Thursday, March 21, 2013

2013 Heine Ride Announcement

Its gonna be a fun night.

All I'll say is DJ is drinking a LOT of fluids tonight in prep for tomorrow's hopefully unremarkable virtual morning! 

In other news - only 50 days until the 23rd Annual Ride for Your Heine.

Doug Caldwell and friends (last year approximately 50) ride from Julies Java House to Minnesota Junction (there is actually a Wikipedia page for Minnesota Junction). The 23 mile journey (23 miles in 23 years) has two stops, Beaver Dam and one in Rolling Prairie (where do they find these towns - located between the towns of Oak Grove and Burnett) and ends at Heinie' Famous Pizza.

And yes - I believe I will ride the ride.


Tuesday I attended the 2013 Agribusiness Dinner at Kestrel Ridge. It was the 1st time I had been in that room at Kestrel.  Very elegant.  Alice in Dairyland was there to talk to use (sort of like we were children but . . . I suppose most of her presentations are for a younger crowd).  Good food, lots of great people, sort of a who's who in Columbus and I met a lot of  people I had never had the opportunity to meet before.

Well done Steve Sobiak for putting this together.


I was asked if I could do a portrait for a friend of mine so last week I had a photo shoot at the Sun Prairie library.

And they said I could not take photos of humans!!


Speaking of the weather - long range forecasts actually have us NEAR average in 10 days!  WHOO HOO!!

Cute Corgi photo of the day


The campaign is going well but has come to a grinding halt the last 10 days as I'm having some major problems getting literature printed and will go to an emergency source tomorrow if I don't get it tonight.  Sort of irritating. I hate depending on others and being put on hold.


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