Thursday, June 13, 2013

On the Road

After I type this blog I take off for sunny Illinois for a few days to see my mom.  My t-shirts are packed and . . . .well . . . that's about it actually.    I was going to take a laptop but then I see it does not have Excel, but I thought I can use it for photos but then I see it does not have a special slot for that cameras memory card.  It DOES have a USB port and I think my camera also has one . . . hmmmmm.

Yes, yes it does, laptop comes along. 

Columbus only had 0.94 inches of rain last night. Not as much as most places in the area. Fun storm if you liked downed trees and so forth,


WELL - Wisconsin politics is back in the news - The far left Republicans are passing more bills on war on woman and their mandatory trans vaginal ultrasounds (they stick a camera up your vagina and take photos if you want an abortion - IT'S THE LAW, but the right still say they want LESS government intervention - yea - RIGHT). 

And now the Sundance Film Festival has a movie called "Citizen Koch" about Wisconsin Politics.

Here is a link top the trailer

Citizen Koch


Otherwise the terra forming continues.  I GUESS this is the summer when the gravel pit disappears and we have beeping and dump trucks 8 hours a day.We can honestly not here TV at times because of the racket.

I have always wondered how they get rid of pits - now I know.  Literally thousands of dump trucks and a caterpillar.  I look out my window right now and I see three trucks - it's constant.  They are making a huge hill where there use to be a 30 foot pit!  Burying whole standing trees.

 That used to be a full size gravel pit - it extended very far to the left AND right.  I'm still looking for BEFORE photos - I'll find them sooner or later as I put EVERY photo into Light Room. NOT that I'm complaining because it was becoming a dump for a while so . . . . . .

We have most of our accounts moved away from Summet and into UW Credit Union and wow - they are so awesome. Less fees, we can take a photo of checks and deposit them, better online interface. I lost my original debit card and went to the place and they printed a new one - no charge. 


I gotta get ready.

I'll try to blog from ILL tomorrow.


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