Monday, December 17, 2012

Weather - guns - politics -sports

Just trying out some things here!!  I'm not REAL sure what YOU see - I like the "Magazine" look best. 

Packers - when trick plays work you look like a genius - when they don't - wow WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!!!   

WATCH OUT - Winter is on it's way.  According to CIPS, a fairly new research system that takes weather models and compares them to the last 30 years - we got a doozy coming.  20% chance for 12 inches, 60% chance for 6+ inches starting late Wednesday and through Thursday.

Here are two predictions 24 hours apart.  The first was from Sunday morning and the seconds is from this morning - notice not a lot has changed.  Maybe a slight movement north by 50 to 75 miles but things are pretty stable meaning the storm, at the moment, is very predictable.

Right not the heaviest now chances are right over Madison/Columbus.   IT'S ON!!

HOWEVER - some models are saying the storm will more further (farther?) north.

 The latest ( as of late Sunday)estimated snow totals. 

If the LOWS go further north we will have less snow so watch the weather.

This weekend we had 0.47 inches of precip.  


A cure photo of Josh, Caydence and Sydney 

I was contacted by Mary Arnold Assembly District 37woman and asked to run for City Council.  This was the 3rd person to approach me.  I'm starting to wear down!  Actually I believe I would do very very well.  Not only am I used to people being mad at me but I've played 1000s of hours of SIM City which some call a game but Minneapolis used the simulation for city planning.   It's a guns and butter simulation of running a city with all the problems that real government have, taxes, roads, strikes, godzilla. 

I'm seriously thinking about this now.   AM I CRAZY???  I hate politicians - or actually what many politicians have become.

And yes - I would actually be a little more serious.  I would LOVE to have Halloween on Halloween but 51-49% pro Halloween on Halloween is not enough to change.   However I would vote to have a dome placed over the town to keep the snow off the streets.

Rod Melotte - Looking Forward with Common Sense.   snort - I just had beer come out my nose (I wrote this Sunday night). 

Hey - it's not like people don't know me! 

Guns - I said this on facebook and thought it was quotable.

Every few weeks there is a slaughter and every few weeks people say, now is not the time to talk about policy.

Well just when is the fucking time to talk about it. Seems its not between slaughters either.
Here is the problem - no one has a solution. All the anti gun people start running around with their hands in the air saying we should melt down all the guns and yada yada yada.   NOT a valid solution. 

Just like the war on drugs is a losing battle through law enforcement - the REAL way is education.  The guns that are killing people are guns that have been taken from someone else (a generalization but . . ).    

A kid accidentally shooting a gun is not because he was able to purchase a gun. It's because whoever owned that gun was a dumb ass and left it out where he could play with it - I KNOW, I've done that (I was the kid part).  There needs to be more education for people that HAVE guns.  Maybe force them to buy a lock box to store them.  Maybe if someone causes harm with YOUR stolen gun, YOU should also have the same consequence and go to jail also. 

Just thinking out loud.   


Wisconsin is now ranked as the 42nd best state to do business in.  Walkers "Open for Business" is a total failure.  Job growth is now projected to be second worst in the U.S. through 2016.

Wisconsin is Open for Business! What a bunch of baloney.  Walker got everything he wanted and then some, yet it’s not working. Why is that? Could it be that trickle down is the same failure on a state level as it is nationally? 

The thing is I totally understand where Republicans are coming from and on some things I agree. But there has to be a way to have both ways work in unison.  You can't screw the middle class hoping the future will be better and the citizens will all love you in 20 years (like in Sim City).

Lower taxes - everybody is happy, many people move to the town and the infrastructure goes to hell.  Then raise taxes, lots of people will be angry and move away but you will have lots of money to fix things so you can lower taxes again.   Simple.

However - humans don't operate that way in real life.  We are concerned with RIGHT NOW!  Not some promise for wonderful jobs in 5 years.

Whatever - I have bored myself. 


But otherwise - I'm on a winning streak.   Champion in Fantasy baseball. PROBABLY in the Championship in Fantasy Football (I need Shonn Green to run for 10 yards tonight). 1st place in both Confidence football picking leagues.  Won a huge "A" bet on New Orleans and my NBA system is clicking along.   Life is good sports-wise.

Units won

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  1. City Council? Rod you don't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. Frankly you would be in way over your head. Not for you buddy. You would be way out of your league. I really don't think you have any shot of winning let alone understanding anything that happens in City Hall. You are not the guy. No way. You can't do it. Not a chance.