on the State capitol, very long and lush.    

Actually I would not have Tru Green at all but living on a fairway (well, next to it) and with both neighbors having Tru Green I felt I had to keep up with the Joneses so to speak. But next year I'm going with K& B Tree & Lawn Care out of Beaver Dam. Less pressure and I like going local. I could not see any lawn companies in Columbus . .at least none with a website and you know how I am with website awareness.

This morning I submitted a photo to Walgreens and I got a call saying it was ready but I needed a copyright/release because it looked too professional. Good Grief. OK, I suppose it's a good thing but . . . . .


Watch out in Columbus on Western Ave and Tower Drive.

The rescue people, Fire, Police, Hospital and so forth are having a mock disaster tonight between 5pm and 8pm.  Mock blood will flow the streets as they try to save Columbus.  On an interesting note today is the 40th anniversary of the Stirling Hall explosion.

I actually golfed a few rounds with Dwight Armstrong one of the bombers.  He was a friend of a friend. He died a couple months ago of lung cancer.

Where were you 1,931 years ago???? On this date Vesuvius erupted. I'm not going to go into what happened but as I was reading I find that all the accounts of the explosion come from a kid that escaped. His name is Pliney the Younger.

Now if you are a craft beer drinker this MIGHT ring a bell. One of the hoppiest brews you can buy is called Pliney The Elder (who WAS called Pliney The younger until he got older). I have never had this double IPA brew by Russian River Brewing Company. A 6-pack will run you about $30.

How hoppy is it? Well, I have seen clones for homebrewing so I know about how much hops are in a Pliney. In a normal home brew IPA there is perhaps 6 or 7 ounces of hops. In a Pliney the Elder there is over a pound of hops! OVER A POUND!

You would think this is undrinkable and I think  it might be in a homebrew. But in the hands of experts this is rated as one of the most enjoyable brews in the world. With 1500 reviews it's rated an A+ in the Beer Advocate.

In 1873 William Henry Jackson becomes the first person to photograph Colorado's elusive Mount of the Holy Cross, providing reliable proof of its existence.

I guess many had reported see it but people did not believe it.  This was the first photograph. 

 Have a great day - coolness is coming for a few days then heating up a little again.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Don't Show Me Your Coronal Hole

It's starting to look like High School Football Season and I think DJ and I have to go to a Columbus game and blog about it.  Anybody want to come along?   I've never been to a Cbus football game.  It's hard to find a schedule anywhere, even their school website does not post a schedule (don't get me started . . . .) .  They play Wisconsin Dells this Friday at 7:00.  Does it cost anything? I have not been to a High School football game since  . . . . . the beginning of time and then I think I was in an MD 20/20 high at the time.  Was that the night I got beat up?  hmmmmmm  No - that was the night we put potatoes in the tail pipes of the Jefferson bus!   Well - NOT ACTUALLY ME!!!   But I knew about it.

Speaking of High School.  When did Senior pictures become so . . . not cookie cutter.  I remember when I had my senior photo I would put on a suit (and shorts), sit in a chair, turn my head and cough . . .no wait . . wrong memory . . .that was my dentist!   Anyway I would turn my head - click click all done.  Now pictures are actually pretty good looking.

BTW -hey you males -  you know why you turn your head to cough when the doctor is fondling your testicles don't you? So you don't cough in his face.   HELLO!!!!

Anyway - I was asked to take some senior pictures and I normally decline because it's not really my forte' which I don't understand because, really . . I'm not bad at all with portraits.  It's just that I normally don't have a lot of control over what the final outcome will be.  I feel I have no room for . . . creativity!

Well - yesterday a friend talked me into a job and here are SOME of the results!

 So I shot the shoot and ended up with 21 images on my first pass of photos.  I have yet to look DEEP into the 104 total shots!  YIKES - how do wedding photographers do it when they have to dive into 2000 images for a wedding.  That would be like driving through Nebraska!  Mind numbing. I guess that is why they make the big bucks!

In other news - Not much else happened this weekend.  An inch of rain in Columbus Friday in the big storm. Lots of twigs and branches down.

Speaking of storms here is a photo of our Sun showing several a coronal holes. Coronal holes (yellow areas) are places in the sun’s atmosphere where the magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape.  

This is facing earth and we should be feeling old SOLs wrath Tuesday so be careful when you are using your compass.

Ten years ago tonight the very first Survivor finale' was aired and this was the first and last time the winner was declared on location!  Trivia alert - Sonja Christopher was the very first Survivor to be booted out! That final episode of Survivor was watched by 51.7 million viewers.  PETA criticized the show because contestants were forced to trap and eat rats! As far as viewership all but one episode gain viewers from the previous week.

This year Survivor is introducing a new twist! - The Medallion of Power which can be used to give an advantage in an immunity challenge. Once used, it is then transferred to the opposing tribe.

It's "old" against young this year as the Over 40 will take on the under 30. Brains against power.

It's all I got!

Have a great day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Hindenburg Omen - Mothers, Hide Your Children

NOTE - never ever take some goofballs views on the Stock Market as anything more then opinion.

