Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The worm as turned

AT 7:30 last night, I believe I was in mid sentence, I stopped. . . . . . what just happened.  All of a sudden the ALWAYS behind the scenes throbbing that while had been reduced  . . . was gone.

It was like a wave of  euphoria went over me.  Almost like that euphoria you feel after a really good dump (more on that later).  I felt like running around the kitchen. Did the penicillin kick in?  Is the Vicodin making me into a hope monkey?

I went to bed for the 1st time in 3 weeks in comfort.  Here is the think with Vicodin. It will make you feel good BUT will not really stop pain. and if that pain is severe feeling good will not over come said pain.

ON TO THE ROOT CANAL which is easy.  I would rather have a root canal then a filling.  Seriously.  With root canals they pretty much freeze your whole brain.  Cavities are just local and you feel "pressure" every so often.

Michael Finely - if you read about what he was feeling on the field after his injury?  WOW! 

It all happened very quickly. I remember seeing the defender out of the corner of my eye, and I intentionally lowered my head and shoulders to protect my knees. After I got hit, in the fourth quarter of our win against the Browns last week, my eyes were wide open. I was very conscious, but I could not move. I looked my teammate Andrew Quarless directly in the eye and whispered, "Help me, Q. I can't move; I can't breathe." The scariest moment was seeing the fear in Q's eyes. I knew something was wrong, but his reaction verified it. That really shook me up.

I actually had feeling in my legs, but I couldn't feel much else. On the field, the doctors were going through regular procedures, testing me on sense and touch, and asking me a multitude of questions. But because I was a little panicked, I couldn't breathe, which made it very difficult to answer. I remember one of the doctors telling me to "close my legs," and I simply could not. They ended up unscrewing my facemask before lifting me up on the stretcher. When I was exiting the field at Lambeau, I tried to raise my hand to give the fans a thumbs-up, but I got about halfway and couldn't raise my arm any further. I kept asking the neurosurgeon, "Will I walk again?" His answer was a definitive, "Yes, you are moving your legs right now." Then I asked, "Will I use my arms again? Will I play football again?" To those questions, I simply got, "I cannot answer that yet."


Halloween - FAIL

The first year we lived in Columbus we were all set for trick or treaters.  There were not many houses in our area but we were ready.  DJ waited be the door and all the children walked past our house to other houses.  WHAT IS WRONG!!   We found out later that we needed to have our lights on.

This year we got a huge bag of candy and were ready.  However - all of a sudden it seems our area is the place to go in Columbus.  I know Vista Circle now has 22 kids that ride the bus to school.

So DJ is giving out candy like there is no tomorrow and at 4:00 she says "we only have 8 pieces left" and as those word were leaving her mouth 8 kids came to the door.

Before we could turn out the lights, close the door and hide behind the couch  . . DING DONG!

OH KNOW!!!   DJ gets the door, I come forward and a little too old for this ghost is waiting at the door.  DJ runs off looking to ANYTHING and the kid says"that's OK" and gets ready to go but I give her the look of "NO YOU WILL GO KNOW WHERE".

DJ runs back smiling and gives the kid 2 quarters.  I starting laughing and the kid looks at us oddly and runs off.

Won't have to worry about HER next year.

I stopped in to say Hi to Steve our Econ Adviser and congratulate him on his wedding and he was talking to a Japanese dude.  I was introduced and I asked why he was here in Columbus and he said "Columbus"  He flew to Columbus from Japan to see what our connection was.

Obviously we need to consider an international airport for Columbus. I'll bring that up at the next city council meeting.     

If you see me walking around town - I have taken on the task of assessing parking in the downtown area.

OK - gotta get work done.

BTW - NFL system is hitting about .500.  NHL system is 24-3.  That's right   24 wins and 3 losses and the NBA starts soon - GO BUCKS!!! THIS IS THEIR YEAR!!!  LOL

OH -  " Almost like that euphoria you feel after a really good dump"

Actually this really happens- you know when you dog takes a big one and then runs around wild like for a while?  This happens to humans also.  I'm sure that you have felt a euphoria every so often after a particularly good dump.  This is because some gland is rubbed against that makes you feel this way - it's a real thing, not imagined.  

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vicodin is worthless.

