Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brewers - FAIL And Slavery is a bad thing

WOW - Yankee Stadium really had an adverse effect on the Brewers.    I suppose if football was not such a large muscle sport Lambeau Field would have the same effect.  I mean come on - dropping the ball on the mound?  BALK!!    O'well, only one game and MAYBE we can win 1 game out of the 3 - probably not though!

Recall data

PPP and DailyKos reported some polling numbers so I thought I would pass it on. The Koch/Rove money machine is pumping serious cash into the 10th Senate race with negative ad's about negative ads against Democrate Shelly Moore. This is suppose to be the closest contest.

10th Senate
Shelly Moore (D): 45%
Sheila Harsdorf (R-inc): 50%
Undecided: 5

18th Senate

Jessica King (D): 50
Randy Hopper (R-inc): 47
Undecided: 3

32nd Senate

Jennifer Shilling (D): 56
Dan Kapanke (R-inc): 42
undecided: 3

Here are some road signs that pretty much tell it all.

This first sign lays it on the line.  Leave this ski area and YOU CAN DIE!!!  Blunt honesty!

Do not feed you child to the alligator! But wait - is it an alligator?  Or is it a eyeless, remorseless, toothy Death Monster.  Whatever - don't do it.

Again - what's with the alligators! And really should you even have handicap people in a situation where if they go out of control they will run into an alligator?   Or perhaps this is the the most extreme Special Olympics event ever.

We have relatives driving up from Texas and spending 4 or 5 days with us.  Should be fun. At least they are bring warm sticky weather up with them.  Be careful Friday - triple digit heat index. 

Speaking on Politics!   Sarah would have gotten this one right!  And I did not know that John Quincy Adams was a founding father

Yea - republicans are so so out of touch.


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