Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Colors - and I WIN!!!!!

What do you say when you have nothing to say?  Well, in the past I just made up shit.  But I even had LESS to say then "before" so I just said nothing last week. 


Yesterday it was stress Sunday.  My Fantasy Baseball team was in the Championship week with $100 on the line and it was so freaking close.  I actually sat down as many of my pitchers as I could.  I had a 0.20 edge in ERA and less in WHIP and wanted to hold on.  HOWEVER - my one relief pitcher went one inning and gave up 2 runs. 

Here is the final result - I WIN!!!! 

Storm had all the ti breakers.  One RBI or one more hit and I lose.


Went to the Danville Mill area and took a few photos and also a few shots that Elwood wanted from around the house.  Our big landscaping day consisted of watering and drinking beer Saturday.  hmmmmm  things have calmed down a little.  LOL

ANYWAY - the sky was pretty crappy - sort of a washed out sky so  few shots got away due to lack of wonderfullness but I did get a few. 

enough for today


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