Friday, June 28, 2013

The Magic is gone.

My Belgian Pale Ale came in 1st Place at the Wort Hog contest.  That's two 1st places in a row.  One for my Double Chocolate Stout and now this one.  The next contest has me making an exciting Amber.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   I won't win this one unless I brew it again. 

Problem was I was brewing during a thunderstorm and I didn't get the evaporation I was hoping for during the boil and the beer will be 5-10% weaker.  I guess when the humidity is 85% evapo is not as much.  Plus I did not have a RAPID boil as I should have.

Maybe I'll brew it again but I have to make a Weizenbock for October which I'm looking forward too.  I also want to make another batch of my Frank ZPA (Zytho's Pale Ale).  I need more money LOL

Anybody that is on FaceBook and gets updates from CH3000 (Channel 3) knows that the below photo from my deck is now their Cover Photo. 

6:00AM Vista Circle Columbus

I have a new blog post over at 

Adventures in Disc Golf 

The think I'm having problems explaining to people that Disc Golf is NOT Frisbee Golf.  Totally different animal.   A Frisbee is like a wiffleball, a disc is like a baseball.


Weather - 0.21 inches of rain yesterday in Columbus as a big storm skimmed by.   My question is this.

"Storms will become more widely scattered"  What does that mean???  More storms over a wider area?  The same number of storms but over a wider area?  Same area but less storms?


Last Saturday we went to Costco and got a few things and then put everything in to a tray that use to hole mushrooms. 

When we got home we put things away and Milo fell in love with the box.  when not up causing trouble he was in his box. Sleeping, looking around, watching TV,it was his most wonderful spot. 

Yesterday he threw up in his box. The magic is gone.  Move on, find a new place.  I even cleaned it up but the box is now dead to him.


I'm feeling a little guilty all of a sudden,   There is a Robins nest under our deck in a nice cozy spot.  I looked yesterday and there were 4 baby Robins looking at me.

This this morning I went to take a photo and looked up and said soothing words and then moved to take a photo an PANIC!!!!   They all  "flew" (more like tumbled) out of the nest.

Once they leave the nest can they go back?  Do they go back?  I suppose they know what to do.  I'll keep Milo inside today. 

 Have a nice weekend

Have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The house is a rockin as Thor comes a knockin

WOW - a couple big lightning strikes this morning.  Not THAT close either.  The kind that is so bright you jump and wait for the CLAP!!!  that never comes until just after you let your guard down and then BAM!!! the house just ROCKS!!!

6:00AM in Columbus
 Last night I was watching the weather and there was no rain anyway and Bob Lindlier go all excited at the very end and pointed to a teeny tiny little green dot, barely visible in Iowa! He got all wiggly  and pointed to the fly spec and said that was the beginning and a large, very slow moving storm would be in the Madison area by 8:00.


In the last 24 hours Columbus has only received 0.55 inches - looking at reports in Madison most stations are reporting in the 2.10ish inch range  I see McFarland got 3.65 inches!

Columbus up to 06/26/13

Looks like 2009-10 is trying to keep up with 12-13.  What get's me is how there is so few straight lines, days with NO rain. We have had 15.25 inches more rain then last year at this time. 

This is the chart from NOAA showing Madison's rain


I got called on the carpet by the Chief of Police yesterday about some opinions I posted on the News in Columbus blog.   And I wonder why I didn't get elected?  LOL   I told him to feel free to comment on the blog but questions are never answered. 

I'm actually a little surprised someone takes the time to read it and report to him.  We have agreed to disagree.  He says he wants to be proactive, get things before they become a problem while I say we should be reactive and make sure their IS a problem.  It will save money in the long run.

BUT - when it comes to safety most of the City Council wants to be  REACTIVE when it comes to the library parking lots. Wait until a problem happens (like a death) before anything is done.


and then there is Paula Dean.

Even though I might not be the most politically correct guy at times I do know that when a news organization asks me if I have ever used the "n" word the correct answer is NOT  "of course" and then try to justify it.


