Monday, December 30, 2013

American Hustle

I must say - it certainly has been an interesting football season.

 I think player of the game goes to John Kuhn.

Packers are +2.5 dogs at home next week.

Packers are 19-1 to win the Superbowl
Eagles are 23.5 to 1
Seahawks are 3.7 to 1


Wen to to see American Hustle this weekend staring Amy Adams, Bradly Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence.

It's a fictional account of ABSCAM. remember that back in the 70s? Excellent movie.  A little plodding at times but the payoff is great.  The characters are fantastic.

MY problem was the East Gate Theater.

I knew right away something was wrong when the big DTS advertisement announcing state of the art audio was very very underwhelming.  Then the movie starts and it's not loud enough.  Am I going deaf?  Yea - it's not an action movie but this was like watching a stereo movie on TV with the sound 1 notch too low.

The side speakers were not really noticed.  This was like watching a 70s movie with 1970s audio.  I want to be IN the movie, not WATCHING the movie.   

I've contacted Marcus Theater with a polite complaint - I doubt anything will happen but . . I feel better.

Christian Bale should get an Oscar.  I was worried Jennifer Lawrence would always look like Jennifer Lawrence in the movie.  She has been in so many awesome movies lately and she is amazing for a 23 year old Oscar winner but she played Rosalyn Rosenfeld perfectly.  OH and Louis CK who never gets mentioned was perfect.

This is NOT a comedy as it is being advertized.  Not even a Dramady.  It's a Drama with a few laughs but nothing more. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Here comes the REAL Artic Blast

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and are excited to get back to work today.  But it almost feels like Thursday so the weekend is near.

I took this photo in Columbus.  One of my favorite houses and the snow was perfect.


Yesterday while having our green beanless Christmas supper/lunch our Coopers Hawk sat on our deck railing watching. 

Coopers Hawk taken a month ago
We need to name him.  I think he was lusting after our turkey. Coopers Hawks give another meaning to our bird feeders.  They used to be called Chicken Hawks because farmers thought they ate chickens.  I suppose Dove Hawks or Kestrel Hawk Hawks are a weird name.  

They eat other birds.  Sort of the Jeffery Dahmer of birds I suppose.  Maybe I should call him Jeffery.

Anyway we did not have green beans because the very last thing our microwave was suppose to heat were green beans BUT . . . . it died.  Who knew microwave's die.  It's like pens running out of ink, I did not know that happened.  So we could get it fixed for $80 or just buy a new one for $80. 

Then there is UPS and Fed Ex being overwhelmed and everybody complaining.  Come on people, you ordered at the very last minute and then blame the delivery people? 

Here is the thing. The economy is zooming (except for Wisconsin it seems - so weird, in fact Wisconsin lags behind ALL Midwest states except ILL) and everybody is buying online.  Then the news is talking about the lack of sales in retail stores in the Christmas season and wondering "why".  Then the next sentence they talk about the overwhelming number of packages being delivered (or not) from online sales.     hmmmmmmm!

A record number of sales online, delivery overload from those sales and brick and mortar stores falling short for some unexplained reason.  

Have you seen this online show "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee"  by Jerry Seinfeld?  I've only watched a couple but the very first one he drives around with Kramer (Micheal Richards) and it's pretty interesting, seriously.  Just one on one random conservation. Richards talks about his tirade 7 years ago on stage and both wish they would have had more fun filming Seinfeld. Richards (a rated 2100+ chess player) talks about  and playing chess with a homeless guy and getting smoked. 

It's a 17 minute show.

Jerry talks to Michael Richards  


Weather - hold on to your hats.  We ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to cold.

There is a powerful arctic blast heading our way.  The biggest of the year so far and should be arriving full strength by Monday. Wind chills will be in the -35 range Monday morning and we might not get above zero for a few days.

OH - looking at my feeder I'm waiting for Jeffrey to fly in as there are 12 doves and a few dozen sparrows and Junkos at the feeder.

Madison has had 7 nights below zero this month, the most since all the way way back to 2008 but we should have at least 2 or 3 more this month.  The -12 on Christmas Eve was the coldest December reading since 2000 when we were at -21.

Madison has also received 20 inches of snow which is above normal. 

The Packer game should be REALLY cold and windy.  If Rodgers plays he will get frost bitten fingers and never play again!   IF he plays.  I would not be surprised if he doesn't.  What if he sits and we win anyway - THEN, will he play in in the 1st playoff game. 