We all know that the Stock Market seems to be random at times and while it pretends to run up and down according to the economy the real factor is human emotions.

We also know that as a football handicapper I have had a number of very successful systems that have less to do with football and more to so with the human emotion. But I watch these emotions through numbers and trends and what has happened in the past normally happens again in the future.

Last Thursday (August 12th 2010) the scariest technical condition in the Stock Market, five indicators, all blinked and sent out huge warning signs. We had hit The Hindenburg Omen.

These conditions are:

1. That the daily number of NYSE new 52 Week Highs and the daily number of new 52 Week Lows must both be greater than 2.2 percent of total NYSE issues traded that day .

2. That the smaller of these numbers is greater than or equal to 69 (68.772 is 2.2% of 3126). This is not a rule but more like a checksum. This condition is a function of the 2.2% of the total issues.

3. That the NYSE 10 Week moving average is rising.

4. That the McClellan Oscillator (the difference between the number of advancing and declining issues) is negative on that same day.

5. And most importantly - That new 52 Week Highs cannot be more than twice the new 52 Week Lows (however it is fine for new 52 Week Lows to be more than double new 52 Week Highs). This condition is absolutely mandatory.

Sounds odd right?  The rational behind this is that typically the stock market is heading one way of the other. New highs or new lows. Either way a good market that is behaving rationally is either going up or down.   But in this situation we are getting BOTH which means there is an extreme divergence in opinions of investors.  A healthy market requires some semblance of internal uniformity and that certainly ain't happening right now.
The last two times we have hit The Hindenburg Omen was October 16, 2007 and soon after we had a 16.7% decline in the market and June 6, 2008  we soon dropped 47.3%.  OUCH!!!

The good news is that AT THE MOMENT it has not been confirmed.  You see this has to be confirmed within 36 trading days to be valid.

The other good news is even if we have a valid Hindenburg Omen it does not mean total doom and gloom  Since 1986 we have had 28 Hindenburg Omen's with an average drop of 12.8% and some have been small (5% range).  However - if we define a crash as a 15% drop, this has happened 29.7% of the time. This also means that 70% of the time there is no crash.

BUT - this is like saying that 70 % of the time your car stays on the road and 30% of the time you end up in the ditch!  Do you want to take a chance?

Just sayin'

It has come to many peoples attention that my photos of the State Capitol always seem to have some work going on.  My two main images have massive scaffolding on top covering Miss Forward.  I actually sort of like that look in those photos.

Well, yesterday I was looking at the Cap and - IT'S CLEAR . . . .wait wait,  no I guess it wasn't.

This was taken from a few blocks away so it's not the clearest - just showing there is ALWAYS something going on. 

BUGS - I'm sick of always seeing images of Bed Bugs already! I've seem more photos of Bed Bugs in the last 3 weeks then the rest of my entire life.    ANYWAY - I was mowing the lawn last night and went past my garden and . .WTF!!!!    IT'S A FREAKING ORGY!!   

What are these - some sort of Solder Beetles? Here they are having cigarettes after there little bug sex.  All the rest of my flowers had bugs having sex.  I would have a photo but I was disgusted and the mosquitoes were swarming and I had to run into the house screaming. 

Have a wonderful weekend.


Thursday, August 19, 2010


As you all know each of the last three Wednesdays after golf league I drive home and see flashing lights in the sky! Some of you think I'm crazy and while this could be partially correct, on this case I had witnesses. I had Vice Presidents of Banks, professional cattle hoof trimmers, housewives and all sorts of other professional people agreeing with me.

Of course many of you said "Rod, take a photo of these so called lights". Well, taking a photo of a twinkling light at night was not the easiest thing to do. It would be like taking a photo of a majestic soaring Eagle from 2 miles away.

So I waited. Last night I was driving home and . . THERE THEY ARE AGAIN - this time I would track them down if I had to drive to the end of the earth and  I would sift sand through my fingers looking for some trace of them if I had too.

I FOUND IT and at first I was pretty sure I had stumbled upon an un-cloaked  Klingon warbird. 

But wait - what evil was this - it was changing shape before my very eyes.

Meet Winfred Mandody - the guy that has been baffling Columbus residents for a while now.  He lives in the Kestrel Ridge Apartments and fly's a light emitting LED kite at night.

Winfred has been flying kites for decades and I believe he started flying them where he grew up in Pakistan.

When he first started to fly this kite he knew it might raise some eyebrows so he informed the Columbus Police and dispatchers at 911 who said thank you and then failed to tell any other shifts!  Calls were coming in right and left of the strange lights in the sky.

I know when I mentioned it on the blog and Facebook I had some responses from others saying "YEA WE SAW THAT ALSO -  WHAT IS IT!!"  Well, you are not along.  It seems he get's a large number for people driving buy looking for the lights.

As I was there last night talking to him a car slowed down and came to a stop on River Road.  Mothers and children come out of their apartments to gaze at the sky and he said he has met many many wonderful people with his hobby.

Groups of bicyclists will travel miles looking and one time there were seven cars parked across the road.

I asked how high last nights kite was and he aid it was about 100 feet up.  There was a very slight breeze which is perfect for the LED enhanced delta winged kite with a 3.7 volt battery.

