Thursday, September 20, 2012


Weather - I went out this morning to check the rain gauge and "we" had just a trace and a couple bees . . . . unless the bees drank all the rain water.

I did notice that my salvia coccinea (Lady in Red) were all pretty much dead.  WHAT?  how cold did it get???   So I looked.  Yesterday morning our low was 30.38 just after midnight. 

The wind yesterday was pretty awesome and we had so major chair overturning and movement. It was crazy.

Taken with a iPhone 4

I have a little angst today as a trade in my fantasy football league was protested and vetoed.  It was a legitimate trade and helped both teams.  In fact every trade in the league as been vetoed.  Pisses me off.   I'm stuck with two running backs with a bye week in the same week. I'll have to drop one and try to pick him up again.

I also see the same week my kicker has a bye the team I'm playing against kicker has a bye - going to be tricky that one.

OH - in my fantasy baseball playoffs I'm crushing my opponent. Confidence is high on making the Championship round.

AND - In both of my confidence leagues I'm in 1st place.  I love football sea$on.

Quick note in politics.  The Tea Party controlled Senate is turning blue as polls show all the key races in America are shifting decisively toward the Democrats.

That's the problem with politics. When one side gains control they get so arrogant (I'm talking both sides here) and in your face that it turns people off.   MAYBE if we worked together (like Norway) and people would actually LIKE government and politics.

BTW - did you know Tommy Thompson's campaign has like ZERO money?  Baldwin attended 24 events last week, Thompson, 4.  He spent so much money in the primary has has nothing left.  That is why you don't see any ads on TV unless they are super pac ads.

I have no problems with tattoos.  I have a few myself, I love them. But . . .COME ON MAN!!!


Our Sweet Autumn Clematis  is blooming and the bees love them.  Funny thing is we can be lounging  next to them and the bees could care less.  I am worried about small animals getting caught though.

This is two of the three and next year we not going to have them go on top of the railings.  As it is now we can barely go down the steps. The aroma is amazing and we can smell them inside the house. I thought I smelled dryer sheets or something until I realized it was the Clematis.

OH - those are all the golf balls collected this year in the yard.  Not that many.  Not a lot of golfers this year.  Also notice the stain on the floor.  Not sure what's up with that.  We will paint it brown as opposed to staining the floor next year. The railings are fine.  Weird.  

OH - there have been some unworldly noises a few times in the last few weeks.  REALLY weird.  Not Raccoons, I know what they sound like (also a weird sound) and not cranes or herons which I thought at first but I have listened to all the bird sounds and nothing is like this. Every bird sound I listen too sounds like a bird.   I was wondering if they are coyotes?  but there is no barking? 

It's weird but I can even picture the sound.  A bunch up yips or squeals with abrupt endings and yes, whenever I see it there is a yellow background. (Maybe I'm having a stroke).

Seriously - we wake up and say WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!   Milo even wakes up and goes to the door.  Lasts maybe 10-15 seconds and then nothing although it does seem like it/they are leavign the area   There seems to be a lot of what ever it is.  

I'm getting a lot of spam from the year 2038. Seems 26 years from now the Spammers have figured how to go back in time.  We are doomed.

How does this happen anyway


Tried to watch "The New Normal".  Horrible show.  GEEZ, "Modern Family" is so funny, lets make a show just like it with two gay guys and a little girl and blah blah.  I was repulsed after 8 minutes.

Speaking of being repulsed.


I went to the dermatologist for my twice a year visit.  Ever since I had a malignant melanoma 20+ years ago I see the doc twice a year.

If you want to ever feel uncomfortable go see a dermatologist for a complete check-up.  Every inch of skin is looked at, scalp, underarms, inside your lips, between your toes, everywhere.

WELL - he says I have a little foot fungus which immediately repulsed me but he says that 90% of all males have it.  Not uncommon at all.  I said REALLY and he says you know why?  I said . . . no . . do I want to know?  And he said it was pretty interesting so I went along.

He says the reason is that we put our underwear on first and then our socks. Whattttt?  YUP - he said put socks on first and then underwear. That way the underwear will not brush against your feet.

I said then would this not be a problem . . . . .everywhere???  and he said no because feet are inside shoes and socks and are always sort of moist.   I said I was a little grossed out all of a sudden  and he said that there are all sorts of things peoples body have that would gross you out, this is nothing!

So remember - socks before underwear. 

See ya!


  1. Okay, so I had to google 'socks before underwear' and came up with a thing on diabetic skin care that also recommends that, but the reason given was not to prevent foot fungus, it was to keep the fungus from spreading via the underwear to become 'jock itch'.

  2. AHHH - interesting yet - seems plausible.