Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moving on.

hmmmmm - seems the golf course mowers are getting a little lazy and not mowing up to our property line making me mow an extra 3 or 4 yards.   Pretty soon I'll have to mow the entire course.  Maybe I'll plant some trees on the course.  

They cut down a dead tree that was killed by Japanese Beetles but, COME ON MAN!! 

Really?  The guy with the chain saw could not bend over?

Speaking of Japanese.  Did you see the Olympics last night.  The Japanese gymnasts that won the overall gold.  What was up with his armpits!!!!    OMG - I had to avert my eyes as I was getting a gag reflex.  Even the network was concerned as they always cut the picture just above the pits!   I get it - he had a ton of testosterone but dude, you could have gotten all  tangled up on the bars.


Got our energy bill yesterday and I still don't know why people in Columbus complain about water prices.  Of course paying ANYTHING for our sucky tasting water is a crime.   It has to be that we get our bills every month.  Like gas prices, we see constant change but never notice that milk goes up and down also. 

I watered something almost every day in July because of lack of rain and heat and so forth and my bill went up a whopping 26 cents a day.  I used 1200 gallons of water more then last year and it cost 14 cents a day more then last July..

Then I was really concerned about the cooling bills.   Last year in July we used the AC on 8 days, this year we had the AC on 18 days and in 2010 only once in July.  So how did the bills come out?   It cost 10 cents a day more this year to run the AC and 29 cents more a day compared to 2010.

Obviously utility bills are more having to do with the base.  Having so many things running in the background. TV's computers, toasters and so forth that are always sucking power. Even when you have rechargers plugged in NOT charging anything, they are sucking juice.  Running the AC and watering the lawn is a tiny drop in the overall bucket utility.


Spending the day framing and getting things ready for back to back to back events. Tomorrow I spend all day on the Madison Lakes shooting the Antique and Wooden Boat Show . . .work work work  LOL  

Then Saturday my canopy is up at Christy's Landing for the actual show.  Sunday I'm on the boulevard in Columbus for Ale and Arts, a Hydro Street Brewery event with bands from 9 to 9, beer tents and I believe 13 crafters.   And FINALLY!  Hydro Street has air conditioning.  Seems AC people are working 16 hours a day this summer.


I'm still trudging through Railroad Museum photos and putting special requests on a lower priority lately.  I had to totally change my canopy for the boat show which cost about $500 for new old boat images.  OUCH!!!

So here is a new old steam engine.  I had a guy enter my booth a month ago and ask where my railroad photos were.  I said I only had one and he says "What!  You only been doing this for a few weeks?"  sigh.  He was kidding a little.

Yea- not real fond of the faux matting but I'm not going to redue this just for the blog. I have six frames I have to make.  It seemed good at the time but  . . . . . .


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