Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kudzu Jesus

Here is a picture of Nagasaki after the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945.

Here is a picture of Nagasaki in 2011 following the earthquake and tsunami.

What the hell is that arch made out of!! 


Did you know that 59 + 39 + 49 + 49 + 99 + 49 + 89 + 39 + 69 = 534494836  - yea - check it out!! 

and yea - it took me a little to figure out what the big deal was. 

Did you know that this July we will have Three Fridays, three Saturdays and three Sundays?  This is actually a pretty big deal for retail sales because when this July is compared to past July's this year will look REALLY GREAT.  Most retail sales are on weekends.


Will Walker do what North Korea is doing to help their economy?  In North Korea Pyongyang has order all University's to close for 10 months and all students must now go to work in factories!

Hey - looks like State Workers are getting a big bonus!  6 days will be put into sabbatical because of some furlough rules where lawyers took less and since all gov employees need to be treated equal.  The question is, what about retired workers that also took those EXTRA furlough days - do we get screwed?
OH MY GOD!!!!! 

IT'S JESUS!!!!!     Kudzu has finally found a way to keep the Round-Up off of it.  After all - you can not spray Jesus with Round-up. Says so in the bible.

On a side note -if you want to cause a stir on the Garden forums - go on and say you have found this amazing vine called Kudzu and planted it all over the country side!!   WOW - will you get a few responses. 

Kudzu is a huge huge huge problem in the south. You can not kill it and it grows a foot a day covering EVERYTHING.

Looking for Columbus Horse and Carriage photos?  I have a new mini-site devoted to the event.


Golf last night - did well and kicked the competition ass!  In fact in a little hot at the moment - 72 of the last 90 holes will be included in my handicap.    Of course the GOOD golfers adubya are always telling me to fix my swing which is true but they are only seeing one small area that I'm working on.  Seriously, there is a lot more going on then what it looks like. I can only choose so many swing thoughts at a time  LOL

They say my problem is balance which is only ONE of my problems.  Extending my arms, slower back swing, keeping my EYE on the ball.   Put those three together and my balance is much better! 

remember - I have zero natural ability with sports.

So that is my story!

have a great Thursday
Cheers - stay cool!



  1. That is weird about that arch...

  2. Sadly only WPEC members will get their time back :(

  3. Um, every month has 3 Friday-Saturday-Sundays. I think you meant to say FIVE which is a little more rare.

  4. Great Blog!!!

    Happy Day!!!!

    and not three but Five! Heehee!!!
    Must have been to much beer when you wrote this~

    That arch can withstand anything.

    Hope all is going well with everyone!!!
    Be Safe this weekend as you venture out for the Fourth of July weekend.


  5. according to snopes, those are two different arches.

  6. Happy 4th of July my Friends~~~

    Sure hop you all are having a wonderful weekend.pagos