Friday, August 12, 2011

Augmenting with Photos

First I must report a name change - "whosinmybasement", after moving to sunny Florida and now becoming part of the problem (all that voting stuff) is THE NEW "Sirwho'sgotnobasement". A name that is 25% LONGER then his last name!

Angel has a new website Angels Scrapping so make so you make appropriate changes.


Then there is this whole Bert and Earnie thing with the online petition calling for them to get married.  PEOPLE - THEY ARE PUPPETS!!   Think of what the Tea Party would say if Obama legalized gay puppet marriage.

For anybody that watches Big Brother - I NEVER thought I would be routing for Brendan to come back into the house but just seeing the look on Daniels face was worth it.  I think last night there was two of the dumbest game playing moves in the history of Big Brother!

First there was Lawon who HAD to make the biggest, stupidest boldest move in BB history!  It was so bad that unless you saw the show you will not understand but purposely trying to get voted out BECAUSE you THINK you will come back with . . . . special powers?   WHAT?    Lawon, you didn't come back AND you still have no special powers!

But he had help from Kalia and Dani who THOUGHT he would come back - so they voted out THEIR OWN TEAM and of course who replaces him.  THEY ARCH ENEMA (pun intended) Brendan.  Every move they made was always the very worst decision they could make. 

Kalia who always said she was a strong black woman (OK, I'm going to get a tiny bit raciest here but why is it on reality shows black woman always have to prove how STRONG they are) kept changing how she played.  First her and Dani had a plan, well, Dani had a plan and she went along with it all along saying it was HER idea.  Then when she realized she was not playing HER game she changed but . . . too late, she had alienated everybody but the devil.

Her and Dani are so screwed.  


balderdash had his leaving State employment party and I missed it!  Sorry man! 

I heard that many IT departments for the State have a 40% vacancy  and are trying to hire but there is no one out there. The problem is that WHY would anyone want to work for the government. There is no incentive.  You get lower pay and no benefits and old equipment. One of the reasons people became public servants was never the pay which is always lower but because of the benny's. Sacrifice now to have more later.  Now - no benny's, AND no pay.      

Where do all the Red-winged Blackbirds and Cow Birds go.  In the last few weeks they have all left the area and my feeders are not being emptied in half a day.  The Cardinals and smaller birds have a chance.  BUT - where do they go . . .south? 

I need your opinions - I have two looks of the same shot - which do you guys like more.  The first was the original which I really liked but then I started thinking that it had that gritty feel that I've seen before.  So then I went with a glassy look.  Comments?  I really like both (perhaps I'm blinded so both suck).


Any butterfly experts?  This little guy had no fear of me, or he REALLY loved the Garden phlox.   Any ideas on what he is?

I ripped out my New England Aster yesterday as it had botrytis stem rot.  In it's place I put a Russian Sage.

The butterfly garden has been under systematic attack by the Japanese Beetles but with a daily walk-around I've been able to hold off any major damage.  Still some of the petal flowers have had wear and tear.  Here is the current condition.  Notice the defoliated Linden trees in the background.

And of course a close up.


Went to Sassy Cow yesterday to get some string cheese and stopped at Webers to get new tires.  WHY do people insist on getting there so early and waiting in line.  I was there at 2:00 and had 4 new tires put on my car and drove out of the parking lot at 2:15.

On the way I drove up behind a Transformer.   

Notice when I have nothing to say I augment with photos!

Have a great day


  1. The link to my website is: Angel's New Website

    I like the bottom picture Rod.

  2. Top pic for me! It has a little mystery to it; suggests a misty morning full of possibilities: fishing? are they biting? floating cocktails with the neighbors as the sun sets? That top photo is what some lucky dude gets to see when, at 7am one August day, hot coffee in hand, he pads barefoot down the hill behind his cottage for a brief morning stroll and as he pauses to look at the lake, he thinks... DAMN I love my life!

  3. First - the butterfly is a Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - dark variety.

    The boat I like BOTH but it all depends what you are looking for. Sweet Lips Gallery likes the glassy one because it's different. The one Mary likes is right on with her description - the problem is that particular look and feel is "hot" right now. In fact I COULD distress the image even more.

    I'm going to put glassy on canvas as the curator said it's my "style" and that is what she likes in my work so . . . . .

  4. I like the second one better-the colors are just fantastic and really pop. It looks more like "watercolors" -no pun intended-even though they're bright and it is "your style".