Winfred first saw the kites in China and was fascinated.  He talked to the owners who said they could be purchased but it was a two hour trip.  Long story short he finally purchased this kite from the Chinese gentleman and brought it to America.  Originally from Michigan Winfred moved to Columbus about 3.5 years ago and loves Columbus.

 I had the honor of having him reel it in (which is not an easy thing to do even in a gentle breeze).   

So there you have it.  I gotta say my conversation with Mr. Mandody was fascinating and I believe if there was a place in Columbus where you could buy these kits they would be a HOT HOT item.  Columbus would become the kite capital of Wisconsin (if there is not one already). We need a kite shop in Columbus!

Mystery solved.   Thank you Winfred for making Columbus curious.

The only other thing I have to talk about was two incidents that took place near the Square in Madison yesterday. 

I was going to lunch and was waiting at a stop light on the outer circle.  Not paying attention I was just standing and saw a car in the near lane come to a stop. I looked up and saw the light was now red (for them) and started to walk.

ZOOOOOM - some lady on her cell phone runs the red light going 30. Never even slowed down.

THEN - on the way back to work I'm waiting on W. Wilson and that stupid law where vehicles have to stop for pedestrians (this law probably wastes millions of gallons of gas and causes more accidents then . . . .anyway) and a pick up and a car stop to let people cross and  SCREECH   BAM!     Someone not paying attention (cell phone?) rams the pick up at a very high speed (like 30).  All the pedestrians start to laugh and a police vehicle waiting to turn is a witness.  OOPS  -  what is that, like 4 points on your license and a $175 fine?    The woman was probably on the phone or texting her work saying she might be late and did not notice the wall of vehicles in front of her.   

PEOPLE - PAY ATTENTION!!!  You think you are safe but . . . . . .

I had a booth at the Stoughton Arts and Crafts and Fun Run and Car Fair and during a slow time (which was from 11:00 to 3:00) I managed to get out and take some photos of the very large assortment of vintage cars.
This is a vintage 19XX Red car.

Before I started to work on this shot my reflection is in the photo 5 times. 

Side note - (I do not work for the mentioned site) Adubya turned me on to www.buy.com    I had heard of this place but had never really looked into them. WOW - next time you want to buy some gizmo go the buy.com and look at what THEY will sell it to you for.  Free Shipping normally!  I ordered a FM Transmitter for my iPhone. Best Buy had it for $99.  I got if for like $46 - free shipping.   Last week I ordered a back-up battery for my iPhone, normally $29 - I got it for $10 free shipping.  Took 4 days to get it.

 I just happen to need iPhone things but they have many many items.

Have a great Thursday

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Favre, Cubs, Packers, Eddies, James Street Dining

OK - Favre is coming back - who could have ever predicted THAT! This is not a bashing Favre post so you guys can continue reading.

HOWEVER - before I get serious - for all of you dare Packer fans - this is FREAKING hilarious! OH - better put on your headphones.

If you get this in an email go here - it's "Vikings fans reaction to Favre interception vs Saints"


So I was looking at the schedule for the Vikings and the Packers and it's a pretty tough schedule this year. In fact MUCH harder then last year for both teams.

Many people talk about how Favre had such a fantastic year last year and he did, you can't argue that.  But I believe the teams he faced were probably one of the weakest group of teams he has ever gone against.  The average winning percentage of the teams in those 16 games was .441.

Same with the Packers.  The further help Favre and Minnesota was the fact that "on the road" where it is harder to win, the average winning pct of their opponents was a pitiful .414.  The Vikes were 4-4.   Packers had an easier time on the road with a .383 pct and were 5-3.

This year is different.  The Vikings on the road will play GOOD teams with a .523 winning pct (Packers .500 pct).   I feel this will be the Vikings last gasp. They have 9 starters in their 30s and it sounds like most of there team is in the last years of their contracts.  So for the Vikings - anything less then a SuperBowl will be a bad season. 

The trick for the Vikings in the schedule will be games 4 through 10 where the avg winning pct for their opponents will be .616.  OUCH!!! 

Rumor has it that the former James Street Dining will be opening up in September with a new Italian place.  Work is going on as I type.   I mention this because in Facebook "Columbus Fresh & Local Food" mentioned it would be great to have a brew pub in Columbus!

Yea but even if we had a nice ale house like Eddies Ale House in Sun Prairie it would be great.

This is Eddies Ale House on Main Street Sun Prairie. It's a fantastic place if you appreciate craft beer.

They have fantastic burgers and many many craft brewers - I talked to Dan the owner about different business things such as if he had any riff raff on big weekends.  He said when he purchased the bar he went around to all the other bars to look at prices for there domestic beers (Miller, Bud) and then raised his prices a quarter above everybody else.

The reaction was swift as people complained that they would NOT drink copious amounts of beer at HIS place. Cost way to much.  They will take their drunkenness elsewhere.   It worked out great!

I asked about the smoking ban.  He said the bottom line was that they are making as much money as they used to, no difference. However, alcohol sales are lower while food sales are up!   I mentioned that his burgers were fantastic and he agreed that it was very important in his style of establishment to have not just good but great food.