This is a quick update -I've been battling a abscessed tooth for about 3 weeks now.  Going in for a re treatment root canal in a few week.

They gave me Vicodin 325ml for pain that literally did absolutely nothing - I swear it was a placebo and penicillin which the Endodontic Dr.said would kill the infection by the time the weekend was over.  Well, It's not Tuesday morning and maybe it is 15% better.

HOWEVER - I did get a bigger does of Vicodin 500ml which . . . . . . did absolutely nothing. WAS BRETT FAVRE A WIMP??  He was not addicted to it, he was just trying to get it to work!

Anyway - no blogging until I get rid of this REALLY irritating pain.  I even tried pressure points last night. I THINK it's better today - at least it's a different style pain.       


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Obamanation - alternate side parking bandwagon

OK - am I the first person in the world to to say Obamanation?  Can I trademark or what ever so I can make some money n this word?? I bet the right will pay big money.

I was getting ready to put bird food out for my little sparrow buddies and purchased NEW thistle seed (not actually "thistle" but Nyger seed) and Milo wanted to go out.(did you know that Nyger seed goes bad?)

So I let him out and he stopped, crouched down and dashed towards the dogwood.   BAM - this little baby fly's up and perches on our railing for a while look at Milo.

This is the 2nd time he (or she) has down this and he (or she) has been around for a few weeks perching on neighbors houses.  I believe it's a Coopers Hawk. They are dangerous birds of prey that hide in brush, praying on smaller birds and the American Kestrel Hawk. They also hunt songbirds at backyard feeders, perching nearby then swooping down and scattering the birds to a single one out in flight.

I'm glad I'm not only feeding the birds but also providing birds for feed. 

Classic FAILS


For the first time America thinks we should legalize Marijuana


Did I mention that Columbus has a big positive article in In Business Magazine?


Anyone want to get on the alternate side parking bandwagon in Columbus?  We need people to go in front of City Council and express their views.  Now is the time as they are talking about snow and removal in Columbus. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Affordable Healthcare Act computer system FUBR

Needless correction on Mondays blog and I was told to not worry about it but I needed an excuse to bring up the auditorium once again.

The grant money is not from the gov but from private interests. With that said I hope they have looked into public money and grants as I know there is a ton out there (perhaps 25%??).

I needed an excuse to Auditorize the blog because I was playing around with another photo.

Affordable Healthcare Act

Being a computer programmer for Health Services I have firsthand knowledge of the workings of government computer systems and how they are created.  Talking to fellow workers yesterday we were all in agreement that the REAL surprise would have been if the AHA had gone up smoothly. 

Seriously.  I've been in the middle of some major system development and it's a joke on how things get done.  Here is what I believe happened.

The idea comes down from above - we need this system.  At that point they talk to contracting companies who have a bunch of young smart and slick dudes with all the latest tools for system development but no real knowledge of government computer systems which are different then private industry computer systems.

Why are they different?  Because private industry systems are stable for the most part. They always have the latest in technology and upgrades.  Government systems are the trailing edge of technology and put together by roaming teams of other contractors that create their little box of code that works great and then the lower paid government programmers take over maintenance and start to put band-aids and quick fixes to update and make the programs run.

After a while, the systems run perfectly BUT, are like a 100 year old house that add one room every year but with a new style of equipment and builders with vast degrees of expertise. The goal is to make it run as fast and as cheap as possible, not to have perfect code.   It's a well built house of cards.

SO - now the contracting company starts to REALLY nail down what is needed and where the data goes and comes from and how it all fits together.  They are constantly told by the government programmers "you can't do that, it won't work, that pipe will not go through that wall without leaking" but they don't listen, of course it will they say. 

Meanwhile the specifications keep changing as new ideas come in and they realize that the government programmers might be right BUT, they can deal with it later because NOW, it would mean they, personally, were wrong and that will look bad on their resume' next year.  Just because the gov programmers have taken care of the systems for the last 15 years does not mean they know the NEW way to program. 

After a while things are looking better until contracting staff starts to turn over because the young dudes like to move around and health care is so boring and fucked up. This will look bad on their resume'.   So they hire new slick dudes who need at least 6 months to understand the ever changing system.

MEANWHILE - the middle management who are in charge and used to be very good programmers  believe they know the user end and what it needs although they have never had any training on THAT side but, they were promoted to this job so they MUST be experts.

