Friday, December 14, 2012

UnionEd / Rain / Bridgejumper / sigh Droessler

Want to congratulate my buddy UnionEd for retiring this week after 30+ years with the State. Feels a little weird doesn't it UnionEd.  BTW - lots of people were feeling bad after you left Tuesday without saying a PROPER goodbye.

All your life you look forward to that last day and then when it comes, at least in government work is is so anti-climatic.  "yea, see ya".    Keep in touch.

Well now - When Columbus was looking for a new Mayor lots of people were chanting Grinder for Mayor.  Last night I got my first formal request to run for city council against David Bomkamp.  Reason being.

"There are a lot of people from town, myself included, upset with the strong arm of the police force, the lack of support for downtown, and behind-closed-door deals for development."

Well, as you all know I'm not a real political guy and I have very few opinions on anything and pretty much keep to myself never wanting to stir the hornets nest.


actually that is why I would be great on Survivor - I LOVE stirring the hornets nest.  Not going to run though. Seems like a lot of work and meetings. 


I have been to maybe six chiropractors in my life.  Three were witch doctor quacks that would rattle beads above my shoulder and tap parts of my body with tiny play hammers.  Two were great deep massage therapists and then I found Terry Droessler in Columbus.   

Seriously, he is/was amazing.  Soft spoken and caring and actually cracked bones and made me feel GREAT. Took xrays (see criminal complaint on the mention of xray equipment) which on one else ever did.

I only go to a chiro when I REALLY have too after a few weeks of pain.  The thing was that not only is/was he a good chiro but I LIKED the guy. He has a way of lowing your blood pressure just by talking to him.

WELL - then there is his alleged wife.  Seems she has been a very very naughty person the last nine years and reading the criminal complaint I PREY that Terry was one of those "you take care of all the books honey" people and new nothing about the alleged embezzlement scheme going on at St Jerome Church. But . . . . . .  

So many things were purchased  I won't even want to go into ALL the shenanigans. 

Here is the police report if you want to read it - or read a majority of it or maybe just skim for big number$.

Criminal Complaint

What gets me is that the Columbus Police Department investigated THIS business but did absolutely nothing about when 10 people were having their hard drives stolen.

I have two images on Droessler Chiropractor walls.  I think they were purchased with ill-gotten (is that a word?) funds.   Am I an accomplice?

The 2013 Rain Year race is getting close.  After last weekends heavy wet snowfall here is the graph.  2009/10 has actually taken the lead with last year on our tail.  OH - IT'S ON BABY!! 

Rain coming this weekend.



Wouldn't it be cool.

Elwood and I were beering last week and talking about the Packer game.  I said there was a chance for fog or haze or mist and then an idea came to me.

What if it was a hazy foggy game and when the stadium lights were on the light waves would hit the Packer helmets and bounce up making little halos above the players heads.   SWEET!!!


Got an "A" game in my Bridgejumper system.  BET THE FARM on the New Orleans Saints at -3.5.  System is 61-16 in 22 years ATS.

Elwood and I are doing awesome in my NBA scheme.  Up 35ish units.  Had some stress lately but got through it.  And when trying to unstress myself I found two side bets that came through for me.  I love numbers!   When one team was an 8 point fav the UNDER hit 14 out of 17 times. When the other was 8 point dog the UNDER won 12 out of 16 times!!  I played the Under and won.

Going to branch out into my 3rd Sportsbook - I think 5Dimes will get my $$. Elwood is investing more also.  He is actually running a reverse labby on the system . . . but now I'm getting technical.

BTW - I've been working on a project that proves - NEVER EVER buy a 1/2 point in the NBA. 

Josh and Jenny went to the big meeting about the school referendum and came away saying "WHY would anybody NOT want a new school".  Fixing the Middle school makes absolutely zero sense which is my feeling also. 

For some reason I am so proud of those two going to that meeting.  Caydence and Sydney could not ask for better parents.  Both are doing great.

OH - that warm lemon water trick I mentioned?  DO NOT try that if you have a sore throat.  Seems the acid in the lemon and a raw sore throat do not mix well AT ALL.

 Also - in an attempted to Hydrate Naturally DJ and I tried VITA COCO - pure coconut water with orange.  OMG - it tasted like dirty laundry water.   I love coconut juice (from a coconut) but this stuff.  yuck.


keep dry this weekend.


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