Here is Dan in Eddies Ale House (who's Eddie anyway)

I had an Arrogant Bastard from the tap and enjoyed the place.  This is where Home Brew Club goes after the meetings next door at Cannery Wine and Spirits but it was the first time I had been there since the smoking ban. I loved it and wish Columbus would have a place like this!    They have a 5 page menu of just beers!  YUMMO!!!  

Speaking of Commando - I see in the USA Today in BIG letters headlines for an article in the LIFE section "Always wear underwear, especially now."  


I also see there is an article about the CUBS and why they are such big losers year in year out!  One of the reasons is the ball park.  WOW - that sort of sucks as I don't see the Cubs getting a ballpark soon. 

And last - I looked at all my scores for golf since the beginning of 2006 and when taking Slope into account that was the worst I have golfed in 4 years.  Even worst then The Irish Course at Whistling Straits. 


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Going Commando at Miller Park

Thursday was the big golf/baseball day.

I get up at 5:15 and am on the road to park near the interstate by 6:00. At 6:30 adubya picks me up with balderdash and Network and the first thing on our minds is the Brewers and how Bush gave up back to back to back to back home runs the previous night! OK - the Brewers are setting a major league record on getting hit by pitches and Bush gives up four straight home runs and he never brushed anyone back? DUDE!!!!

Did you see what he did after home run #4?  HE BENT OVER AND GRABBED HIS ANKLES! I tell ya - if my 82 year old mom would have come up after 3 straight home runs . . .sorry mom . . your ass is hitting the dirt!! As luck would have it my mom does not play major league baseball.

After we dispense Bush bashing we head towards golf land in Pewaukee. The name Pewaukee comes the American Indian name of Pee-wauk-ee-wee-nick which means dusty water.

Anyway - we get to Western Lakes Golf Course and I fear there will be no practice at all. For me this is like runnign sprints and not even warming up!  In fact I don't even have time to pee. I get out of the SUV, and BAM, we're on the tee. I take one practice swing and we off.

It's a pretty course, not awesome like The Irish Course at Whistling Straits or The Bull but very pretty. The sun is out and the course is very wet. I immediately struggle with everything and I will not go into my game on this blog.  I have DJs camera and have learned that I should play golf or take photos, not both because if I'm looking for photos my golf game suffers.

I should have taken photos as my golf game could actually not suffer anymore then it did!   I did take one photo.

It was hot. The temp was near 90 and the dew point was 70 and not a breath of wind.  I guarantee we did not drink enough water.   Adubya after 9 holes had a par every hole I believe, balderdash was struggling and Network was just hitting his cute little 170 yard drives down the middle and playing perfect course management, I hated him for that.  Me? I was flailing left, right, wrong and 3 putting every hole.  It was brutal.

On the back nine adubya have come back down to earth, balderdash had righted his sinking ship, Network continued to be cute and I had given up and was still flailing and 3 putting.

18 holes over - it was fun.  We're all soaking wet and peel off our shirts for dry shirts and put on sandals and so forth.  Into the air conditioned SUV truck thing and even though it's cool inside we all continue to sweat for another 15 minutes.  Off to Miller Park to sit outside for another 5 hours.   

We arrive a while later and once parked we start the tradition of craft beer chugging before we enter the stadium.  One of the lads complains that his underwear is soaking wet with sweat and he decides it's time to change out of them.

Adubya says "that ass isn't touching my seats" so we open the doors and the unknown flamer proceeds to go commando!  I won't say who it is.

hmmmm - can I see any reflection in the window behind Commando-man? (could this be a new nickname)?

We get inside and I am being guided to a part of Miller Park I have never seen.  The secret part no one talks about yet all can buy tickets to this area.  The Club boxes.

Air Conditioned , carpets, actual bars.


We walk through doors down to the extra wide seats and the first thing you know we are being waited on.  We have menus of food and a guy comes up to take our order.  I have a Swiss Mushroom burger with fries, adubya has a pull pork sandwich, balderdash has two brats and I'm not sure what Network had but I'm sure it was down the middle and conservative saving money and strokes . . . . BTW - Network had a fantastic round.    

The food in that section is GREAT!!  Much better then the normal Miller Park food for the same price.

So we're watching the game and sweat is just being sucked out of our bodies and floating into space. We were in the shade and after the 1st inning we noticed that the sun part of the stands,which were FULL, now seemed  to be clearing our either through the death of the seat holder or for fear of being mistaken for deep fried bacon and eaten by drunk people.

This is from our seats.

As soon as shade touched the seats they would fill back in.

So the game goes on and after a while balderdash leaves to find his friends and flaunt his commando-ness  I guess and I get up to just wander around at this new area I have never seen in Miller Park and adubya and Network stay so they can drink my beer that I had left.  

I wander around and try to get into a couple of the club house boxes saying I was just looking around but people sort of stared at me like I was  some sort of alien or something so that did not work out very well.

ANYWAY - the game comes to a conclusion and the Brewers are victorious and we file out to the preferred parking which I can not fathom WHY you would not want preferred parking. It costs more but you get out an hour faster.