There are troubles in Washington and specifications are now changing daily and all of a sudden the drop dead date is here and BAM!!!  Nothing works.  The contractor round pipes are not talking to the government square pipes and 20 year old COBOL systems are not talking to 1 year old JAVA, C, C++, PHP languages and all hell breaks loose.  


HOWEVER - another point of view has come in which I also agree with

Not sure if I concur.  My company runs some pretty old software.  I do believe that the biggest problem with government computing is the ever changing landscape of requirements.  Private companies do have to react to changes in government regulations but that is only a small subset of what changes that federal and state government programmers have to enact.  Plus because all requirements are still being defined as deadlines are passed.  And then two years or four years later, a new administration (both state and federal) is in and there is a whole new set of rules to incorporate.  Long term planning just doesn't exist as it does in private industry.  That's the biggest issue in my eyes.



Monday, October 21, 2013

The Broadway, Storytime (the music video)

Went over the 615,000 pages read today!  Whoo hoo!  OH - if I only had $10 for each page.

Saturday night DJ and I attended a presentation by The Broadway Theater group who gave people a tour and their vision if what the Columbus Auditorium would become. The Spumante was flowing like sugar at Hydro Street (does that stuff actually have any alcohol in it?).

What I personally came away was more of a reassurance of what I originally thought. These guys got it together and I was once again impressed.

The problem with these types of large reconstruction projects is funding.  But it seems many groups are missing the way to get that funding. It's not that there is no money out there as there is a ton of money out there ready to invest.  Old abandoned theaters are a hot investment these days across America but, the KEY is what will you do AFTER the renovation.  

Investors do not want to put down thousands of dollars on something that will sit empty.

This is where The Broadway (a private enterprise) shines.  They have done their research, have looked to see what works and what is not working for other venues.  The vision is a
multipurpose theater. Comedy club, plays, music, meetings and so forth, the whole range.  Not like the Stoughton Opera House which has a niche of country performances and the like

The government is falling over back-words giving groups with a real vision money and there are investors out there.  I feel this will actually happen.  Estimates will come in early this week.  All the companies are saying that renovation will take 6-8 months.

As for said  renovation.  The key is to keep the historical look and feel while updating with present world  . . . stuff.  New chairs are needed because the old ones are pretty tiny!!   The left and right side of the stage will be widened so the stage will go from 650 sq feet to 1000.

Seating will be for about 400.  OH something I learned.  This auditorium was the first in Wisconsin to have electricity.

Nuff said for now.  Hopefully there will be a REAL press release soon (as opposed to faux grocery store press releases).



This is a shot from The Harmony Bar in Madison.Not sure why I'm posting this but, I was playign with it.   More can be seen at

OH - This is my bucket list concert.  Every so often someone will ask me what kind of music I like to listen too.  I played cello in my past and my favorite composer is Dmitri Shostakovich so I'm always trending towards groups with some sort of orchestral background. How about Symphonic metal.   Nightwish did not have the full orchestra on their tour but - o man.  I would die to see these guys (which actually makes no sense). The are always making concept CDs typically with a full orchestra!  I love love love them. 

Lead singer, Floor Jansen, has an awesome set of pipes and oddly you don't see many Americans with the first name of Floor.

That's all I got - a little groggy today - late football last night! Rod

Friday, October 18, 2013


STAT OF THE DAY - Josh Freeman will be the Vikings 7th starting QB since 2010

Next year Columbus will celebrate our 175th year of existence  AND the Fireman's Pavilion will be 100 years old. The Mayor is asking interested citizens to work together to determine how our City should celebrate.

I think it's a no brainer!  


 BUT WAIT - combine that with

HOLI - The Festival of Colors

But that's not all - you know me - THINK BIG!!!!



Let's think outside of the box on this one. How many times will Columbus celebrate 175 years!!  Maybe only twice?

It would be AWESOME!!

In serious news - Mayor Crombie has been in talks over Columbus getting the new Mexican Consulate which would actually BE awesome.  The Cap Times will have an article on this has a press release.

City of Columbus: Columbus offers free office space for Mexican Consulate office

COLUMBUS, Wisconsin….The City of Columbus today offered free downtown office space to the Mexican government to open a consulate office here. Columbus, with a population of 5,019, is located 25 minutes north-east of Madison on Highway 151 .

