Thursday, April 28, 2011

Not enough time to be retired!

Who knew not working for the government would be so time consuming!

I attended the Columbus Business Roundtable this morning which was at  . . At Home Again, a new senior living facility. Beautiful place and I can't wait to move in. I'll have photos of the place . . . soon . . . . .but I'm all of a sudden even more rushed today.

You see tomorrow is a big day - no no no it's not the Royal Wedding. I'm not going to see a lot of that, I get way to emotional and I'll be in Portage hanging 18 images at the Trails End Lounge. The Portage version of The Capri! The problem is that I still have 5 photos to frame and I also need to write an Artist Statement AND something for the newspaper.

The rush is that I put off the final stuff to today and I just get a call from Cannery Wine and Spirits to come in and work this afternoon in an emergency. Plus TONIGHT I have home brew club! sigh

ANYWAY - another thing to mention are a few more new things that will be happening in Cbus. There will be a new Saturday Farmers Market starting June 11. The place will be that old gas station on Ludington amd W. Mills Street. Sort of a square cement building that has been vacant for 13 years!

Check out their website Our Market Columbus

It'll be open all year (only weekends at the moment).

Another store opening VERY soon is a buy and sell place.  Not exactly sure but it's downtown somewhere!  I got the feeling it was not a normal junky buy/sell.
SO - to answer a few questions -

yes  Boyd Crowder is my hero - I love that guy.   He was actually meant to be killed in season one of that great show Justified because Walton Goggins had other shows to take care of. But then people loved him so much and his role was so delicious he dropped everything to come back and he was only wounded and then found God . . . in his own strange peacefully violent way !


Sarah Palin - I PRAY she runs for President - it would be one of the funniest times in American history!   I love clueless quitters, sorry, she is just a fruit cake waiting to happen.

Did you know that Ted Thompson is AMAZING at drafting?  He has drafted 58 players and 46 of those players have played in regulation games for the Packers or some other team!  That is AMAZING!!! 

Any Nyjer Morgon fans out there?  The back-up outfielder for the Brewers.  He has a TWITTER alter-ego he calls "Tony Plush" and he is hilarious!!  The guy should write a book.   If you follow the Brewers it makes more sense as he TWEETS about the games! 

"Plush could not deny that the bruise had taken on the multi-colored madness of a Pollock. But he himself could see no divine intervention."

"Nothing happened. Plush decided a DL stint was like being locked in a Chekhov story, minus the profound mysteries. There was only sadness." 

"Plush is getting tired of sitting on the bench. He just asked Coach Roenicke if he could manage for an inning. Coach ignored him."

Check out Tony Plush  on Twitter

Went to the Brewer game yesterday - I'll have more photos but this is taking to much time as it is.  This is big enough for your background on the computer . . if you want it.  Yea - it was pouring rain!   Thank goodness I have now seen the Brewers lose TWICE to the Reds!! 

I gotta get moving - sorry


Friday, April 22, 2011

Gravity Waves, Brewers & Sarah Palins Easter Celebration!

First - a COW photo.


Seems Wisconsin experienced something that rarely takes place.  A very powerful Gravity Wave.  At least that is what they are telling us. (I'm thinking aliens).

The roof of a day care was lifted off the rest of the building and deposited  . . not on the building and it was a fair weather day for the most part.

A gravity wave is rather unique.  What happens is that air is not unlike water (although much lighter)  and when something happens to disrupt the atmosphere it acts like a big lake of water.  So somewhere an alien through a big rock into the atmosphere and it created ripples like in a lake.  The ripples zoomed across Wisconsin and was so strong it lifted the roof off a building.

Think what it could have done to  golf ball!!

Here is what a gravity wave looks like from space.

And here is an awesome time lapse of a Gravity wave

Or - it could be aliens with anti-gravity technology!   Oddly I'm reading a book called "Saucer The Conquest" by Steven Coonts which has a mad scientist on the moon that has an anti-gravity generator beam and is threatening world peace if all nations don't comply.

Brewers - I've had a chance to watch most of the games the Brewers have played and this is a MOST interesting and exciting team.  So interesting that other teams are watching the Brewers as they are redefining how you play the game defensively.

While most teams have defensive shifts on a few players the Brewers have MANY shifts!  Even 5 infielders and 2 outfielders, or 4 outfielders and 3 infielders at times.

