Thursday, July 21, 2011

Golf Gods Striketh Down

Golfed last night and it was not that bad out at all - just warm. Nobody was really complaining at all.

ANYWAY my life goal was to become a bogey golfer and I was feeling like I was finally achieving my goal as my last 9 hole rounds were starting 5 weeks ago were:


One burp on a 54 when I completely lost it.

So I purchased a club as adubya said I should - a gap wedge of 53 degrees I believe and last night would be my first round with it.

Here is the problem - the new club was GREAT except just getting close is not actually getting it in the hole. My putter left the building and I ended with a


A 9 on a par four and a 8 on a par five will really kill a round. I got off shaky with a 30 yard drive, then my recover shot sliced way right in the opposite direction and then my recovery shot from my recovery shot landed 70 yards from the hole. My gap wedge put me to 3 feet and I could salvage a bogey but I then two putted!

All in all take away those 17 strokes on two holes and I felt I did "well".

You know - all of this redistricting the GOP is doing is not that bad. I mean seriously - the Democrats would be doing the same exact thing. The thing that is hard to take is that in these days the computer can dissect down to the house what will be the best for each district for each party.

It's one of those times where the data is so good it seems unfair if you are on the wrong side. So you, you can complain all you want but the other side would do the same thing.

I'm going over photos I took from Lake Mills and this is the other side of Bartels Landing (or beach . . whatever).

That's it for today - I was up until 12:30 last night watching the GREAT Brewer game seeing guys break then ankles (Drew, very very ugly)  and collar bones (Gomez).  Both out for the season.  The 9th inning was a miracle and our coach completely out played their coach!!  

Have a great day

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