Friday, July 27, 2012

In the last nine days Columbus has received 3.59 inches of rain! 

Did you know that every new user of Facebook is worth $3.20 to the Facebook Corporation?

So what have I been up to lately you ask?  It's been a tough week but I'm getting things back under control now.  I won't speak of my golf exploits  - ah hell why not.  Wednesday I had low Net in golf league which has now happened 2 of the last 3 weeks.  Then I won a flag event for longest putt AND had a par on a par 5 where I actually WHIFFED on my 3rd shot.  I ALMOST won the card game that same night but balderdash GRABBED the money out of my hands with JJ when I had 88.

There is an unadvertised big event happening at Hydro Street Brewery next weekend in the boulevard next to City Hall.  You know me, I'm a huge advocate on advertising to get people to actually know things but . . . . . . seems they feel there is no need to get the word out.  Just sayin' my point of view.  They ARE doing a pretty darn good job otherwise.   OH - Ale and Arts - Sunday August 5th.  Bands on the Boulevard, some sort of art fair thingy but not a clue what it actually is yet - I guess I'll be there but again, the people actually IN it don't know anything about the logistics.  

I was having lunch Wednesday at HSB and had that B17 photo.  I had printed it on metallic paper and dry mounted it.  I brought it with me just as a show and tell thing.  As I waited in the heat at the counter a couple comes up and want to look at it.

We start talking and they are from West Virginia and were renting an RV and just traveling around. They were at New Glarus Brewing and said they might travel up to EAA.  People next to them said "You MUST stop at Hydro Street Brewing in Columbus".

So, they stopped and we were talking and the next thing I know the piece I was going to take to Lovely Days Gallery in Paoli was sold!

The first weekend of August I'm doing the Antique and Wooden Boat Show on Lake Waubesa.  Here is the official poster (see, real advertising).  Of course I created this so I'm pumping it up a little. 

The awesome cool thing is that all day Friday I'll be on the Lakes (I think all of them) taking photos and then Saturday I'll have a booth up at Christy's Landing.  This is a new genre' for me so I'm not sure what boat people actually like.  A learning experience.

I seem to be creating more Man Cave Art of late.

Another image I did.  I was looking online to see what other people were doing when it came to Chris Craft boats.  Not a LOT out there there is super outstanding.

OH - adubya pointed me to this video - it's only 30 seconds.

How to Catch a Kangaroo

AND - I'm working on a a large conference room image for Wisconsin Broadcasters and had a meeting with a research institute that is looking to decorate their offices with my work.  That one is still in the beginning stages as we just had the meeting Wednesday. Geez - I'm freakishly busy.

Off to North Freedom tomorrow for photos for hopefully the above!  They told me their vision and now I have to produce  - PRESSURE!!!  

Have a great weekend.



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