We get to the black SUV which has been in the sun for the last 5 hours and as we open the door  . OH MY GOD!!!   Four sets of tee-shirts, socks and something that formally looked like underwear  have been stewing and growing.  I believe adubya will have to try to sell his vehicle.

AC goes on and we hold our breathes for the next 15 minutes and I believe we just got used to the stench.

It's decided that we will stop at some dive bar in Delefield. Everybody is excited because I have never "experienced" this bar.  Oh BOY - I hope they have Miller or Bud!

THEY DO!!! THEY DO HAVE MILLER or BUD - what a lucky lucky guy I am.

I am totally underwhelmed by the dive-ness as it's just a regular bar.  Actually nice with lots of windows (to through people out of I guess).  

We sit and drink water and M M M Miller (gag) and after an uneventful visit leave.  At least I was able to water up some of the 6 gallons I had lost during the day.

The ride back to Madison was filled with stories and hairband music and that is about it.

Later that night I felt sick and zonked out for a while but all is good now.

It was a blast and I'm 3-0 in Brewer games with Axford getting two saves and Hoffman one so far this year.

Maybe next year I'll have more photos!  It was a subdued event because of the heat I believe. 


Monday, August 16, 2010

Long Weekend - Short Blog

Where does one begin . . hmmmmm perhaps at the end.

Having 5 days off really wears on you but yesterday was sort of a lazy enjoy the wonderful weather day. Nothing much happened, watched golf, napped and both DJ and I sort of just laz-ed around getting our energy back that was sapped from us the day before.

You see Saturday we had a Art and Craft Fair in Stoughton and it was pretty draining. I did about as I had expected, sort of underwhelming. It was a small fair but I wanted SOMETHING in August. I sort of felt it was a practice fair actually. The draining part was the weather. Zero wind, 86 degrees and a dew point in the upper 70's. There were times when I felt there was negative wind.

It was mostly crafts but in Year 1 these are the only fairs I can enter because you have to apply 6 months ahead of time and I Was not prepared for the juries. Next year bigger events. Lots of pot holders, scarves and homemade pretzels vendors. Only two of us with bona-fide wall art . . . unless you count the guy across from me with wine cork wall hangings (he did pretty well).

The Cows On The Hill were the money maker. It was suggested to me that I needed more farm machinery photos so I'm looking for a friendly farmer in the area so I can go into the fields and take shots of machinery doing it's things - know any friendly farmers?

Interestingly I met a number of people that grew up in Columbus and now lived elsewhere.

Coming up - the Sun Prairie Main Street Art Fair (notice the lack of the word "craft") September 11th and then the big one (att 10,000). The two day Green Lake Golden Days Harvest Fest September 25-26. So far I have not been in a fair with over 1000 in attendance.

Friday I went to see mom and take her to the Dr for her final checkup and she was deemed "fully recovered" and she was very very happy. The house thing in Springfield ILL fell through as her finances were not as much as she thought so she is looking for an elderly enhanced apartment in Fort Atkinson.

Thursday was the big day for golf and Brewer game and it really should have it's own blog. In fact I think I'll tell THAT story tomorrow but I will say that in the years I have been keeping a handicap it was my worst score ever . .well, maybe the Irish course at Whistling Straits was worse but that was more due to the course and not my random flailing at the ball.

It was the perfect storm for me for bad golf and I was expecting to not do GREAT but did not think I would TOTALLY BLOW.

I have found that a driving range before a round will help my score by 4-5 strokes, no driving range experience on this day. I have also found that riding a cart will cost a stroke or two but with 90 degrees, zero wind and high humidity on an unknown course - - I was riding. When you ride you do not have a chance to figure out WHY your ball went where it did, you can not figure things out. BUT, you are comfortable.

At least if I was going to suck I was not going to get tired. Still, I had fun.

That's all I'll say about Thursday but I do know the title of tomorrows blog.


have a good Monday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Hate the Cardnials Too.

So Branden Phillips comes out and says what many people think about the St. Louis Cardinals. He says:

"I hate the Cardinals. All they do is bitch and moan about everything, all of them, they're little bitches, all of 'em. I really hate the Cardinals. Compared to the Cardinals, I love the Chicago Cubs. Let me make this clear: I hate the Cardinals"

Well - they do bitch all the time - remember they were all anal about the Brewers pulling their shirts out of there pants when they win and called Milwaukee out for being low class on Home Runs trots.

WELL - it seems the Cards did not really appreciate the comments.

And - just when you think it's over LOL

Reds Cards Brawl


Speaking of baseball - in Houston a guy and his girlfriend are relaxing at the Astro baseball game when a foul ball goes into the stands - AND THE DUDE BAILS ON HIS GIRLFRIEND and the ball hits her.

Of course it's all caught on camera and not only is it shown on the scoreboard but then the TV Crew goes in interviews the guy!

Boyfriend moves out the way while a Baseball hits his Girlfriend


Does anybody have a 2 week old copy of the Columbus Journal? The one with the fire in it? Josh would like to have a copy.

I gotta put away the insect repellent. I'm starting to lose it.