Is it working?  Well, best defense in the league at this point.  The last 2 games against the Phillies they were giving a clinic in defense (not so much in Game one) !   Gomez was catching everything in CF with is blinding speed (I think he has extra speed as he is rested from because he never gets on base).

The Brewer pitching staff has been outstanding.  Once Cory Hart comes back the offense will be MUCH better. Let's just hope his fly balls keep going out of the park.  I'll have more on teh Brewers in my Brewer blog at Grinders Warehouse.

Ryan Braun has signed basically a lifetime deal with the Brewers.  This will allow us to follow a future Hall of Famer his entire career!!     But in the funny side.    The Brewers, while doing GREAT defensively and being ULTRA aggressive on the base paths had a letdown of biblical proportions.

Everything that could go wrong did and Braun was at the center of it - SO to make up for it NO ONE was going to stop Braun from scoring on this play!   watch Ed Sedar face when he puts up the STOP SIGN for Ryan on this play - TOO FUNNY!!


Rest in peace Madelyn Pugh Davis. Madelyn was one of the writers (along with Bob Carroll Jr) for I Love Lucy and passed away at the age of 90.

This happened on FOX a few days ago.

The other night on FOX, Sarah Palin said to Sean Hannity, "Happy Easter Week, Sean." He responded, "And, Happy Easter Week to you."

Here's one important thing: it's not Easter Week. Any practicing Christian knows (or should know) this is Holy Week. And, it's not a "Happy" Week -- it's the most solemn week in the liturgical calendar. This is, after all, the week Jesus died. Seriously, this is as basic as it gets in Christianity.

FOX estimated a raucous crowd of 50,000 was on hand when New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson announced his run for the President of the United States.


I'm hanging out waiting for our new washer to show up!   I got a call from Sears asking for "Mr. Melotrod"   Seems the computer did not recognize the ","  in Melotte,Rod  so I'm not Mr. Melotrod.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All My Children gets the axe.

 I called last nights Brewer game to a tee!!!    Grinders Warehouse for Brewer Talk!

Remember that awesome vocal group The Faith Tones and their album "Jesus Use Me".

One of you faithful readers found an alternative cover for the group.


Seems Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Company  is pulling all their ad's from ABC because of ABC's decision to cancel All My Children and One Life To Live.   The network will fill the spot with a FOOD show (like we need more food shows) and a "lifestyle transformation" show which sounds like a transgender thing to me but I could be wrong . . . I hope it is more like a Oprah show because we need more of those kind also.

Then there is Mike Leake. Mike Leake was the first-round draft pick in 2009 for the Cincinnati Reds, the eighth selection overall. He received a $2.3 million signing bonus and will make $425,000 this year. Seems he removed security tags from six T-shirts at a store and left without paying for them, value was about $60.


Hey - check out this break dancing Anaconda.


And this is just bad luck


I drove to moms house yesterday - her birthday is Friday and she was having problems with her TV. Seems the batteries died in her remote and she replaced the batteries with dead batteries so she thought it was the TV.   ANYWAY - she is looking to get off over the air TV and is thinking about DIRECT TV but that is like $60 a month,  Dish Net seems cheaper for basic but will she get local channels for the $29 a month or is that extra?    Maybe she could get Charter again.  She hated Charter because they were rude and she could not understand the remote but can't I buy a inexpensive remote with big buttons?

Do they make remotes for the older generation?  I know they make phones with big buttons!

OH - and I LOVED the drive home yesterday! awesome!!!!  In fact I think spring time is my favorite time of year!  Hope is in the air (in the form of slush, sleet and hail). 

Nuff said.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy tax day.

Happy tax day.   Why is it people are SO angry at paying taxes anyway!  Do they realize that Americans are paying historically low taxes?  Do they not actually understand how civilization works?  There are a lot of different kinds of tax - one is property tax which I THOUGHT the Cheesehead Pharaoh Walker said was not going to rise, yet now I see they are.   hmmmmm

Of course you have the Voluntaryists, Individualist anarchists, objectivists, anarcho-capitalists, and libertarians seeing taxation as government aggression as we are forced to pay taxes (like we would pay if we did not have too).

As Franklin Roosevelt said "Taxes, after all, are dues that we pay for the privileges of membership in an organized society".

Or what about teachers, those money-grubbing thieves. Did you know that teachers "do not pay one cent of tax". YEA - who knew! Daniel Walker a Tea Party member clarified: "They get paid by our taxes and then they pay their taxes. So it's really like they don't pay any taxes at all."

WOW - this has to be looked into more deeply!!

