Monday, July 18, 2011

Complete liquidation

OK - I'll come right point and say it. I'm glad Japan won the World Cup. There, it's out there and I can't take it back.

Actually I really could care less (which is an odd saying, it should be I CAN'T care less). Not a soccer fan and come on, Japan has had a rough year. I did not see one second of the World Cup and I know the tears were running down the streets of America but in 2 weeks no one will even remember the horrific loss (was it?).

What turns me off on soccer is how the game ended. A kick off thing? Why not have baseball decide a winner of a tie game with a home run derby!!

I attended the Lake Mills Art Fair and what a wonderful fair that is. The best art fair yet. Not only was there a ton of very good artists but as DJ said, my canopy was like attracting bees to honey!  Typically around 1:00 things die off in art fairs but I sold my last piece AFTER the closing. Many artists stayed open after 4:00.

Another wonderful thing was that I was invited to show my work in a gallery and commissioned to do several freelance jobs. And ALSO I was contacted twice from Portage by phone to show my work next year at Trails End Lounge AND by a couple wishing to buy a piece they saw at Trails End.

Photographically - it was a great weekend.
I started a project for taking photos of wild flowers that I see along the road. I immediately realized that I have to rethink this.  The problem is that we see the flowers from above, but when I take them and lay them down (to cut out wind and get a black background) the camera see's them from the side. The flower is not at the right angle.   I have to build a better box so I can take the photo from above.

The below are the tall blue flowers you see along the road, they are Chicory. The tap root is used in coffee and is of the aster family.  It's very edible and full of nutrients but sort of bitter.

Hidden Gardens.

This shot was taken behind The Department of Corruption (oops Corrections).  They have a WONDERFUL large garden behind their building.  I'll have more photos in the future of that garden.

Complete liquidation.

Any wine makers out there?

I had a complete liquidation of all my internal organs last night and am trying to find what entered my body to keep me up until 3:30 this morning.

The only thing that is standing out is at the store yesterday a guy had me tasted some homemade wine which had issues.   Tasted like funky grape juice.  I know there is nothing in homemade beer that can be bad for you unless you get a little gas from yeast but this - HOLY CRAP!!!   I bloated out like a blow-fish, stick a pin in me and I would have flown around the room like a balloon.   Then all hell broke loose.

Maybe I was just getting ready for late nights this week as the Brewers play on the West Coast and I will get very little sleep this week. 

Golf - I golf Wednesday in the heat.  I'm actually looking forward to it as I have golfed in 100 degrees and know how to handle it.  My plan is to have a wet towel around my neck.  Really helps a lot.  Cools your whole body and you can wipe your face with cool-ish water.    GAME ON HEAT!!!


Got an email from Graham Man (remember him?).  He has been called to Chicago to have his Mustang appear in the new Superman movie!!   Congratulations.  New name  MUSTANG MAN!!!


Have a cool week.

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  1. Two things - First - a fractal chicory would be cool. Second - Mustang Man is a good name but it would be better if his name was Sally.