Yesterday I went to Walgreens and then remembered that my sunglasses were still in the car in DOJ. So I go back to DOJ and am in front of the elevator and see it's on the 8th floor. I push the button and wait. 

The door opens up and I walk in but . . . .wait . . . I'm walking OUT of the elevator and I'm in the basement . . . ????? What ??????

I play everything back in my mind. I'm waiting, the door opens and I walk . . INTO the basement. But but, I never got IN the elevator! I'm in some sort of  time warp or something. I have absolutely zero recollection of getting into and pressing the button to go to 3B. None! All I remember is what I THOUGHT was stepping into the elevator but I was actually stepping OUT.

It's all that dang bug spray.


BTW - this is a real photo from the 1940s - I fixed it up a little.

And take a look at that new breed that has been flying around Columbus.


In Madison there is the World Wide Conference for Trek Bicycles and there are thousands of bikers walking around. They all look sort of the same.  So I'm walking up to a stop light and I see like 0 trekies and two very very Amish people. I mean you cannot get any more Amish they this couple.  WOW - what a great photo opportunity IF I was on the other side.  

Later in the day I see the Amish couple . . . WITH TREK BADGES!!  They are hear for the convention?

I SUPPOSE you will say that I should not be taking photos while I drive.  Yea - well there is no law against it as I know of.  I suppose they will try to make one now. Anyway my camera was just sitting there and it was so pretty out!

going off topic a tad

If I had to do it all over again I would have either been a teacher (Social Studies in High School) or a truck driver.  I love driving.  We drove non-stop from Dallas to Madison a few years ago.   I can drive forever . . unless it's through Nebraska and after 7 hours of Nebraska I just wanted to put a gun to my head.  . . but otherwise, I'll DRIVE!!

So I'm driving to work and the light is really beautiful so since my camera is right beside me I open the window and take a shot. 

Once I got back on the road again AND going the right direction. . .

I have to take photos from all sides so I open the right side window.

No shot from behind!!

I suppose some people would not think this part of Wisconsin is not that pretty but I love the drive to work every day.

No blog tomorrow - I'll be on the tee at 7:20 in Pewaukee for 18 holes at Western Lakes and then we all rush to Miller Park for the Brewer game.  You all remember what happened LAST time we did this trip!

Oddly I don't even remember taking these photos but I'm told I did! 

So, I'll get back to you . . at some point.

Remember - if you are near Stoughton I have an Art Fair Saturday at Mandt Park.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As a coworker noted - the air this morning seemed . . used!   Not fresh, sort of like we were breathing used air - LIKE FROM BY DOGS MOUTH!!!  

There was an article in the paper talking about mosquitoes and that this is NOT the worst but because they have been around so long this year it just seems bad.

yea - OK

So I get this email from adubya this morning.

I went to Door Creek to chip last night and managed about 3 minutes before I was lifted up and carried away by a thick cloud of mosquitoes. I managed to kill several million and escape, running with my arms windmilling about my head to the clubhouse.

The good news is that I golf at Door Creek tomorrow night, we should have rain in the afternoon and by tee-off the dew point will be near 77.  77 is the highest dew point this year so far.  The all time record for Madison was 83.  The temp was 101 on that July day in 1995.  I remember it exactly as I was riding GRABBAAWR on a 76 mile bike ride that day.   The heat index was 125 and people were passing out on their bikes. One woman had a thermometer near her wheels and it was reading 137 near the road.  We would get up a 4:00 and have 20 miles in before sunrise.   I can remember vividly the line of hundreds of bikes as the sun rose that morning.

Not a glamor shot but after we took Blake in to have his ears checked we went to Chedder Heads and got a pizza.   DJ said "you should take a picture for the blog!"  So I did.  I'll have to do a better job next time but I was hungry!

Not bad for $10. 12 inch thin crust with onions, fresh mushrooms, pepperoni and roasted red peppers on a crispy garlicky crust!  FOR TEN DOLLARS!!!   Chedder Heads Pizza  920-623-9100

A young guy working his butt off in Columbus trying to make a go of it. I asked how it was going and he said he just made rent two months ago and last month was better so he is gaining momentum (or should I say market share?).

This could be described as a Midwest style pizza except that style has a tavern-cut(squares) as opposed to the slices!

 Anyway - we took Blake in to have his hearing checked.  Well, not exactly - more having his ears checked to see if Milo or Sierra were putting crap in his ears as he slept.  He is pretty deaf and we figure it's old age but . . you never know!  Hate to have him pass away and find all sorts of hair ties and jingle balls fall out of his ears!  He is 13 and still in good shape, still runs around and does dog things. Sleeps a lot but has energy when awake.  

The Fighting Finches - Chapter #3


We might be going to the Wisconsin State Fair Sunday. My first time back since The Cream Puff Indecent - OH - I'll have my camera and I'll be looking for those guys from 40 years ago!!!  I have a lot of years of anguish which needs to be taken care of! 

I might try a deep fried Twinkie.

You all have had funnel cakes haven't you?  hmmmmmm funnel cakes!  Yea - good . . unless you have stopped on a 70 mile bike ride - wolfed down an entire funnel cake and then tried to continue the last 34 miles!!   BARF!!! 