Worked at Cannery yesterday and I want to know where everybody was - I sold about a QUARTER of what I normally sell on a Sunday. D. E. A. D.   So where was everybody! Friday and Saturday were busy but Sunday? I had a chance to see BOTH Brewer games on TV, I could actually watch them, I was begging for customers to take me out of my nightmare (they lost both).

But I was able to play my new record by an old diamond in the rough musical group.  The Faith Tones.  I believe it was a fitness workout record!

A comment from the J-Walk Blog

I was a big fan back in the 60s, and played that album daily. I couldn't decide which one I liked best: Frances (the "cute Faith Tone"), Francine (the "pudgy Faith Tone"), or Franny ("the slut").

A few years ago, Toad sent me some FT bootleg recordings from a failed "come-back" tour in 1972. Unfortunately, the sound quality was bad, and it seemed like they had lost their edge.
Rumor has it that Franny went on to become a successful Jay Leno impersonator in Vegas. It's probably not true.

Any other Faith Tones fans?

We purchased a new Whirlpool washing machine Saturday.  It's pretty cool.  When you put clothes in it will weigh what is in it and adjust the water level accordingly saving water AND mankind. 

It's all computerized and for some reason I let my guard down and I believe for the very first time in my life I purchased an extended warranty.   Here is the thing.  Last week all of our yard lights blew out and when I went out to look the metal AROUND the lights were bent out!  Peeled back!!!  WHAT UP WITH THAT!!  All the lights burn out at the same time peeling the metal back?  

So the washer guy says that if there is some electrical surge and it fries the electronics. I'm screwed unless I have the extended warranty.  Add the Elwood TV  blowing out and  I'm on an electrical edge. . . .so I purchased it.  DAMN ME!!!!    
A Whirlpool washer has a 22% chance of needing repairs in the next three years!  Plus we do get preventative maintenance once a year for three years . . . I'm sure they figure we will forget . . But I programmed it on my iPhone (which has broken glass) so . . . . . . . HA!!!!  

It's 5.0 cubic feet and the guy asked if we had any children - I said know but we do have a dog, he would fit in it.  I don't know, should I call child protection on this guy? 

Have a wonderful week - it'll only be like 18 degrees below normal!  AWESOME!!  



Friday, April 15, 2011

whacko beggars and neurosurgeons

I was working last night at Cannery Wine and Spirits and sold some high end booze to the CFO of the Chicago Bears. Seems she graduated from Sun Prairie High School and she was getting an award and needed something to celebrate - Lord knows there is nothing the Bears are doing to get her celebrating.


I was going through my images looking for what I would put up in Trails End Supper Club in Portage and found a couple I had not seen for a while.

and this one where I had a different look to it but now I'm back to the original.


Ever see those ad's on TV for Tax Master? Where you can lower your dept to the IRS for pennies on the dollar?   Total 100% SCAM!    They are making millions.  That dude is a low level CPA that had an idea and now he is a multimillionaire.  They really do not do anything.

It's 9:43 and I've already been to the laundromat,  taken the mower in for a tune-up, gone to True Value and rigged up a thistle seed  hanger for our bird feeder, drying the laundry as I type, had breakfast, trimmed the Soapwort in the yard (Elweed called and pleaded with me to do this BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE . . .yea - the thing grew from 1 inch to covering 2 square yards, I'm sure it was about to die if I did not trim it)  and updated my spreadsheets for my other sports blog.

Speaking of my buddy - we did yard work Sunday. While he was mico trimming his tiny ground covers with a tiny clippers I was literally ripping out dead foliage in my garden.  HEY - if something dies in my garden from rough handling, it does not deserve to be in my garden.

Elwood on the other hand is like a neurosurgeon when it comes to trimming.   Here I am like father death hacking away with a sickle and here he is with micro ring scissors and surgical magnification loupes making tiny incisions carefully extracting brown foliage.


I want to congratulate my friend Suzanne Alexander for bringing the Homeless Bookclub to the masses. There was a piece on her club on CH 27 last night. What pleases me was that MANY people think the homeless are those slighty whacko beggars you see on the square and while they ARE homeless there are many that work and have lives but can not afford a home! They look pretty normal to most people yet have no place to go.

Way to go Suzanne for showing what most homeless people actually look like!