DJ and I went to Glide yesterday and DJ purchased two discs (putter and mid range) and I purchased a Leopard (they are all around 8-$12 for our cheaper plastic models).  Most non-pro disc golfers will carry 10 to 20 disc with them.  Like ball golf, no one wants to swing a club at 85% when they have a club for a 100% swing.

New blog - Adventures in Disc Golf


Stay afloat!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brewers / Rain

Columbus only received 0.48 inches of rain in the last 24 hours compared to Madison who generally seem to be in the 2.10 inch range.

Columbus has had 5.25 inches of rain this money or, 142,500 gallons of water per acre.
Madison is about 1.25 inches more then Columbus at 6.57  inches. But when you start getting to those levels does it really matter?

I would think that lawn care businesses are hurting.  I know K&B called me up to see if I wanted the early summer fertilizer.  YEA - my yard needs freaking fertilizer! Every night it gets a fresh does of nitrogen from lightning** and soft water.

** actually lightning causes oxygen and nitrogen in Earth's atmosphere to combine to form nitrogen oxide the main nutrient in lawn fertilizers. But that's not the whole story -- does the nitrogen oxide created during a lightning storm really cause your lawn to look greener?  No, not directly. Winds blow this nitrogen oxide hundreds of miles away so we typically don't get THAT nitrogen oxide.  We probably get Iowa nitrogen oxide.

Unless lightning actually strikes the ground which would break the bond in nitrites and turn them into nitrates which is very beneficial to grass . . . . but I digress.

Last years drought didn't help them but in my book is perfect for my lawn - a dead lawn is a lawn I do love.  This year my next mow will be #10 and I still can not get my mower to the next lower level.  It's been stuck as high as it will go all year.

I won't get into my disc golf adventure here.  I have a new blog for that (a work in progress). I did golf 36 holes yesterday in Beaver Dam at Crystal Lake Farms and I feel GREAT.  Now DJ is going to buy a couple disc's tonight at Glide.

I'll let you know that address for ANYBODY interested.  It's more for myself documenting my experience going from newbie to GRAND MASTER.  Actually I'm already a Grand Master as that is what you call a disc golfer over 50.  In fact that is why I took up the sport as I can be a Grand Master right away!!

Tailgated the Brewer game Saturday.  It was great.  DJ was drinking shots and feeling "floaty" and people were enjoying my Belgium Pale ale.  There was even a game but our seats were in an area where you were not really connected.

We were celebrating balderdashs 50th birthday and a good time was had by all.

HOWEVER - during the game was the sausage races and Dan Patrick and the Danettes were in the sausages.  What many people do not know is what happened to the sausages AFTER the race which is one of the funniest things I have ever heard .  at the moment.

Seems after the race Fritzy gets claustrophobic and starts to panic with his arms over his head and can not get out of his sausage.  Here is a link to the story - go to about the 28 minute mark.

You guys gotta get me out of here!!

I hope every had a chance to watched UNDER THE DOME!!

Watch out for falling rocks in Vernon County

I love this sign. They are on their way to Gettysburg

Have a great day.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

White Squall and TV and disc golf

I watched a movie the other day called White Squall.  I had never heard of this 1996 movie and loved it.

The film is based on the fate of the brigantine Albatross, which sank on 2 May 1961, allegedly
because of a white squall. The film relates the ill-fated school sailing trip led by Dr. Christopher B. Sheldon (Jeff Bridges), whom the boys call "Skipper".

I love all movies with sailing ships and one of the main actors I recognized but could not place.  Then I realized he was the reporter in the ill fated TV show "V".   Not sure if this is on Netflix or not but it's pretty good.

Another TV show I was recently turned onto that I'm trying VERY hard not to watch all episodes at once is Continuum.

The series centers on the conflict between a group of rebels from the year 2077 who time-travel to Vancouver, BC, in 2012, and a police officer who accidentally accompanies them.

It's REALLY good!  

