Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update

Dolphins interested in Favre question mark? It is where you go to retire isn't it?  Favre "Can I bring my tractor to South Beach?"

And so it begins.

I did not have a chance to see the Saturday Columbus Journal until Sunday as I was ON THE ROAD AT 5:00 IN THE MORNING on Saturday.  But I see it was the John Pratt edition as he and his lovely wife were featured on the front page and page 9.  Interestingly enough the F&M Bank - JUST as a coincidence, is having a huge celebration on the same day he officially leaves the bank.

WOW - that tells ya something doesn't it.   

In the F&M bank celebration on Sept 1st there will be Civil War re-enactors who will re-enact  how John was actually hired during the height of the Civil War. 

According to the article, Pratt (known sometimes affectionately as WhoInMyBasement, shortened to WhoIt during his Public Enemies period ) is already planning on renting his basement out to snow-bird guests (which was the very first thing I thought of before I realized I would actually miss HIM).

One thing that was leaked about Pratt was that he is a certified scuba diver and actually part of the ultra elite Columbus Seal Squad which is always on the ready to fend off terrorists which might swim up the Crawfish River.  (Rumor has it the Chemical Company fire was a terrorists act as they were near the river but no evidence has come forward.)

ANYWAY - so long old friend.  We will see you in your basement.

Back in reality (2nd cup of coffee) I spent a good amount of time on 4 of Madison's 7 lakes.  Lake Waubesa (also call Lake Wasabi by someone from Georgia). Upper Mud Lake, Lake Monona and Lake Mendota and drive by's of Gilligan Island (that area where you see all the boats on weekend from the belt-line "lot of nudity and drinking on weekends").

So I'm slowly trudging through the hundreds of photos.  Sunday I was at the Cars and Coffee car show in Lake Mills and have 70 shots there PLUS I have Columbus Horse and Carriage work from a customer or two. - BUSY!!

Horton - I have not forgotten about you!!

So the Classic and Antique Show is a whole blog in itself which will come when I get all the shots finished.  If you are looking for the photos go to - upper left corner in "portfolio".

Classic Wooden boat flying by! 3rd dude from the left used to work in 1W Wilson.

 Car Show shot

Notice the Texas License plate.   Dallas has had 38 days above 100 this year!  SWEET!!   The weather pattern is really very interesting over Texas.  It's like a giant umbrella right over Texas holding in the heat.  All the fronts and weather systems hit this giant dome of ultra hot air and bounce off sliding to the north.  All around the outside of the dome storms are popping up but nothing can enter the dome.

SOMETHING big needs to happen and until a hurricane wanders into the area this could stay like this for a while.

ANYWAY - have a great Monday - I need to get to work.


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  1. Grinder, Thank you for the well wishes!!! (But, please note the change that has taken place in my blog name...I have no basement!!!)