Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Put away the Champagne

Romney in Final Push to Alienate Remaining Voters 

So I was looking at my results of my fantasy baseball and wondering why I was not getting congratulations and so forth and start to read the directions.   WHAT?  It's not over??   oops!!!  3 more days!!! sigh!!   (Did you know that on the photo.net forums if you put ?? or !! you get an error saying only one ? is allowed, I guess they have memory problems!!!).

So my fantasy team has today and tomorrow to hold on.  I've been riding the Brewers for a month now and they are doing great for me.  For the last month I've had Gomez, Weeks, Lucroy for most of the year and their starters have been really good.  I pulled away a little last night.

Packers - I said if they could go 2-2 in the 1st 4 games they were in good shape!!  So far so good.  I feel it's not that the Packer offense is that much worse.  It's just that other teams had an entire winter to figure out how to beat them.  So now they have to look for new ways.  McCarthy is pretty darn good at that.  Plus - would you rather have them be hot NOW?  or at the end of the season.


Great idea!!! 


So I take the new car to work today and forget that my access key is in the old car.  HMMMMM  I'll have to follow somebody in.  I walk up to the building and everybody is coming out.  Gas leak we're told.    But 10 minutes later we allowed to enter.  No problem getting in. 

Gas was spilled next to an air intake.

I put this on facebook last night - a giant cockroach was crawling across the field in the Bear game.   I thought it was a mouse or something and rewound.  YEW!  


OH the Yahoo Fantasy Football report

The Grinder picked up their third win in a row when they defeated Levi Stubbs 121.90 - 95.90, recording the highest score of the week. With Dennis Pitta delivering zero points for The Grinder, the margin wasn't as big as it could have been. Levi Stubbs goes to 1-3 and falls to ninth place. The Grinder is in second place having also recently run over diebradydie (81.02 - 78.74) and I Love This GAME! (100.52 - 86.02).


The new TV season is underway and it's always interesting what happens in Season #2 of new shows.   You gotta think that most producers and writers, when they create a show are most concerned with the 1st episode and maybe the second episode.  Thinking of season two is ludicrous, just try to get ON TV first. They if you are actually picked up you are stressed out at thinking for 12 to 20 MORE shows for the current year.  You might not make it to year two.

But then you get picked up for year two and GULP - what happens next.

Remember Jericho? - a really good show Year One but died year two.   

Person of Interest, one of my favorite shows looks really interesting as The Computer seems to actually have a mind of it's own. I love the direction this show is going.  Have not seen Season two of Once Upon a Time yet (I'll have all night Wednesday for catching up).

Last Resort was GREAT but I read the 2nd show sucks.  This was one of those show where you put everything into the Premier and they the 2nd episode goes a different route because you had no idea if there would actually be a second show.

OK - nuff said!

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