Thursday, February 21, 2013

I have to pitch to the networks.

I thought of a fantastic new show that I have to pitch to the networks. 

It takes place on the Titanic but here is the catch.  Aboard the ill fated liner are all of you favorite characters on TV.

You would have the Modern Family group on one deck and they would have all of the funny disaster jokes, maybe the New Girl cast doing goofy things, Nick would tend bar and Winston would be accidentally pogo-ing passengers. On another part of the ship are the Hawaii Five-O team solving some murder,  the Downton Abby gang would be of course in the high class area while Mr bates is in the brig, below deck are zombies and vampires and of course the Person of Interest team would be trying to stop a murder before it happens. The Once Upon a Time group is dealing with Captain Hook who is trying to take over the ship. Glee and Smash are trying to put on a show and Nucky from Boardwalk Empire is dealing with illegal booze!     

Each week we would have a new group and how they handle the disaster.  It would be AWESOME!  any other ideas for the ship?  

I see this awesome tax break Walker is giving the Middle class works out to be $2 a week for a family of four making $80,000 a year.  I can now see why the middle class is so excited.  Wouldn't want to save that money for tough times when we can super-size a McDonalds meal once a week.


It Seems my Thank You to Melanie Lichtfeld and her sleigh rally in the Letter to the Editor counted as one of my political pieces so I only have one left.  Geez - I did not know a Thank You was now political. 

I was going to have a REAL complaint this week but now I am not.  Here is what I was going to say. 

I think it was great that the CDA is talking about the beautification of Columbus and brought up the building on the corner of S Ludington and E James, and what would happen if the bulging wall currently being held up by a rotting plank should fail, perhaps onto a tourist who is walking by. 

However, when push came to shove the reason nothing is being done to the building is because, it will cost money and is not a high priority. 
Maybe long term residents of Columbus don’t even see it anymore, but for visitors this building is a huge red flag that screams, Columbus does not care about its downtown and this reflects,  not only the quality of life but the sense of community. Who would move to a town that does not care.

This building is the 2nd oldest building in Columbus, built in 1853 so I understand it is loved and cannot just be leveled. But just ignoring the problem is irresponsible. We need to find out just how bad of shape this building is in.

If it only looks like it’s about to fall we need to be creative and figure out how to make this building, which was a grocery store that operated for 137 continuous years, presentable.

I urge the CDA and the City Council to move forward and find out once and for all if this building is about to tumble or, if we can we move forward,  be creative and make this 160 year old building a relevant part of the historic downtown district.

Let’s be proactive, not reactive.      

Rod Melotte

Let's say this building IS fine and it's not going to tumble down.  Is this the best looking fix we could do? Come on man, let's put a little effort into this. It would not cost much to have SOMETHING on this side of this building.       

In fact I bet we could do something like the below for practically FREE.  Get someone to donate paint and get some youth that love tagging buildings to paint it.  There are many places in Madison (New Orleans Takeout for example) that have walls painted amazingly by taggers who are looking for an outlet for their abilities!  Young people that need an audience to show of their talents.  The guy that did New Orleans Takeout used the wall as a showcase and went on to major in art at some big University.


Here is a shot of The Stellanovas from a photo shoot last week. 

Two of the three will be performing at Hydro Street Brewery February 28th with The Big Band String Thing.  Awesome music.  


  Have a great day - OH - a little less then 5 inches of snow starting a little before midnight tonight. lasting until we wake up. 



  1. Nucky and the Dowager Countess! I'm totally shipping that.

  2. Noe that would be a pair to have in a room!!