“While we are a small community, our central geographic location on five major highways in close proximity to the major population areas of Madison, Milwaukee, and the Fox Valley, coupled with bus transportation between Columbus, Madison and the entire Fox Valley and, our Amtrak passenger station on the Empire Builder line, would make our city an ideal location for a new Mexican Consulate office to serve both Wisconsin’s growing Hispanic population and state exporters,” stated Mayor Kelly Crombie in a letter to Carlos Martin Jimenez Macias, Mexican Consulate General to the U.S.

Crombie noted that Wisconsin farm exports represent a healthy portion of Wisconsin’s $2.16 billion in annual exports to Mexico, the state’s second largest international trading partner.

‘With Columbus being a regional agricultural hub with numerous agribusinesses, including a feed plant, grain facilities for livestock, two major farm implement dealers, as well as a livestock facility, a pet food manufacturer, creamery, cheese exporter, and a new major grain shuttle facility nearby, our city can offer an improved economic gateway between Mexico and Wisconsin”, added Steve Sobiek, Columbus Economic Development Director.

“For these reasons, locating a Mexican Consulate office in Columbus would benefit Mexico, our state’s Hispanic population, Wisconsin businesses doing business with Mexico, and Mexican businesses doing business in Wisconsin,” Crombie wrote.

“Columbus’ aggressive economic development, and workforce development efforts, commitment to a diverse workforce and our appreciation for the growing Hispanic population’s participation in our economic success in a global economy argue that Columbus be considered as a possible location for any new Mexican Consulate”, stated Columbus City Administrator Patrick Vander Sanden.

 We do have a part of town called Little Mexico. This was where Columbus Canning used to house all of the workers for one of Americas largest canning operations.  It was absorbed by Stokely Canning in 1946.

Well done Kelly for the efforts!


CINCO de MAYO BABY!!!   add that to the above list!! 


Is anyone as excited as I am over the Milwaukee Bucks?   This is the year!!!

I mean with guys like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Zaza Pachulia, Miroslav Raduljica and  Ekpe Udoh, I'm feeling it!   In fact once I'm done writing this blog I'm going to go online and look for a Giannis Antetokounmpo jersey.


Heard Coyotes a couple nights ago.  We still have an open window at night. Love the fresh air and it has not been that cold yet.  BUT - pretty soon we will have to shut it I suppose.   Haven't even thought about the furnace yet - I'll have to get another furnace filter.  Gotta love a south facing house - sunlight means everything for house temps.   COME ON SUN!!


I'll have the scoop on the The Broadway Theater next week as there is a big meeting (with champagne) thing Saturday.

OH - anybody have a big square fan I can buy for a few bucks?  Or know where I can buy a new one?  Seems stores don't stock fans in the fall.  Need one for ventilation in the basement for when Elwood comes over (cigarets).  It would be perfect for a window fan.  

Nuff said - have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Man Cave's, Root Canals and Fall Colors

Check out a corner of our basement.

I should have had a before and after photo.   This is the beginnings of a man (and woman) cave.  Since we can't do the entire basement yet we thought one corner was good enough on a budget.  OH - did I mention that 60 inch TV?

You can see Milo says it's awesome we would make an apartment just for him.  I believe he now lives down there.

Since we did not have a TV hook-up I called DIRECT and they put in a Genie system while keeping the HD DVR upstairs and swapping out the two standard boxes for two mini genies.  Problem is we can not turn on the genies so . . . I'll have to call DIRECT today.

And yes - that is an extension cord.  The basement only has a few plugs and none on THAT side of the basement.

And then there is a root canal.  Probably this afternoon.  Dull achy tooth is never good.  Not a sharp pain associated with a cavity.  No biggie actually.  I've had 5 or 6 root canals and frankly I would rather have a root canal then a cavity.  They REALLY numb you up.  No pain for half my brain.  Cavity's are local.   I wish they still used nitrous.  ahhh the good ol' days.


