Friday, August 5, 2011

Hydro Street Brewing Co, Columbus Wisconsin!!!

Hydro Street Brewing Co will hopefully open in mid September in 152 W. James St.  It'll be a 1BBL system  to begin with.  It'll be run by Aaron and Sandye Adams who will be working feverishly to build  a bar, coolers, and tables and chairs and hopefully brewing some beer in the meantime.

I'll have more once I know more but I bet Paul Scharf, a real reporter, will beat me to it.

WELL - that was a fun ride in the market yesterday wasn't it. I felt like I was a catcher and Nyjer Morgon was coming home!!

However - can we just say it was panic? I mean where was the horrific news? There was not any. I feel it was just a culmination of sadness over the horrific deficit-reduction deal that Obama was forced to sign off on. The good news is polls are pretty in agreement in that Americans are blaming Republicans for this one. After all - they got pretty much what they wanted.  Democrats try to sugar coat it covering their ass's saying it's not all THAT bad but they are just trying to make themselves feel better. 

So - what about economics. Why aren't companies hiring if there is record profits all across the board.

Reason? They don't have to hire. Americans HAVE FINALLY become efficient. I believe companies have found out that most of their workers were taking it easy. Companies can make the same amount of widgets with only 80% of the employees. Or they have found that those extra 200 reports were not really that important so they don't need extra programmers.

And MANY companies ARE hiring - they are hiring people in other countries! Caterpillar added 6000 employees in America the last year, and 10,000 employees over seas. Take China for instance - they are improving their infrastructure which needs Caterpillar. In the U.S? No big infrastructure projects - that would take extra money for local governments to hire people and the need to raise taxes and we all know that the conservatives do not raising taxes!

Outsourcing! Lots of cheap labor overseas.

Lots of reasons for not hiring.

OK - enough BAD news. Me? still optimistic! Why not. Everyone is running around wringing the hands. In view that as a good sign!  I love being a contrairian

If you are reading this Friday, I'm off somewhere on a wooden boat sailing the lakes of Madison. It's day one of Grinders amazing wooden boat adventure - I'm drinking Ginger Ale as I type JUST IN CASE.  Oddly I've NEVER been on a Madison lake in a motorized craft.

Saturday I have a SU  SU  SUNRISE shoot! OH MY!!! Sunrise?
I was asked to take some photos of the Korth Farm from the other side of the lake but since it's been so hot and hazy I could not get the shots I wanted - still I put together a panoramic image of one of my shots just to see how I can improve.

OH - check out Napoli's new Website!   Also - if you go to the restaurant and think about it - ask what kind of pasta they use with their Shrimp Capellini.   You would THINK the pasta of choice for Shrimp Capellini would be . . . . . . . Capellini.   But not here in Columbus. no no - in Columbus linguine is used.

Capellini means "thin hair". It's rod-shaped, in the form of long strands, and thinner than vermicelli.

Linguine means "little tongues" it's flat like fettuccine, wider than spaghetti but not as wide as fettuccine.

SO - I believe the CORRECT name for that dish should be Shrimp Linguine and I think they are trying to put one over on us!

Just say'n.

Gotta run!!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Have fun on the lakes this fine day.
    Please share the address of your Brewers blog again.

  2. On your Thursday blog you stated "Republicans hate taxes, we all know that. The last thing they want is to raise taxes because taxes are evil." This is just not true. Taxes are very important and everyone benefits from them, but what we do hate is spending money we don't have. Could we just have a budget of some sort? Do you just charge everything you think you want and have no plan to pay for it, or have someone else pay for it?? Come on, we are loosing our country, and at some point no one will go to work, because "someone else" will take care of them. It is interesting what you say about getting along without a large amount of employees. It appears to me that the unions have caused a lot of the problems with too many employees, because they have been the barrier to getting rid of workers not doing their share of the work. The unions were really important when they first began and because of them we now have laws protecting workers. Too bad they have now become giant money generating monsters for liberals.