Have to go - have a sweaty day!  And keep saying  I SMILE WHEN I SWEAT!  you will be amazed at the responses!!  


Monday, August 9, 2010

8/9/10 11:12:13

I'm torn. My mom is probably going to move to Springfield ILL. My brother found a fantastic little house just blocks from his place that is perfect for her. She has lived in her present house in Fort Atkinson since the late 60's. She's 82 now and is not being able to take care of things as well and the caring and upkeep of the house is starting to get a little out of control. 

She's excited. Starting a new chapter of her life at 82 is a pretty big thing and my brother is pretty good at the nuts and bolts sort of thing while my forte' is psychological.  We're a tag team and at this point she needs a nuts and bolts person to take care of her.

So . . it's all good. Still, I'm saddened but only for purely personal reason - she is excited!

EXCELLENT - MORE RAIN!!! I hope my yard appreciated it and the mosquitoes can now get a drink.

The bites on my legs and arms are starting to add up! Before I would have a bite and it would be gone the next day. Now they seem to be lasting a few days and every day I get 1 or 2 more. The mosquitoes no longer bite for food. I think they are just biting for the hell of it now!  HEY - LET'S GO BITE SOME HUMANS!!

Many people think that bats are great against mosquitoes but that is not actually true. Bats eat a TON of bugs but only 1% are mosquitoes. Dragon Fly's are a huge mosquito killer.

Some people say that are not bothered by mosquitoes and this is true. Some people just have better tasting sweat and their proportions of the carbon dioxide, octenol and other compounds that make up body odor just make them more tasty to the mosquitoes.  Stay away from those guys!

This Wednesday if it is not windy I'll try the OFF Clip-on. I've read many reviews and while the overall rating is 3 out of 5 stars it's basically a WORKS GREAT or DOES NOT WORK AT ALL! I'll let you know at some point.

I golf Wednesday night then I have a 7:20 tee time in Peewaukee the next morning and a Brewer game in the afternoon. It'll be a busy 18 hours.

OH - the oldest mosquito was found in 79-million-year-old Canadian amber.

The new number for Chedder Heads Pizza is 920-623-9100. If you order tell them the blog sent you.

Speaking of Columbus - I bet I'm one of the most hated people in Columbus at the moment, or I'd like to think I am,  at least after my letter to the editor about or Chamber!  It does seem that they are regrouping with fresh blood (are they actually mosquitoes?) so maybe we will get some movement with with the website.
I have to laugh at Paul Scharf (in a good way). Paul is a real journalist for the Columbus Journal and he writes.

History was made early Tuesday evening when the Columbus City Counsil - presumably, at least - ended six years of wrangling by accepting a bid to move ahead with the reconstruction of Udey Dam.

SO - there you have it - Udey Dam will be Damed again!
The Xion Lutheran Church in Beaver Dam will be having a "Traditional Hot Dog Supper" . . . . .what is that anyway?? I've never heard of a "Traditional Hot Dog Supper".

A HUGE congratulations for Josh for passing his Fireman's 1 physical test! He had passed the written exam earlier and had to take the physical test teamed up with two skinny dudes (or at least smaller then himself) Saturday. Passed! Columbus has a new Firefighter and I'm pretty proud of him. It takes a LOT of hard work and he deserves recondition.


Took a couple photos for shits and giggles.
 This is of State Street taken from the Capitol.

And as I was walking around I saw a lion.
Some one on Facebook says at today 8/9/10 at 11:12:13 the world will come to an end. So - you better have an early lunch!


Friday, August 6, 2010

yea - well.

Rhonda had the explanation that the UFO was a kite. Seem logical but there is some weirdness still. For one thing the wind was between 1.1 mile per hour and calm from the WNW which MIGHT be enough to keep a kite in the air but then that kite would need so pretty large lights.

All I know is if I ever see it again I'm going for a drive.

The red line is the direction I first viewed it - straight down the road.  The circle is where the alleged kite was being flown out of in the 1.1 mph breeze. 

For Kim - Ali and Roberto are very happy and when asked about getting married both agree that they want to live normal for a while before setting a date but both also say that Spring would be great and hint hint they would love a TV wedding as Roberto has 700 in his family that would attend.

Both also said hint hint that they would LOVE to compete against each other in Dancing With the Stars.  


I was looking at some old folders and found a photo of a cardinal taken many years ago- it was sort of small so I had to rescue it!

Elweed's Mom loves Cardinals - maybe I'll have to figure out how to make an inexpensive copy for him to give to his mom for Christmas. 


The Fighting Finches Chapter #3 - Downright Rascality!

The first winter forecast has come out.

We are in a transition between El Nino and La Nina - the last time this happened was in 2007/2008 and we all know what happened THAT year 100 inches of snow.  Sharpen up the blades on the snow blower!!!

Speaking of beer!  I tried a New Glarus Moon Man - EXCELLENT Pale Ale!!

Golden yellow body with light carbonation speckled throughout the body. The wispy white head leaves sporadic patches of lace. Really nice zesty fresh citrusy aroma. Lemon and orange are big. This APA is very bright and citrusy. Unique flavor, which is hard to come by in APAs. Leather and lemon. Quite dry, but refreshing. Light-medium body.