This Monday, UNDER THE DOME premiers about a small town the size of Columbus.

It tells the story of the residents of the small town of Chester's Mill, who suddenly find themselves cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious, impenetrable barrier that surrounds the town. As the town begins to tear itself apart through panic, a small group of people attempt to maintain peace and order while also trying to uncover the truth behind the barrier and how to escape from it (sounds a little like the ill fated Jericho).   It's from a Steve King book.


Doug Caldwell an Army veteran in town on a mysterious mission.
Paul Scharf  an investigative reporter looking into Dougs dealings.
Joey Miller, Eagle Scout, a smart teenager whose parents are outside the barrier and is now having a blast playing disc golf 16 hours a day.
Dan Miester -  a loyal and ambitious Police Chief.
Kelly Crombie the Mayor/politician and owner of Mullins One Stop, who seeks to use the dome as a way to gain control of Columbus (aka Chesters Mill).
Rod Melotte an emotionally disturbed blogger.
Sandye Adams  an aspiring entrepreneur with dreams of escaping the town.  
Jesse Wilson a popular media dude with a dark secret.
Steve Sobiak who is trapped in the town with his partner and teenage daughter.

And Eric Anthon a superintendent who makes contact with the outside world.
Cameo appearance of Todd Frey as random person in the crowd.

This is going to be good!!!

In case you missed the update of the City Council you can find it here.

The most exiting news is that the Council approved a 6 hole disc golf course
Joey Miller the Eagle Scout who proposed this will begin work on gaining funds and sponsors.  Please donate and help - this is a great opportunity.  it will make the park safer by having more people in the park at random times.

Contact Joey at 920-927-3537 or if you wish to sponsor a hole or help donate.  A little less then $4000 is needed and this is a great sport for all ages.

With that said I already have 5 discs and have disc golfed a few times now (hurting my back by not warming up Monday).  FIVE disc you ask?  A driver (can't throw)  2 mid range and 2 putters.   Many disc golfers will carry 15 to 20 disc in special bags and some pros will carry up to 30 discs.  Every disc has a different flight pattern and different ratings. And yes, there is a pro tour. 

I own a Tern / Shark / Buzzz / Aviar P&A / Wizard 

All you really need is one disc to play but like ball golf, more is always better!

Check out this video.  People have put cameras on disc;s to see what the disc see's in flight.  My question is how do they get the camera to always face forward.

OUTSTANDING. I have a lot of that last disc LOL

Going to balderdah's birthday bash Saturday at Miller Park.  About 50 of us will be sitting near Bernie's terrace in the nose bleep (or bleed as you Americans say) seats.   I brewed a Belgium Pale Ale that I tried for the first time last night and it's one of my best brews ever I think.  At least in the top 7.  I'll take a pig to the game to share at the tailgate.

Talk at ya later.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

O'Boy - a new obsession!!

To answer a question yesterday.  I'm not sure if my brother can actually arrest anybody, even if he is an historical reconstruction architect, but I was hoping the authoritative figure in my face would not know that.

If that didn't work I was going to tell him my best friend AND Governor of the great State of Wisconsin, Scott Walker was about to BUY the Springfield Power Plant and move it to Wisconsin be cause we are open for business now.  

I'm pretty sure that would have gotten a reaction.

an artist rendition of the Springfield Power Plant 

OH WAIT - WHAT IS THIS???  Something I found     ON THE INTERNET!!

OH - the gauntlet has been thrown - Game on!

Disc Golf - oh lordy!

So yesterday I went and played ROUND TWO of my new obsession - Disc Golf and even though I pulled my Teres Major muscle a little by not properly warming up (I was so excited) I had a blast for 18 holes.

I throw like an old man but I'm using some muscle groups that have not been used for 30 years so I'll get my distance up.   I put away my driver disc for the time being as they are too hard to control and I only get an extra 30 feet out of them.

But I'm hooked.  Right now Marshal has a really nice course and Beaver Dam has a good 18 hole course.  Waterloo and Horicon have nice courses and of course Madison has a few sweet ones.