OK - I've been watching my thistle seed that is hanging on my bird feeder - the birds are terrified of it! Or it could be the 25Mph winds. We have started to get yellow finches now. I'll see what happens.
Pretty potent spring storm coming our way - it'll start to head north in a few hours and we'll have some nice cold rain tonight and tomorrow for the big Tea Party rally on the square should be pretty miserable! BUT - I suspect the weather next week will not be as bad as the talking heads are saying. I bet we are in the 50s

Have a good weekend


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trains End Supper Club

To answer knowitall (which seems odd) - what you are talking about is called Milky Spor a soil-dwelling, Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacterium. It is responsible for a disease (commonly called milky spore) of the white grubs of Japanese beetles. I believe it takes a few years to accumulate in the soil.

You sprinkle it on your lawn and it grows but these things are tiny so it takes a while to cover the lawn. The cool thing is that every time a beetle is infected it consumes the grub like a little incubator.

Timing is important and you don't spread the spore until August. This is a reactive defense - there is also a much more fun proactive where you spray the infected shrub and it not only kills the beetle on the leaves but stays for a few weeks killing other beetles (and any other bug that eats the leaf). This of course must be done carefully as all bugs are not bad.

Another thing to do is buy Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed. Recommended at Jungs.

So I might as well ask - anybody have a spare clothes washer that is laying around in their basement, I would like it relatively new!

The one we currently have is FUBR so it looks like a trip to the clothes washer store this weekend . . .. unless we buy one of those hand crank ones!!


Went to Portage yesterday and met with the owners of the Trails End Supper Club. I would say it's the Portage equivalent of the Capri except with a pioneer motif.

It is a shot from the inside of the bar area.

and while I was driving around town looking for interesting places I came across an old grand stand.  Climbed around it and took this shot.

Anyway looks like I need nice 20x30 and 6 12x18 framed pieces.  Not expecting much out of this except for referrals.  It seems every time I put up images somewhere I get calls sooner or later so while I might not reap huge rewards on this spot, the long run always seems to be beneficial.

Guess I'll have to go into Madison Thursday to get a few things done which are not getting done!  I'm asking to get paid for this stuff.  grrrrrrr! Come on man!

Not much more to say.  I have to figure out what to put up and where.  I'll be installing the prints on the same day as THE ROYAL WEDDING!!   DJ is taking the day off for the festivities!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

String Cheese - YUMMO

Bad day for Elwood. With his 7 month old TV going dark he is in a foul mood - especially since he cannot find his sales receipt to see if it's on warranty. If anyone has an old TV sitting around that they want to get rid of I know a guy that would appreciate it.

Today I'm going to the Sassy Cow Creamery to buy the freshest string cheese you will ever see. They make 100 lbs on Tuesdays and sell it out in one week. I went their yesterday and snapped a photo before going in.  No cheese but I had a nice talk with Kara who invited me to witness the string cheese process which I am told is very very labor intensive (stretching and so forth).

OH - I did purchase some Orange Chocolate Bliss ice cream. It's REALLY good. 
As I was driving towards the Creamery I spotted a herd of cows and stop for some photos - this girl was all smiles.


Seems there is some stuff to do at my former job and they are asking if I can come in and help out . . . hmmmmm  . . . . . seems this might be a time to start getting paid for REAL work.

This afternoon I'm driving to Portage to check out the Trails End Supper Club - hope it's not underwater.  I also want to take photos around town but need good light and interesting clouds.

ANYWAY - that's my story!   I'm predicting a Brewer win tonight in a low scoring game.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday April 10th the day after summer.

Was Sunday not a SWEET day?  I was out looking around the yard and noticed that I have my first flower. Comes from a periwinkle.  WELCOME TO SPRING.

I received an email last week from Garden Gate Magazine saying that they were going to use one of my TIPS for their website and magazine.  Plus they asked if I had any plans on making an iPhone app for my idea.  I said I had no plans so they MIGHT look into making an app out of MY idea! 

My tip was this spreadsheet showing the bloom times for all the plants in my yard. Big red "X" means full bloom and the other "X"s are just smaller blooming times.

I just looked and I get $25 big ones for having a tip used in their magazine.  I think Garden Gate is the best mag for the money on gardens.  No advertisements, all photos and words with actual flowers you can buy . . unlike some magazines with nothing but wonderful Zone 9 gardens.

Now I'm making my spreadsheet clickable so when I don't have a clue what a certain plant is I can click on it and a photo will appear.

Then I got a call Thursday from the owners of the Trails End Supper Club in Portage.  Seems a year ago I agreed to display some artwork for two months in their restaurant.   OH YEA!!  I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!   So now I need 18 pieces to display.   