"C" Houston AD+6 (91-77 54.17% 0-2 this year)
"C" Jacksonville HD+7.5 (37-28 56.92% 1-1 this year)
"C" Philly HF-3 yuck!! (43-35 55.13% 1-0 this year)
"C" St. Louis AD+6 (91-77 54.17% 0-2 this year)
"B" Tennessee HD+4 (33-19 63.46%)
"C" Pittsburgh HF-2.5 (43-35 55.13% 1-0 this year)
"C" NY Giants HF-3 (43-35 55.13% 1-0 this year)

big week  7-4 this year.

This is what we see when sitting on our patio.


I had a News from Columbus blog a Tuesday if you missed it.

News From Columbus

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

20-250? Really?

Went to the eye doctor yesterday and my eyes are a crisp 20-250 or in contact lens terms  -7.00.

But the cool thing is instead of dilation which is now old school you can have your eye photographed.  This is the back of my right eyeball.  The little lighting bolts are classified as part of my brain. The carry information from the back of my eye (where they all come together) to my brain.

This is an iPhone image from the computer but you could see the cones (or were they rods).  The black dot is the very back of my eye ball dead center.

Congrats to Kristi Hansen Agnew at Englewood Local Foodsfor being featured in Madison Magazine.

Featured Farmer: Englewood Grass-fed Beef Farm

Located out at the Travel Center Kristi offers grass fed grass finished beef which is way better for you then the grain fed beef.  It costs more because instead of 20 months it takes 36 months.

Less fat, more flavor.  Don't be fooled by thinking more fat means more flavor. More fat means more fat.

We purchased a Chuck roast and made a pot roast last weekend and seriously -it was awesome.  There was a bone in which added flavor and the final result was very very good.  Better then I had expected.  I mean, how much better can you make a normal pot roast right?  

Now I need to talk Kristi into opening up another store downtown.

I've won 7 of the last 8 NFL games ATS.  Feeling good. (well, my tooth hurts).

Did I mention I think I have a root canal in my future?  Tomorrow?

Hey - get this - On October 1st, right before the gov shut down the Republicans quietly passed a measure that said only House Majority Leader Eric Cantor can call for the shutdown to end (unless he gives a designee permission). Not even the most senior GOP congressperson, Speaker of the House John Boehner, is allowed to do it, without permission from his own guy.

The guy in charge of the GOP can't end the shutdown!  

They rigged the rules so of the House to keep the government shut down.

Here is the original rule.

"When the stage of disagreement has been reached on a bill or resolution with House or Senate amendments, a motion to dispose of any amendment shall be privileged."

But - the new rule 

2. Section 2 of the rule provides that any motion pursuant to clause 4 of rule XXII relating to H.J. Res. 59 may be offered only by the majority Leader or his designee.

What a crock of BS the Republican House is!

Started watching a new old show on Netflix - Lost Girl.  A supernatural crime drama. It follows the life of a bisexual Succubus named Bo, played by Anna Silk as she learns to control her supernatural abilities, help those in need, and discover the truth about her origins.

"It’s kind of tough growing up thinking that you might have a shot at being prom queen and find out that you're part of some ageless secret race that feeds on humans."


Friday, October 11, 2013

Extra Extra Read all about it!

I actually have no news!  I do know that The Broadway Theater, also known as The Columbus Auditorium, is having a special invitation only event to show their vision and offer Champagne which normally is not a sign of BAD news.

I don't know if you can see this but that is 200,000 baby.  And right in frot of THE BROADWAY THEATER.


Those grave's from the other day are fascinating me!

According to Football Outsiders the Philly Eagles will win more games then the Dallas Cowboys this year.  7.8 to 7.5

The Packers have a 66.5% chance of making the Playoffs. The Bears 58.7%.

I have many peanuts riding on Jacksonville at +27 this weekend along with 4 other games.

Nuff said - OH - I have a tooth ache for the 1st time in like 20 years!  My dentist is retiring. I've been seeing the same guy since like 1981.  I also need new glasses so I will have to get drops in my eyes for a new script.  I HATE those.  I almost passed out once - seriously.  I collapsed.  Weird.  I have zero problems with ANYTHING but put those drops in my eyes and it's like my blood sugar evaporates or something.

I wear contacts and am poking my eyes all the time but get blurry and - BAM!!  I'm turning white.  I need to have orange juice or something handy! 


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zit - gotta run - have a weekend!!!


Thursday, October 10, 2013


I had the pleasure of meeting Randy Otto in Lake Mills at an art fair.  Here is his latest YouTube video as he plays Churchill.