I played 18 holes in Springfield ILL at the Lincoln West course.  It was about noon and I drove up and thought I would play a round. Problem was one of the last things I did was remove my 3 disc's into the garage so . . I had no discs.
I went to Scheels which is like a Dicks Sporting Goods on steroids. I mean, you enter and walk under a huge aquarium with schools of fish and they have a full size farris wheel in the middle of the store - IT'S HUGE.

I purchased a Mid Range disc for $7.99 and drove back.  I had a Shark 4402 already (4402 is how it's rated) so I bought a Buzzz. 
4 for speed - how it cuts through air (1 -13)
4 for glide - hot it maintains loft (1 - 7)
0 for high speed turn -  tendency of a disc to bank to the right during the initial part of the flight (+1 - -5).
2 for slow speed fade - tendency to hook left at the end of the flight (0-5).

So - I found hole #1 and took off.  Trying to desperately throw the disc more then 160 feet (a good young pro can throw a driver 450 feet). My Shark is rated at 230 feet.

ANYWAY - I got done about an hour and a half later with a horrible 83 and looked around and my car. It was nowhere to be found.   In fact I didn't have a clue where I was.   It's a big park and I was more concerned with looking for baskets and not where I really was.

I started walking where I THOUGHT my car was but then I walked past a basket that  I had not played.  WTF?  are there two courses??  Did I play the right baskets?  Where is my car?  Man I'm thirsty.

I walked a ways and knew I parked near some building.  About 15 minutes later I found the building and my car - WHEW!! 

And that is my golf story.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Me? A Terrorist? You really want my memory card?

It was quite an adventure going to see my mom in Springfield ILL.

Among the highlights, a Canadian biker gang,  authorities insisting I give them my memory card as I'm now an assumed terrorist, meeting a world famous artist (I guess) Michael J Mayosky and taking photos of him at work, buying ANOTHER disk for 18 holes of disk golf and losing my car in the process (well, I was lost, the car wasn't), and almost getting hit by lightning on the highway (there was no separation between the bolt and thunder which seemed to be directly in front of my car - I KNOW the truck driver I was passing jumped).  

I'll skip right to the part where I was almost arrested. 

 I had always loved the Springfield ILL power plant that rises up majestically into the sky spewing smoke and warming the lake.  So I thought it would be a great photo on a calm day.  

For excitement I took my mom with me and we went to a little boat landing where I got my tripod out and was snapping some photos and waiting for ducks to pass and I moved to get one more shot and a white SUV pulls up and a guy says "Can I help you?".  

I said "no thanks" I was fine and then he asks "What are you doing".  I thought it was rather obvious what I was doing but in case he was ignorant I said I was taking photos.  

He said "sorry, but I will have to confiscate your memory card" . . . . . WHAT??   OK, several things were going through my mind like memory cards cost money and I had photos on the card I wanted and does this stranger actually have any authority to do this and how long will I be in jail. 

He explained that normally the police would be here and I thought, well, why are they not here NOW, oddly I was a little disappointed I got a back-up.  The word terrorist came into play and my mom jumps in saying why would a terrorist bring his mom with him and the guy said you would be surprised. Yes - I WOULD be surprised.  Has a terrorist every been arrested WITH HIS MOM? 

I was still in the "stay calm and reasonable" mode but the other part of my brain was getting ready to be stubborn and thinking how far will I go with this chicken shit crap.         

I went to my car to get business cards and a business postcard which my terrorist cell made for me and when I got back he was on the phone.  

I mentioned my brothers name and while on the phone he was looking at my cards and said "Melotte, he's an architect".  YEA - an important one and he will throw your ass in jail buddy" I was thinking but then he decided that since I looked like "I" was not going to back down like a normal sheep that maybe if I just deleted all the images of the power plant on my card that would be fine. 

I mentioned that the shots were GREAT that I was taking and he said "You should see it at night"  sigh!!   YEA - maybe I could take some pictures!!!  