Not a big problem - just some minor logistics I have to work through and a good number of frames to purchase.  It's not like I don't have enough images - just not 18 of the same size!   I'll be going up Tuesday night to get a good look at the place and figure out what I need to have.

Also I was accepted into the Syttende Mai Arts and Crafts Fair May 14th.  Yea - it has the word "crafts" in it but I was told by a person that loves my work that I needed to go there, it's a good one.   Always open to suggestions so we shall see.   I'll be on the north side of the Community Building facing north, not sure if that is good or bad.  Maybe in May it's bad.   hmmmmm

So DJ buys a comforter and needs to wash it once before it goes on the bed. Our old washer is not big enough so for the first time in like 20 years she goes to a laundermat and spends $4 to wash it.   

She gets home for some more laundry and guess what!  Our washer no longer works!  COME ON MAN!!

On a side note Elwoods brand new TV which he purchased for $150 eighteen months ago - died!  It's not like he gets $150 to splurge and when he spends that much money you would think it would last longer the 1.5 years!   I'm trying to see what I can do - we brought it up to Columbus but he put it somewhere where I can't find it LOL        

We worked on the yard all day yesterday and as we were about to leave I got a 6-pack holder and put six bottles in it.  Went to hand it to him and the bottom fell out!    F*CK!!!  beer everywhere!  GOOD BEER EVERY WHERE!   Why could that not have been Miller 64.

Speaking of Miller 64 - it is rated a solid "D" in Beer Advocate. Here is one review

"Unfortunately this is about as bad as it gets for a light beer. Tastes like a seltzer water mixed with MGD...about 98 percent seltzer water and 2% MGD....just a real nasty charged up water feel to it...pours an excessive white head...very watery flavor and feel....this is bad....I've seriously had NA beers with more taste...seriously....It has no beer taste whatsoever..

Personally I think it needs at least 5 more calories to add some flavor and then they could call it Miller Genuine Draft 69...then they'd be on to something." 
Anyone looking for Brewer thoughts (except today) go to my other sports blog (Grinders Warehouse)where I have vowed to bet on or against the Brewers every game this year.

After yesterdays win I'm 6 & 4, +2.465 units!  I'm 3-2 betting ON the Brewers and 3-2 betting against the Brewers. Brewers play the Pirates next in Pitts.

Have a nice Monday!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

it ain't over

Good thing I stay up until like midnight to find out who won!

At least I know one guy who won and a big Congratulations go out to incumbent Mayor Bob Link. It was a landslide! Although no one ran against him which I have to wonder, when the last time a Columbus Mayor did not have to actually worry about winning. Seriously - when was the last time?  We have had a new Mayor every two years since the late 1800's.  He must be doing something right . . . .or in Columbus terms . . . he must not be doing everything wrong!  I know from my point of view he has ruined Columbus as nothing funny ever happens anymore.

In fact I think he is the worst Mayor ever - no one ever talks about our little town, once again we are forgotten. I think he has to do something completely outlandish and bone headed to get us on the map again. get people talking about Columbus.  We need more conversations like "Did you hear what Columbus did THIS time?"    BUT NOOOOOO!    The biggest controversy has been having to use clear garbage bags!  WOW - that will get people talking. 

Then there there is this whole other election between Prosser(sp?) and that b*tch (his words not mine)Klopperberger(sp?) who I voted for. Yea - I can see this one taking a while!

Madison as a new old (in many ways) Mayor.  Ewodd can now claim he has picked more winners in his ONE TIME VOTING then I have in my entire life (OK OK - I did vote for that foreigner Obama). 


Couple more photos from Monday. The first is of the Braves pitcher Beachy.  Not bad from a LONG WAY AWAY with a 105mm lens.


And we did a walk about in the 6th inning and I got this shot from a different vantage point - BTW - the photo yesterday of Miller Park is great for background on your computer - I really like that one!

And - I like that dudes head shot on the left - sort of Norman Rockwellish. 


I suppose I should go into work at some point - no one has contacted me so everything must be going smoothly . . . or nothing is getting done and all is normal.   Hard to tell.   I do miss people at work though - weird.  You work with people everyday and value their strangeness (it always made me feel much more sane then I probably am).  Seriously though I do miss the companionship, the bickering and cutting down of management and buffoonery of the people giving you assignments!


My you tube video of the day is ROCKIN - Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood at the AMA! WALK THIS WAY!

