Thursday, August 11, 2011

American Men

I got an email in my spam folder this morning with the subject.

HELP: 17 Russian women need a sponsor in WI

Well - always trying to help the citizens of the world I though what better place to show 17 Russian woman then rural Wisconsin.   Then in the actual text.

17 Russian women are moving to WI and are looking to experience an American Man. 

YEA BABY!! - they have heard of American Men!!

Actually this all stems from WWII. IN WWII one of the biggest exports to Russia was condoms. Millions and millions of condoms. They had multiple functions. The solders could put them on their guns!! The thing was that American Condom makers sent millions and millions of condoms to Russia and all of them had "Extra Small" printed on the sides. Of course back then one size fit all so . . . .

I did not respond to "Natasha" and her 17 woman.

Last night in golf - sigh. WHY WHY WHY. I was in my middle/late season flounder as I always seem to get. The days of lower 40s are gone, distant past and the upper 40's are now being played.

The thin was I birdied the hardest hole on the course. After struggling for the 1st 6 holes I hit a 262 yard drive down the middle. Then hit a perfect 7 wood 170 yards to within 5 feet (went 5 feet past) and hit the putt for a 3. The key was the 2nd shot and I REALLY concentrated! WHERE IS THAT ON ALL THE OTHER SHOTS!!


I've been slaving away on the Boat shots and have 65 up on the new website. Since I have not a lot to say at the moment here are some of the ones I really like.

Comments are always appreciated - balderdash helped me on one as I thought it was "ok" and he really liked it - it turned out to be a fan favorite - The Umbrella's on the Square.

Some of these I'm just putting out there - I don't know what to think of them yet.

Workout room in the UW Porter Boathouse

Just a few of the 65ish.


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