But still - the best APA is Three Floyd's Alpha King!  And while I consider Ale Asylum one of if not the BEST brewery in Wisconsin their Hopalicious is good their IPA's are outstanding! and very extreme. You can always count on alcohol in an Ale Asylum brew! No session beers here!


hmmmm 0 nuttin else to say!

have a great weekend - HOT week next week so enjoy the coolness we have now!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

UFO spotted East of Columbus

Last night I was driving home from golf and turned the corner onto Avalon and saw . . . . something. At first it looked like the top lights of a tower but there is no tower. Not a plane so it must have been an approaching helicopter with red/gree/white landing lights. I parked the car and looked at it again as it was still very bright and had red/green and bright flashing lights and oddly . . . it was not moving at all. No sound.  The lights did have a long 1 or 2 minutes pattern with 4 brights white flashes and then the constant alternating red/green twinkling.

I called to DJ and she came out and stared and said . . . "what IS that".  I said it's been there for 10 minutes.

A neighbor came out and he said "what IS that" and then Becky another neighbor came out and we were staring at it. I mentioned it on Facebook and "Who's" replied that he was looking at it and it was unknown to him also.

Mary emails me and said she and Caralea had seen the exact thing on July 6th at about the same time at night - this is how she described it

"We both noticed it at the same time, and both made immediate note of its oddity. The alternating red and green lights were very bright. As I noted on Facebook, it looked like it was flying lowish, maybe about the same altitude as a very small plane. But it didn't act like a small plane at all in its movements. In fact, I wondered if it was a helicopter, until it was obvious that it wasn't. Its movements sort of combined the two somewhat. Once we reached Columbus, it looked like the object was hovering over an area that would be right by the golf course!" 

When I saw it I thought it was the lights of a tower but . .no tower. I also thought it was a helicopter but no sound and it was stationary for 45 minutes. Looking at a map to me it was over Elba or around that direction.  Here I have where I first saw it and where it was from my house.   I have no idea how far away it was. 

As I said I was just coming home from golf and,  what a mosquito NIGHTMARE it was!!  On the 2nd hole I was near some trees and went to my bag and there were 200 mosquitoes flying around it.  A buddy on the other side of the fairway came up to the green and commented "YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MANY MOSQUITOES THERE WERE"

On the last hole Adubya blew  his 2nd shot as he had dozens of mosquitoes flying around his head and one inside his sunglasses.  He RAN out, hit the next show and ran to the green. His shorts had blood spots on them.  It was pretty funny but we were to busy dancing around moving to laugh.

I had a shot that I donked because in my back swing one flew into my ear. And we were dousing ourselves with insect spray but it was not working.  I'm using RAID next week.    

I would have had one of my better rounds of my life if not for one hole where I took a NINE!  After my 2nd shot I mentioned to Korey that I was concentrating on course management on Par 5s.  Then I went belly up!

Here is my little hell. 

DJ asked if everyone was laughing and I said that in times like that people just avert there eyes and pretend that I'm dead or something.  When the ball finally went in the cup Adubya said "man, that seemed like a lot of strokes". 

I won't bore you with golf stories . . well . . OK, maybe one.  On hole #13 I hit my 3rd shot left of an elevated green. I was WAY below the green and I could only see the top of the pin. Perhaps 30 yards away.  I took a 9 iron and had a perfect chip shot to 5 inches from the hole for a par. 

On the last hole my 2nd shot was  . .geez . . . it looks like the same exact shot!!  I took out my 9 iron, a few practice swings, same distance, up over a rise just like last time and hit the ball which landed perfectly and ended up 3 feet from the hole!  Par.

Luck and golf seem to go together.    

Back to the mosquitoes - My buddy Elweed and I were in the Bob Marshall Wilderness below Glacier Natl Park backpacking once many years ago. We were on a small tight trail with full packs when all of a sudden a swarm of mosquitoes enveloped us.   It was actually sort of  scary and we started to jog and then run.  Well his pack decided to explode or something and we stopped to fix it but as soon as we stopped they started landing. As he was working on his pack I was smacking his back killing mosquitoes and it was getting a little  . . mooshy with dead carcasses!

We made it into a clearing and found a road and got out of there.

That was the same vacation where we were hiking in the mountains and we decided to climb a steep hill.  We spent a good hour climbing and as we crested the hill  . . .there was a parking lot for a huge hotel and some people looking at use strangely.


I don't believe for 1 second that Favre did NOT send a text messages to his buddies on the Vikings. Why would they say he did send messages and then 6 hours later retract? At least NOW Favre has said for sure he will or will not play and he has told the Vikings when he will make the decisions but won't reveal that time to anyone else (so he can have more media time in the future).

I seriously think the guy has some psychological issues.

But really, who cares anymore! Well - I guess Tarvaris Jackson does who for 3 years now has had to field Favre questions and AGAIN goes into a season not knowing if he will be the QB . . . not unlike Aaron Rogers did.   Man I am glad he is gone. 

The Fighting Finches Chapter #2

Have a good Thursday