So I pretended to delete some shots and he took off.   My mom had a great time!!  Quite exciting.  I explained to her that that was not the first time I had to talk myself out of trouble.  It's actually happened a few times now and I was getting goo at it. This did not make her feel wonderful. 

Of course she said that the problem I was mistaken for a terrorist was because of my hair and tattoos.  A dead giveaway.         

Saturday night I was walking around Springfield looking for images and I set up for some shots and I SWEAR this cop card kept going around the block watching me!!  WAS IT MY HAIR??   Maybe I was just being paranoid! 

Well I heard awesome classical music playing and was attracted and walked that direction and turned a corner. On top of some scaffolding was an artist working on a mural that I had driven past a few times the day earlier. 

I stopped to take a few shots and a friend of his climbed down and explained who he was.  His name is Michael J Mayosky and he was working on  mural #109 of his 111 Lincolns.  

He's done some pretty awesome things all around the world.

So I went back to my car to get more equipment and take some good shots. 

He came down and was talking to me and fans and he actually introduced ME to people and I'm hoping to get him to come up to Columbus and maybe paint a wall somewhere. Perhaps a great 1930ish mural somewhere.  The bulging building???  I'll have to ask Bryon Dopkins!! We have been doing a lot of talking lately!  Weird ain't it.

I talked to my brother about this problem with the building and he explained what actually happens  in these situations. 

Putting barricades really sort of screwed the city because NOW, if anyone hurts themselves it's the city's fault and not the building owner.  The city recognizes that there is a danger so it's now in their lap to get the owner to fix it and if he does not fix it then the city can either HOPE no one sues them for millions of dollars, OR go into a couple year lawsuit as we just take the building "imminent domain" which would be MUCH MUCH cheaper the a injury lawsuit.
I'll leave the rest of the stories for another blog.  


Thursday, June 13, 2013

On the Road

After I type this blog I take off for sunny Illinois for a few days to see my mom.  My t-shirts are packed and . . . .well . . . that's about it actually.    I was going to take a laptop but then I see it does not have Excel, but I thought I can use it for photos but then I see it does not have a special slot for that cameras memory card.  It DOES have a USB port and I think my camera also has one . . . hmmmmm.

Yes, yes it does, laptop comes along. 

Columbus only had 0.94 inches of rain last night. Not as much as most places in the area. Fun storm if you liked downed trees and so forth,


WELL - Wisconsin politics is back in the news - The far left Republicans are passing more bills on war on woman and their mandatory trans vaginal ultrasounds (they stick a camera up your vagina and take photos if you want an abortion - IT'S THE LAW, but the right still say they want LESS government intervention - yea - RIGHT). 

And now the Sundance Film Festival has a movie called "Citizen Koch" about Wisconsin Politics.

Here is a link top the trailer

Citizen Koch


Otherwise the terra forming continues.  I GUESS this is the summer when the gravel pit disappears and we have beeping and dump trucks 8 hours a day.We can honestly not here TV at times because of the racket.

I have always wondered how they get rid of pits - now I know.  Literally thousands of dump trucks and a caterpillar.  I look out my window right now and I see three trucks - it's constant.  They are making a huge hill where there use to be a 30 foot pit!  Burying whole standing trees.

 That used to be a full size gravel pit - it extended very far to the left AND right.  I'm still looking for BEFORE photos - I'll find them sooner or later as I put EVERY photo into Light Room. NOT that I'm complaining because it was becoming a dump for a while so . . . . . .

We have most of our accounts moved away from Summet and into UW Credit Union and wow - they are so awesome. Less fees, we can take a photo of checks and deposit them, better online interface. I lost my original debit card and went to the place and they printed a new one - no charge. 


I gotta get ready.

I'll try to blog from ILL tomorrow.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Weather Forecast - "D" for theweekend.


