Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maybe a night blog?

I think I have to write this blog at night. I always have so many "interesting" things to say at night and then in the morning everything seems so . . . mundane. Although perhaps I'm fooling myself as the blog is ALWAYS mundane so . . . .

How 'bout those Brewers. When the season started the schedule had one MAJOR bad area. The 26 games before the All-Start break as being REALLY tough, and then after the the break, 20 games in 20 days. From reports I read the 20 games in 20 days was a make or break group of 20 games.

After the 20 the Brewers would know if they were pretenders or contenders.

I have to think going 13-7 pretty much says contenders. The rest of the schedule looks good. There are no road trips from hell. No three city road trips.

The Brewers are playing a little over their head I feel but only by a couple games and the Cards are doing as well as they should. Cinci has a good team but are playing below expectations and the Pirates are sinking as they should be.

So - let's have some fun and have a trifecta. Brewers in the World Series, Packers in the Super Bowl and Badgers in the Rose Bowl, HELL - NATIONAL CHAMPS LOL.

Congrats to balderdash for leaving State Service and joining the MG&E team.
OH - anybody want and sunflower seeds? I have about 20 pounds of various flavored seeds. Seriously, what will I do with 20 pounds. How long will those last me!! Short boring story on how I got them but it's sort of how I got 1200 glass bombers - just extra industrial swag.

Looks like I'll be spending Friday in a wooden boat taking photos for 7 hours, Then spending Saturday at the Boat show taking more photos. The thing that worries me is that the boat people would like a sunrise shot Saturday morning. YEA - sun rises at 6:00 meaning I'll have to leave home about 5:00 meaning I'll have to get up BEFORE 5:00. Why even go to bed!!

Anybody on the Square in Madison look at the  kiosks which have my Boat poster (man did they get a deal for that poster).

Did you know that Nostradamus wrote 942 quatrains (4 line long poems) in his lifetime which he organised into centuries? Who could have predicted THAT!

Did you know that a single bacteria cell, given all the food it needs, could divide into a ball of cells the size of the Earth in 24 hours. My question is would this change gravity?

Did you know that with all of the letters DJ and I get from Chase Manhattan Bank we could wrap them around the world 5 times?

Republicans hate taxes, we all know that. The last thing they want is it raise taxes because taxes are evil. So - if you hate taxes please do the following.

1. Do not use Medicare.
2. Do not use Social Security
3. Do not become a member of the US military, who are paid with tax dollars.
4. Do not ask the National Guard to help you after a disaster.
5. Do not call 911 when you get hurt.
6. Do not call the police to stop intruders in your home.
7. Do not summon the fire department to save your burning home.
8. Do not drive on any paved road, highway, and interstate or drive on any bridge.
9. Do not use public restrooms.
10. Do not send your kids to public schools.
11. Do not put your trash out for city garbage collectors.
12. Do not live in areas with clean air.

Just sayin.

And finally - I want to give a shout out to Michelle Martin Photography - here are two photos that I stole from Facebook. Please LIKE Michelle Martin Photography - these are totally outstanding and Columbus should be proud.

Personally?  I believe Michelle is better then Wedding Photography.  I don't know the career path but she is an outstanding portrait photographer and the best I can express my thought is . . . she could hold her own with ease in New York! 

Have a great day!



  1. Hey you forgot the National Weather Service, Coast Gaurd, Interstate Highway system, think they have something to do with the internet?

  2. It's amazing to think, 3 years ago when we had weekly informal meetings at the Kurth... you and Michelle were people with other jobs who liked to take pictures as a hobby. And now look at you both. Life is awesome sometimes.

  3. Aww, Rod... I was coming over here to find the entry you made on the facebook contest because I thought you might post it bigger. And here you are talking me up! You are far too kind. :)

  4. Oh, and I have to laugh because the mentor I went to Paris to study with was talking about how almost all wedding photographers who really study their craft end up portrait photographers in the end. It is true that I love portraits, and the ability to take it slower and create the kind of image I want without the intensity of a wedding day appeals to me. A lot! We'll see where I eventually end up. :)