Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paint By Numbers?

Is there a "Talk Like You're Tweeting Day" yet?  If there isn't I think we need to create one. #ridiculous    This would mean that since the average word is 5.1 characters and you can use 144 characters in a tweet including spaces each comment can be only about 22 words. #nothingelsetosay


SO - tonight I'm going to the Brewer game #losers with The Postman-2, Mike and Elwood.   Should be fun.  My last game was a complete 4 hour 8-10 bore-fest  #zzzzzzzz


I've been putting on the finishing touches to some Senior photos which I'm not that fond of doing because I just sort of like to go a little crazy sometimes.  But now I have two more sets I have to do #notenoughtime

Here is a crazy one that I did for The Postman-'s son Delou.   I think this one will go in the yearbook #yearbookoncrack


So yesterday at 6:45 in the morning the editor from Disc Golf Magazine is contacting me asking for my photos WITH the names of all the people IN the photos.  I was hoping to get the names the night before but Mike at Glide Disc Golf did not contact me so with 10 emails back and forth with rush rush going to press this week kind of talk I was a little stressed out trying to find names.  #stepawayfromthecoffee

I finally did get all names but holy cow it was early for that.

Here is something  you do when the shot is a great shot BUT a little fuzzy!  CHEAT

No one can see the fuzzy because there eyes are now so fucked up they can't even read these words  LOL   #crosseyed

I think my donut is a little churny in my stomach after looking at that.


My mom FINALLY is getting a hearing aid.  I had to get tough with her.  She hates to spend money.  What got me was that last time I was in Springfield I was talking to my brother and DJ and mom were together and my mom says "I haven't heard anything they have said all day".  DJ says "Don't worry, it wasn't anything worth listening too". 

They had a laugh but I decided I needed to have some tough love with my mom.  She had been talking to her friends who told her the hearing aids they got in the 60s were not worth it and she should save her money.  sigh!

OH - in Fitchburg I was talking to The Wizard my barber and a woman comes in with a look on her face that was not  . . . . normal.  I parted ways to attend to the woman because she looked like she was interested in my art . . . . sort of.  There was an oddness going on but I could not place it. 

Just like Susie the Waitress who can tell exactly how much people will tip as they sit down, I've been able to assess people when I talk to them.  I can tell the difference between the lookers and the buyers.  I've gotten pretty good at ignoring or attending people but this woman was confusing me.

So we talk a little and she really likes this and that and we come to the Yahara River photo which is one of my better sellers.   

So she is looking at it and says "How do you get that Paint By Numbers" look. 

I froze but remained expressionless.

Backstory - in Green Lake a woman looked at a photo and said those exact words when looking at an image.  THAT image has never been seen at an art fair. 

Then a year later a woman said those exact words to me on another photo and I believe I turned white that time before she introduced here self as Kitty ByGosh a Public Enemy friend who was hoseing me. . 

WELL - here it was happening again but it was not Kitty but a stranger . . . . . as I said - I froze but remained expressionless.

LUCKILY - the attacker was SHOCKED at my non-reaction and thought SHE had just sort of insulted the wrong artist.  As soon as she had a SHOCKED look on her face I knew I had just been duped and pointing my finger at her yelled  YOU!!!

and we had a good laugh.

That art fair keeps getting better - had a large 20x60 canvas ordered last night   #yippee

That's it for now

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