Well, from my yard this weekends forecast got a big fat "F".  But I'll give the talking head weather forecasters a "D" since they missed on the good side.  All week the headlines were.  HALF THE WEEKEND WILL BE GOOD.  No hedging bets here.  Sunny Saturday and rain and more rain with embedded thunderstorms Sunday.   Cancel everything for Sunday.

WELL. Sunday was bright sunny and 82 degrees in Columbus. BETTER then Saturday.  Bob Lindmeier will have to give away an umbrella.! 


In case any Public Enemies people missed it. Susie got married Saturday WHOO HOO!!!


Sports - I was watching an NHL game Saturday night and thinking about game winning walk off scoring in all the major sports.  In hockey scoring is instantaneous.  It's like you are on a teeter totter of emotions, and then  BAM SCORE!!!  and every one goes while.

In football it's a drive or or a sudden burst of speed and you build up to the moment when the guy crosses the line. You emotions are already peaked just waiting to let go. 

Basketball there typically no walk off basket unless it's at the last 0.2 seconds and then it's exciting but really, you have all ready seen 100 baskets so . . . it's just another one but this one wins the game.

Baseball it's either a home run that takes 5 seconds or some hit where a guy scampers in from 3rd.

For my money hockey is the best game winning moment.

Speaking of baseball.  I'm tired of adults giving foul balls to kids.  HEY - we are going to die first, adults should get the balls - the kids will have MANY more chances.

Are Ryan Brauns testicles now the size of baked beans?  Does he need steroids?  A guy in the NHL CONTINUED played with a broken leg!! Yet Braun's thumb hurts and he sits out.  Or did he have a meeting with his lawyers?


We have a gang of Common Starlings (also called European Starling in the neighborhood.  The worlds most hated bird.  Oh - people talk about bully birds but Starlings are the very worst.  In fact the US Government kills 1.7 million starlings every year.  Ugly loud birds that bully all birds and run around in gangs. 

I thought Grackles and Cowbirds were bad but this gang is just a nuisance.  They almost drown out the dump trucks and caterpillars terraforming The Pit. 

Speaking of weddings. Susie's wedding they had brisket - OMG - it was amazing!  I am a brisket fan.


That's all! 


Friday, June 7, 2013

Braun and the House of Cards

Don't forget to to downtown tonight for the NEW HOT DOG CART.  WHOO HOOO

You know you live in a small town when a new hot dog cart is the big attraction on a Friday night.  West James Gallery is open until 8:00 tonight!

In other news, I'm working on trying to get those barricades moved in a little so people can walk on the sidewalk next to the bulging building downtown.  I'm also working on solving this mess in a calm way and have been in communication with BOTH sides.

From my point of view, one side thinks the other side is being a bully and has dug in his heels while the other side thinks the OTHER side is just being arrogant and bull headed.  I think we can get this fixed without too much of a blood bath if handled correctly. 
Ryan Braun - what's up anyway.

Here is the scoop. Anthony Bosch ran an anti-aging clinic in Florida which was reported to also help out with steroids to athletes.  He was an enemy of MLB a few years ago and refused to name names and answer questions.

NOW - for a price, he has promised to testify for MLB against many players but the target is really is Ryan Braun who totally embarrassed MLB last year.  MLB has no failed drug tests for any of the players being named but, MLB says they have a special loophole where if they THINK a player is on steroids, they can suspend.  They have never used this loophole before. 

HOWEVER - the players union has a few things to say about this like . . ummmm . . you are PAYING Bosch to testify??   Seems just a little fishy don't ya think?   Both sides are lawyering up and this will take a long long time.


Took some overhead shots of our patio.   Not bad for just being dirt 5 years ago.

Now if I could just stop mowing my freaking yard every 4 days!  Today will number #8 of the year. I believe surpassing ALL of last year!


I watched Episode #1 of House of Cards and am totally hooked.  If you watched Revenge last year it's like an adult, political Revenge.  This time Kevin Spacey is promised a sweet job in the incoming administration to the White House but is screwed and given a lesser role. It's time to get even.

