Thursday, July 14, 2011

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Getting right to the point - what you want to get to kill Jap Beetles is this stuff. 

Bonide Eight Insect Control kills the Beetles and will protect your plants for UP TO FOUR WEEKS (which to me means from one hour to four weeks).  I take a trip around the yard each day and spray on all infected plants.  Seems the beetles are drawn to certain plants, for me I start with my prized dogwood, move over to the shasta daisies and purple cone flowers and then to the black eyed susans. They love the cotoneasters and the black chokeberrys and this year they are starting to chew on the Don Wyman Pear Tree.

GET THEM NOW before they leave a trail for others to follow.   Also by some Milky Spore and sprinkle it on your yard once a year for a long term strategy.  DO NOT - I repeat DO NOT buy traps as they have proven to actually draw in more beetles then they kill (give them to your neighbors as gifts :-)

I mention this because my buddy balderdash calls me after golf league last night and at Manards he found . . .a product called . . . . SEVEN.  Which of course is not as good as EIGHT!!  Not sure what it is but . . . .

Speaking of golf - I'm HOT BABY!!   Since I have been submitting scores for a legal handicap I had my best round ever last night and my last 2,4,6 and 8 rounds are the best I have ever had (moving average-wise).   The newest swing thought (among many) is to make sure my club head is actually speeding up as I contact the ball.  This seems to straight the shot and give more elevation.  Of course everyone knows that but among the other 15 swing thoughts sometimes that thought get's shoved to #10 or something.

Last night I birdied #1 and missed two other birdies by less then 1/2 inch.  So I had a disappointing 40 because I took a 7 on a par four.  That is the problem with golf, you can always do better.  So instead of celebrating a 40 I look at my round see that if I make those two doable birdies AND par the par four I have a 35.


HOWEVER - my partner had what I consider the best putt I have ever seen.  A long long uphill bending 87 footer to finish with a 42.   

Then there is the Brewers.  They made what can be termed a CC Sabathia style trade . . . with baggage.  Now they have two closers.  K Rod is an OUTSTANDING closer,  Three time All-Star and he will be a set-up man for Axford.  The problem is that if K Rod finishes like 25 more games the Brewers have to pay him 17 million dollars. Well , THAT ain't going to happen.  So will K Rod be an angry player that pisses off the clubhouse? 

If he is a team player for the half year he is on the team this REALLY helps the Brewers.  I mean the guy holds the record for saves in a season.  I just hope he finds a good anger management class in Milwaukee and does not get arrested for any more assaults.


Weather is looking pretty fun. Starting Sunday expect to have triple digit heat index for at least 4 straight days with NEXT Wednesday being the warmest.  We will be touching record highs for all 4 days and could easily, easily, have the heat index in the one hundred teens.  OH - GAME ON HEAT!!!

I think I will mow the lawn tomorrow just to make sure I will not have to mow it next week.  We should have 6 days with the low in the mid 70s.

Ever wonder how fast your internet is?  Go to and click on  BEGIN TEST!    Right now I have 16.25meg download and 1.06 upload which I am very very happy with.  For as much as I hate Charter their internet is pretty darn good.  Way better then any DSL.

What do mosquitoes like more than clean, human skin? Stinky socks. That's right and stinky socks are now being used to fight malaria because they can attract mosquitoes and then the mosquitoes can be killed. 

How did they find out about stinky socks?  Seems Dutch scientist Dr. Bart Knols first discovered mosquitoes were attracted to foot odor by standing in a dark room naked and examining where he was bitten.

I wonder if this was one of those tests where you give people money for research?  What's that place in Madison called?  I can see it now, you go there and they give you $50 and say - "take off all your clothes and stand in this room, we will fill it with mosquitoes to see where you have bites." 

You know what "I" would be covering!!!    

I believe this is a down turned pasta strainer
And finally - An Austrian man's been allowed to appear on his new driver's license with an upturned pasta strainer on his head .. because he's a Pastafarian.

It's taken three years and a trip to the doctor to check he was mentally fit to drive .. but authorities decided they're okay with the colander as a religious accessory.
Entrepreneur NIKO ALM says he gave it a go after reading that headgear was only allowed in official pictures for "confessional" reasons.
The atheist says he belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster .. and he now wants to apply for Pastafarianism to become an officially recognized faith in Austria.

yea . . uh-uhhh   OK then.

Have a great Thursday!

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