As I was watching this I had a vision of hit talking in the Columbus Auditorium, his voice echoing in the theatre. --------------------------------

 Speaking of the Audi - stay tuned!  I believe there might be news coming soon.

Some more photos of Door.  

DJ and I always check out odd roadside attractions and historical markers and on the trip home we saw one off the beaten trail and stopped!  Awesome.

The Peshtigo Fire (bottom left on the sign) completely wiped out this little village. 59 of the 76 residents were killed. The town was never rebuilt.   

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Eagle Trail.

Vacation is over, back to work.   Well, DJ is back to working for the man and I'm back getting things done photographically.

I did blog once last week which can be seen at the News from Columbus Wisconsin blog.   I was waiting for the video of the City Council which does not seem to be up.

I have also spent a good amount of time with a new look Newsletter.  If you have not signed up to receive it just let me know and I'll add you to the list.  My site will have a auto signup link soon.   

We went to Door County last week a few weeks early so not a lot of fall color shots but some good adventures.

The first adventure which contributed to the second adventure was at Door Bluff County Park.  We visited The Clearing Folk School which is a week long immersion school. It was closed to the public but the person there asked if we had gone to Door Bluff County Park.  We said no so decided to investigate.  There was no real trail so we started off to find a way down to the water.  About 15 minutes later and with a few stops wondering if we were going the right direction we emerged and were totally shocked.

  As far as the eye could see left and right, hundreds and hundreds of stone  . . . things!

 After spending time there with a little lunch we moved on.

The next day we were looking for a trail and DJ found The Eagle Trail that was listed as difficult so we said WHY NOT.

We looked around for the trail head and it was not where we thought but found what appeared to be a trail and it did look "difficult".   So I started down the tiny "trail" and after 20 feet it was getting pretty steep and we were using trees to keep from falling and DJ said "are you sure this is the trail"?

I said no but let's go a little further. That "little further" lasted another 60 feet when the trail sort of disappeared down a cliff. I stopped and said, "this IS difficult".  And we decided that this was not a trail at all.

A few hundred yards farther on we did find the trail and it was beautiful.   This was more like it . . . .but wait!!  There is more.

   We walk on and the trail keeps getting better and a little more difficult.

We get to the bottom and are walking in a "flat" area (there is never a time when your feet are on solid ground, all rocks and roots) and we come to a family who asks us how far we have come.

DJ says perhaps 45 minutes of walking.  They have a daughter that has hurt her knee and they have been slowly carrying her on the trail FOR OVER THREE HOURS!!  They tell us we are in for a treat.  We wish them good luck and move on.

About 1/2 hour later we come to another couple and chat and they tell us we have a real treat coming.

As you can see the trail sometimes disappears as we need to climb over objects!

Then we see what everyone is talking about!  Yea - the trail does get a little . . convoluted!

 There is a cliff next to us and then THERE IS A CLIFF ABOVE US!

 We actually walk with a billion tons of rock just waiting to bury us!

The trail "smooths" out and we make it back to the top of that cliff maybe an hour later.

As we are walking to the car we see the family just emerging from the woods and everyone is safe.

I'll have more Door photos later this week.


Bridgejumber was 3-0 this week and I'm now at 3-3 in Football forecasting.

The government shutdown is crushing the far right Republicans. I saw a poll that was looking at the districts where the tea party house reps were from and they are getting crushed. 80% said they would switch.  Even Ron Johnson (dead man walking) is wishing the tea party would not hold America at gun point.


We saw Gravity - WOW!!  What a fantastic movie.  Seriously awesome.  The plot is your normal 2 person survival movie but I would see this movie again in a heartbeat.  We saw it in 2D (much better then 1D) and it was just outstandingly beautiful.  It's a MUST see.  I guarantee your stress level will be elevated in the 1st 10 seconds(literally 10 seconds and I won't tell you why).

"Believe the hype: Gravity is as jaw-droppingly spectacular as you've heard - magnificent from a technical perspective but also a marvel of controlled acting and precise tone. - Christy Lemire "

"Cuaron and his team have crafted a masterpiece that is so much more than it seems. All the pieces come together to form one of the most unforgettable movie-going experiences of recent memory. - Jeff Black"


Have a great day!