Friday, April 1, 2011

No Blood Was Spilled

First order of bigness is to divert you attention to my Sports blog Grinders Warehouse where I have my little experiment going,  wagering "peanuts". So if you want a quicky sport fix I'll TRY to stay away from sports here.

No blood was spilled.

Took Milo to the vet yesterday. DJ said NEVER AGAIN as she came home looking like Carrie from the exorcists.

Well - Milo was basically well behaved and $180 later we I'm stuffing pills and gallons of chalky liquid down his throat.   Actually it's not that hard. He is strong but slow unlike Sierra which is literally impossible to pill!

So I squirt a test tube of chalky paste for deworming (a precaution) I also have 28 pills I have to stuff down his throat to cure whatever he has, sort of a hacking cough with post nasal drip.

We have had 4 cats that we have taken to a vet and not once has a vet been able to figure out what is wrong!  Cats are an enigma.  

I see the co-chairman for Prossers re-election, former Governor Patrick Lucy, has switch tribes and is now backing Kloppenberg.  Geez - that's rough for the  co-chairman of a re-election committee to switch,  sort of funny actually! 

Thos ad's on TV talking about putting an 80 year old farmer in jail?  Well, she environmental prosecutioner, I'm pretty sure the dude had it coming! She was also a Peace Corps Volunteer in Botswana (damn hippie).

Badger and Union cabs are offering free rides to the polls in case you are looking for a ride.

Did you see that news about red dye?  how it's bad for children?  They had a mother on TV saying that after her daughter ate a  Pink Fluff sandwich she became ill because of the Pink Fluff.

A PINK FLUFF SANDWICH?   and I thought a pink fluff sandwich was a healthy alternative to fruit and vegetables.   WHO WOULD GIVE THEIR KID THAT! 

All I got at the moment.

Have a great weekend.



  1. So glad the old tiger guy made it through the vet experience! (And you too)!

  2. We use peanut butter sandwich for our dog. She thinks she is getting a treat. Pills go much easyier.

    Good luck

  3. That doesn't work on cats, Graham Man! LOL!

  4. Patrick Lucey must be 100 years old. I wonder if he know what he was signing up for in the first place.

  5. my bad, thought we were alking about the dog. Well nothing works on cats...