Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not a good day for consumable liquid.

You have to love science.

"Science" has determined that after having 500 volunteers watch many many movies the winner of the all-time saddest movie is . . . . THE CHAMP (1979).

I watched the trailer and that is 2 minutes and 13 seconds I wish I could get back. INTRODUCING RICKIE SCHROEDER. That is sad in itself. And what about those 500 volunteers. That is one cheery group I tell ya. Yea - I want to watch a hundred or so of the saddest movies every! THAT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN!!!

However - on the movie front I can not WAIT to see Aliens and Cowboys. This is a BRILLIANT idea.


Another movie which is coming out that is moving me is called War Horse.

Taken from the horses point of view in WWI it follows a horse's journey into WWI. Horses have always been deemed expendable in wars. There is a new memorial in London, the Animals in War Memorial for the millions of animals, including horses, which have been killed in conflict while serving their country. An overdue tribute to the millions of conscripted animals that died in war.

The monument is inscribed with:

"This monument is dedicated to all the animals
that served and died alongside British and allied forces
in wars and campaigns throughout time"

"They had no choice"

The movie while tough ends happily! Here is the trailer.

Is it just me but when I see an older war movie with men getting slaughter, it's the horses that move me! They have no choice.

I had a bad day the other day. Started with our Cuisinart coffee maker. The lid seems to not want to let the fresh brewed coffee into the container. Where does it go? Everywhere. I cleaned it and did whatever I could but. FUBR!

Then I was going to bottle my Indian Brown ale but at the very last second I realized that I needed a bladder for my Party Pig. The bladder is like a CO2 cartridge and expands when the beer empties. WELL - I drive to Sun Prairie (about 15 miles), drive back and fill up a case of bottles and get the beer into the pig.

The problem was that there is a "O" ring that seals the compartment. I started to pump up the pig which activates the bladder. After about 10 pumps there is an air leak. I stop, and unscrew all four screws and readjust and screw it all back and start pumping again. pump pump pump sssssssssssssssss DAMN IT - I grab the screw driver and go through the routine. tighten and pump pump pump sssssssssssssssssssssss

ARG - 4 times I had to take it apart, I don't want to screw to tight and that does not work, I try without the "O" ring at all, nope.  My last attempt is to tighten the crap out of it as I
m getting desperate.  Well, on time number 5 I think I got it. I pump and pump and it's all going well . . . .

The the bladder activates and I let out a cheer when all hell breaks loose with the extra pressure.  I have a catastrophic "O" ring failure.  Beer is now SPRAYING out on 3 sides in a needle-like spray that travels 10 feet.  DAMN DAMN WHAT DO I DO.

I take the pig to the sink holding my hand over the leaks, I want to save my beer. I loosen the screws in a panic but OF COURSE, this releases more CO2 been which, OF COURSE, makes the bladder expand, which, of course creates even MORE pressure.  I feel like BP now with the oil leak.

The beer is spraying out on 4 sides and my hand can not contain all the leaks.  AAAHHHHHHHH!  

after about 7 minutes all the beer is gone. I stand there dripping in beer, a tear moistens my eyes, HOWEVER, you would think this would be the end of the story BUT WAIT!!

I start to unscrew and the bladder and like a slow motion movie the bladder starts to exit the pig.  In a deep slow motion NOOOOOOOOOO my hand goes to cover my privates (not really but for somereason it was my first instinct , makes no sense at all). The pig bladder, now fully expanded . . . .  EXPLODES.


This is not like a balloon popping, this is seriously loud, one of the loudest things you will hear unless you are in a war.  My hair flies back and beer mist sprays the kitchen, walls, ceiling, everywhere. I expect the neighbors to think I just blew my brains out and police will soon be here.  IT IS LOUD!!!

Beer gone.

And I stand there in a fog.  Sad yet, happy to be alive.


I now have large canvas images in Sweet Lips in Lake Mills and will have more and more going in as I get them made.  Finally I have a gallery.  I've been asked a few times "where can I see more" and I really had no large place to show my work that is not a few hundred miles away.   Exciting.

BTW - I have a new piece.

 Have a great Thursday.

BTW - we had 0.62 inches of rain Wednesday to Thursday 7AM and 0.27 the day before.

One last thing - Michele Bachmann's hair and make-up bill was $4,700.



  1. My Grandfather was in the Cavalry during WW1 taking care of horses in France. He loved horses all his life.

  2. I can just imagine you during the beer fiasco... hilarious!!! Sorry :/

  3. that sunset photo is gorgeous.....

    sorry you lost your beer but that was so funny dude.....

    both of those movies look great

  4. When Homer Simpson said, "Beer is the cause of-- and solution to-- all of life's problems"... I don't think this is what he had in mind.