Friday, April 15, 2011

whacko beggars and neurosurgeons

I was working last night at Cannery Wine and Spirits and sold some high end booze to the CFO of the Chicago Bears. Seems she graduated from Sun Prairie High School and she was getting an award and needed something to celebrate - Lord knows there is nothing the Bears are doing to get her celebrating.


I was going through my images looking for what I would put up in Trails End Supper Club in Portage and found a couple I had not seen for a while.

and this one where I had a different look to it but now I'm back to the original.


Ever see those ad's on TV for Tax Master? Where you can lower your dept to the IRS for pennies on the dollar?   Total 100% SCAM!    They are making millions.  That dude is a low level CPA that had an idea and now he is a multimillionaire.  They really do not do anything.

It's 9:43 and I've already been to the laundromat,  taken the mower in for a tune-up, gone to True Value and rigged up a thistle seed  hanger for our bird feeder, drying the laundry as I type, had breakfast, trimmed the Soapwort in the yard (Elweed called and pleaded with me to do this BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE . . .yea - the thing grew from 1 inch to covering 2 square yards, I'm sure it was about to die if I did not trim it)  and updated my spreadsheets for my other sports blog.

Speaking of my buddy - we did yard work Sunday. While he was mico trimming his tiny ground covers with a tiny clippers I was literally ripping out dead foliage in my garden.  HEY - if something dies in my garden from rough handling, it does not deserve to be in my garden.

Elwood on the other hand is like a neurosurgeon when it comes to trimming.   Here I am like father death hacking away with a sickle and here he is with micro ring scissors and surgical magnification loupes making tiny incisions carefully extracting brown foliage.


I want to congratulate my friend Suzanne Alexander for bringing the Homeless Bookclub to the masses. There was a piece on her club on CH 27 last night. What pleases me was that MANY people think the homeless are those slighty whacko beggars you see on the square and while they ARE homeless there are many that work and have lives but can not afford a home! They look pretty normal to most people yet have no place to go.

Way to go Suzanne for showing what most homeless people actually look like!

OK - I've been watching my thistle seed that is hanging on my bird feeder - the birds are terrified of it! Or it could be the 25Mph winds. We have started to get yellow finches now. I'll see what happens.
Pretty potent spring storm coming our way - it'll start to head north in a few hours and we'll have some nice cold rain tonight and tomorrow for the big Tea Party rally on the square should be pretty miserable! BUT - I suspect the weather next week will not be as bad as the talking heads are saying. I bet we are in the 50s

Have a good weekend


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