The great thing about the show is that Spacey talks to the viewer, winking and saying things like "watch this" and then he twists the knife into a politic politicians back (so to speak).  Watch the trailer to get an idea of what I'm talking about.

His wife Robin Wright is helping him along with a cub reporter working in secret. It's a very sexy political espionage plot. The second season is in production.

Here is the funny thing. The ultimate bad guy is President Walker who is working on some horrible education plan . . . . . so Spacey is out to ultimately screw Walker. We need Spacey in Wisconsin.

I am in love with this show! I love how all of a sudden has this southern accent when "at work" but not otherwise.  

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Short and sweet here

Most of my efforts went into me NEWS FROM COLUMBUS WISCONSIN blog.

But a couple sidepoints

1. I have now watched Behind the Candelabra and it's very good.  DJ and I, after reading all the good reviews decided to give it another chance and - it's darn good. 

2. For any of you with smart phones - Sid Meire- the superstar of computer gaming (Civilization), has finally created his first tablet game. Ace Patrol, a turn-based WW1 airplane dogfighting game.  It's pretty darn good and mostly free. 


OK - see ya next time

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Downton Abby vs. Game of Thrones - who has the biggest shocker!

I was giving a presentation to the 6th graders at the Middle School and it was time for them to show me what they had done.  There were some pretty . . . . . interesting effects and a few were REALLY good and one girl did a very nice job with a Justin Bieber image.  However, as soon as it appeared on the screen 95% of the class started booing.

There is hope.


Label for my new IPA

SPOILER ALERT - Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones had their Downton Abby moment this past episode.

Check out the Red Wedding Reactions Compilation. - seems this does not show up sometimes - there is the link

When I read reviews of the books I was warned that heroes and good people died.  In book one a very good person DID die Eddard.  However I had not made it to this part in book three.

Many many people who had read all the books new that this was coming.  A friend of mine asked another friend who had seen the episode what happens.  The response was "Everybody dies".

Well, not EVERYBODY.  Just many of the good people.  At least MY favorites did not die and in fact the only people that died were minor good people.  What was bad was when they killed the Wolf  :-(

Speaking of sadness.  We watched the last 45 minutes of Warhorse.  OMG, how freaking emotional is THAT movie!  And nothing gut wrenching happened.

I've been struggling with new photo software Lightroom 4. The beauty with LR4 (I have heard) is that it acts as a database for all of your photos, BUT, is not really intuitive when learning the "how does it work" part.  Or the "where does it go" part.   I'm on my 4th iteration of creating the files.

It DOES do a lot of wonderful fun things that are easier then Photoshop though.

But what I have found is that while I'm looking at my 15,000 photographs and keywording each and every one and starting over, I'm finding lost gems.

For instance, I had a request for "Lone Tree" and was having one of those "where the hell is THAT photo" moments and found a few others.  In the future all I would have to do is search "tree" and all the images with tree would pop up.  SWEET!!

Lone Tree

My canvas guy has left the country for who knows how long and it's really messing things up. I think I mentioned that once already though.

SO - since canvas has now basically DOUBLED in price and some plans are on hold I'm starting to do more framing WHICH means many of my images can no longer be the 2x3 ration (like 20x30) and must conform to standard rations of 4x5,11x14 and so forth.

This is an oldie but goody but now square.  I might like this better actually.

Umbrellas on the Square

Here is a shot of Mullins in Columbus.  This has actually given me a different inspiration so while I think this is a little . . .gritty it's gottin a new idea in to my head.

Mullins Short Stop

OH - here is something I hate - I logged on to see a quick video of the season 3 finale' of Game of Thrones - after going through the 30 second commercial I get a pop up saying the Video is no longer available!  WTF?   grrrrrrrr


I'm through the Dark Ages in my book (Europe 101 The History & Art for the Traveler).  The Vikings were so misunderstood.

I'm now up to Medieval Religious Art.  Ya gotta love this stuff!!


Who would NOT want this hanging on their walls!  DUDE has a little pee pee! 

Have a great day