Wednesday, December 29, 2010


How many dogs do you have to kill to get to go to the Pro Bowl. Micheal Vick get's in and Rogers is an alternate? COME ON MAN!

So now that the Vikings kicked the Keystone cop lookalike Eagles last night the Packers probably won't have to play the Bears twice in a row. HOWEVER - now that might have to play the Eagles which scares the bejesus out of me. Yea - the Eagles looked pitiful last night but I think it was a case of overconfidence.  Of course they DID have to have a miracle comeback against the Giants.


Every day I go through the same routine with Blake our dog. He get's half a can of food in the morning - another half at night and about 9:00 he gets a big chunk of Fresh Pet Select dog food that comes in a big tube from Hy-Vee (if I ever had to eat dog food this would be the brand to eat).

Well Blake always looks forward to the Fresh Pet as it's like a big chunk of bologna but is REALLY good for a dog (not bad for humans either).  Odd thing is that last night he just did not have an appetite!

This was very very strange. He inhales it normally.

I found out why this morning and playing the night back . . .it all makes sense.

Last night Milo and Blake seemed to want to go out a lot and they spent a good amount of time outside. This morning I let Blake out and he disappeared for a while which was odd because he is like clockwork in the winter. About 10 minutes and he barks to come in after he poops on the driveway. It raised a big "?" above my head when he was AWL after 20 minutes but you know dogs! You just never know.

So DJ and I are about to go to work and I open the door to the garage and - DAMN - I left the garage door open last night, and look, there is a big Turkey Breast in the middle of the garage and garbage all over!

AHH HAA!!!!! No wonder they were out so long!


I picked up the shell of my laptop last night after it was restored to factory settings. Got it home and turned it on and noticed that while it has a 200 gig hard drive, only 80 gig were free. WTF! Now I have to take it back and have them delete whatever it is that is clogging it up!

BTW - Grahman Man turned me on to a wonderful free software from Microsoft called SyncToy 2.1 Very easy to use and install. Check it out of you have an external hard drive or flash card and want to automatically back up everything.

Also while I'm getting my desk top into working order I wanted MS Office Pro 2010 which costs a big bundle.   You can get the entire suite at Online Office Software  for $99.  Reason its so cheap is it's all downloadable. 

And if you want cheap music? Go to   OK OK - let me explain a little about this place.  First of all . . . . .it's based in Russia.  You can get entire albums for like $1.40.  What's the catch?  None that I know of - they have been around for a long long time and I've done extensive research on the net and  either a review site totally hates the place or they totally love the place.  I've had zero problems for over a year and MUCH music downloaded.

You will all say "I'm not going to give my CC to a company in Russia". Well - it is WAY more dangerous to give your CC to a stranger waiting on your table at a restaurant.  

Just like any place using your CC you give them $30 and you have instant access to way way more music then iTunes.  


Last thought - from my unofficial count and I'm being serious,  it looks like 10% of the State workforce will retire in the next few months.  I know DPI is retiring 50 and 26 THIS WEEK!!  Thank you Governor Elect Walker.  I'm sure nobody really cares because the people that hate State Workers are not the ones on welfare, or have health problems or in group homes which are the ones that will suffer from programs that will suffer from staff vacancies. 

Have a day


  1. Wait till he starts trying to reduce the retirement benefits....

  2. My mom is a retired state employee. I'm glad she retired many years ago and doesn't have to deal with this crap. I can't wait until all those idiots that were happy to see him get in realize just what an ass-wipe Walker really is. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

    you may get cheap music, but the artists get NOTHING from this site....would you work for free??? just say'n think about it what if they sold your photos for cheap and you got nothing.......

    I hope WI wakes up about Walker... I think they will realize it soon enough.....and be very sorry as so will we who did not vote for him

  4. deppfan - this is true but they would get no money from me anyway as I can buy the same recordings MAYBE on ebay or at garage sales.

    I listen to Pandora 99% of the time anyway and when I do purchase music it's one song and not an entire album.

    But I get your point.