Talk about an Ameican Dream - do ya think Carrie Underwood would have ever imagined beign on stage with Tyler at an awards show!?

Of even Tyler ever thinking he would be performing at a Country Music Award show.

so have a good Wednesday (is that what day it is?) .


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Honor Flight

Working backwords.

I spent yesterday at the Brewers home opener . . or I believe I did (that's what they told me). Little did I know that I would spend the tailgate portion of the festivities playing drinking games! Thank goodness I brought along potent craft beer while everyone else was drinking Miller 64! Why even bother drinking that garbage - you certainly can't get drunk on the stuff . . . .YET THERE I WAS drinking 7% ABV beer with my buddies drinking their little Sally Beer at 2.8% ABV (that's not actually beer is it? Why not just get some NA "beer" and stop pretending to drink)  So while they guzzled two cans I was like drinking 4.

Then you add in the shots every hour . . . . . yea . . . . I heard the Packers were at the game but I could not actually focus at that point.  I'm glad my camera had Autofocus as I certainly was not.
Well - we all know how the game went, the Crew lost 2-1.  Did you know that in the last 5 years the Brewers are 68-11 when the opposing team scores 2 runs?  Awesome!!  I'm glad I could see the anomaly!

The weather was not  . . . . BAD . . . but it was a tad windy when outside.  Here I am taking major gulps from high ABV beer.

The Brewers are so desperate that called in balderdash to bat at one point.

The PROBLEM is that the Brewers REALLY need Hart and they have just had bad timing.  The bottom of the order is really having problems. Well, the top of the order is hitting .236 so I suppose the top AND bottom are sucking. 

This is the view from our seats in the Club Section. The new scoreboard is magnificent. Too bad they could never show any highlights (there were none). 

Here is Miller park after the game!

First game I have gone to and lost for a while!

Saturday night DJ and I went to greet DJ's dad who was on the Honor Flight to Washington! Honor Flight is an organization that transports Veterans to Washington to visit all of the Memorials and I tell ya - there were quite a few tears in the eyes for the WWII veterans on their return.  They were not expecting THAT big of a crowd.

The Dane County Airport was jammed packed and as we watch each hero start down the steps almost to the man you would see a "WOW" and then tears would well up! Many said this was the happiest day of their lives!

There was a band there and I mention this because they were GREAT!!   Ladies Must Swing were awesome and if you ever need a 1940's style swing band - these are the ones you want to get.

and we saw Joe Biden!

here is Mel starting down the steps, you can see he is starting to get emotional.

And while the last remaining WWI hero just passed away there were some survivors from an earlier war still around.

If you are ever ask to donate or want to donate from something that is so so wonderful for "The Greatest Generation"  Go to Badger Honor Flight dot com.


Friday, April 1, 2011

No Blood Was Spilled

First order of bigness is to divert you attention to my Sports blog Grinders Warehouse where I have my little experiment going,  wagering "peanuts". So if you want a quicky sport fix I'll TRY to stay away from sports here.

No blood was spilled.

Took Milo to the vet yesterday. DJ said NEVER AGAIN as she came home looking like Carrie from the exorcists.

Well - Milo was basically well behaved and $180 later we I'm stuffing pills and gallons of chalky liquid down his throat.   Actually it's not that hard. He is strong but slow unlike Sierra which is literally impossible to pill!

So I squirt a test tube of chalky paste for deworming (a precaution) I also have 28 pills I have to stuff down his throat to cure whatever he has, sort of a hacking cough with post nasal drip.

We have had 4 cats that we have taken to a vet and not once has a vet been able to figure out what is wrong!  Cats are an enigma.  

I see the co-chairman for Prossers re-election, former Governor Patrick Lucy, has switch tribes and is now backing Kloppenberg.  Geez - that's rough for the  co-chairman of a re-election committee to switch,  sort of funny actually! 

Thos ad's on TV talking about putting an 80 year old farmer in jail?  Well, she environmental prosecutioner, I'm pretty sure the dude had it coming! She was also a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana (damn hippie).

Badger and Union cabs are offering free rides to the polls in case you are looking for a ride.

Did you see that news about red dye?  how it's bad for children?  They had a mother on TV saying that after her daughter ate a  Pink Fluff sandwich she became ill because of the Pink Fluff.

A PINK FLUFF SANDWICH?   and I thought a pink fluff sandwich was a healthy alternative to fruit and vegetables.   WHO WOULD GIVE THEIR KID THAT! 

All I got at the moment.

Have a great weekend.