The way the Packers have handled his injury is pathetic. No one says anything and are leaving Aaron out to dry. McCarthy has press conferences and says nothing cryptically, Thompson only comes out of his hole in the spring and Mark Murphy talks about mending fences with Favre. No one has actually said how serious the fracture was so all of us arm chair physicians are left guessing every week until the last moment.  This week?  Next week? Sit him the year?  How bad was the fracture, why is it a secret?

Now we have 5 crows walking around eating old corn bread. 

So that is my story - Today buy a microwave, get a bunch of stuff to wire the basement and something else DJ told me to get that I can't remember what it was.  

OH - I took this shot of Columbus after the latest big snow.

  See ya next time.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Busted!! CPD Catch the Perps

City Council meeting last night.  Not a lot to talk about. First on the agenda was a Winter Awareness video that was  created.  Jesse needs to to tweak the sound a tad to match the lips but it is better then last night where there was no sound and I thought a fake signer would have been appropriate. 

Winter Weather Awareness from Columbus Wisconsin on Vimeo.

The Columbus Sleigh Rally will be February 7th and starts about noon.  I was given credit for a photo but looking at my files that one was not mine so whoever gave it to Fritz (Lincoln) I apologize.

But here is one of my personal favs I took.  Not sure why I like this but for ME it does something.

 and while I was looking at the Sleigh Rally files I came across some nice shots.

Congrats to the Columbus Police Department for catching the couple who were burglarizing houses.

Here is the press release

On Monday, December 16, 2013 at about 11:00AM the Columbus Police Department received a report from a resident about suspicious activity on S. Birdsey St. The caller included a description of a male, a female and a vehicle.

A Columbus patrol officer quickly responded to the area and within a few minutes of the call, conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle matching the description that the caller gave. The occupants and the vehicle itself matched the description of those involved in recent burglaries in Dodge County and possibly the City of Columbus.

The 21 year old female driver and the 32 year old male passenger were taken into custody by our agency on suspicion of burglary. Both are residents of the City of Juneau in Dodge County.

Detectives from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, the Mayville Police Department and the Waupun Police Department assisted in our investigation.

Both persons were booked in the Dodge County Jail pending multiple charges of burglary / attempted burglary. Our department is also anticipating referring charges of burglary to the Columbia County District Attorney’s Office.

The investigation is ongoing


In case you were wondering - the 10 day period from Dec 6th to Dec 16th was the 7th coldest in recorded history.  And AT THE MOMENT this December is is the 23rd coldest.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

White Christmas

I'm saying this before I forget. If you have a cell phone and wish you could recharge it in your car go to Walgreens or True value or whatever and get one of those $2.99 car chargers.  They work great. OR, go to Best Buy and buy one for $6. 

Everything is working out for the Packers.  Now if we can get Rodgers back AND if he is back let's hope he shows no rust from sitting for 7 weeks.  Everybody assumes he will be back but I still think it's a 50/50 bet.


It actually took me 10 seconds to figure out what was wrong. I knew it was wrong but what was it???


Did you know The Beatles never ever sold less then 1 million albums!


Merry Christmas from inside the New World Creative Studio.

Because we did not have enough people at the CDA to have a quorum we sat around and gossiped.

This was going to be Steve Sobiaks last CDA meeting and it pissed me off a little that members of the CDA could not make it because of AN INCH OF SNOW??  Kelly, Nathan and I were the only ones that showed up.

One of Steve's very first assigements was to get a grant for LED Streetlights. He went out and got the grant (which no one thought he could) and now we could be the first city in America to have LED streetlights.  One problem.  No one makes them in America.!!

There were some being made in China and those were tested but they all sucked and burned out.  This was a big risk to the city, spending a half million dollars for street lights that did not work.

OH, there was one tiny town in Alaska that had LEDs.

Finally a company was found and we were about to order 600 street lights.  One problem.  At the same time Los Angeles ordered 114,067 of the same lights!

We got them and became the very first city in America to have LED Street lights saving the city a TON of money every year.  Los Angeles saves over $5 million a year, saving 63% on their lighting bills.

THANK YOU Steve.  Portage is getting a very good Director and Columbus better get it's act together and hire someone with initiative and drive.  Steve will be missed!


Another image from inside New World Creative Studio.

Looks like a white Christmas for Madison and Columbus.  In the last 107 years this happens 69% of the time. The last time we did not have snow on the ground at Christmas was 2006 (2011 we had a "trace" of snow).

The warmest high  was 56 degrees in 1982 and the coldest low was -21 in 2000.

Here is a map of the historical probability of a white Christmas.


Nuff said.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Throwing Romo Under the Bus!

My brother just sent an email saying that Best Buy has a deal for only today for a remote starting Sonic Care Toothbrush.  I had never thought of that but now I need one.  How wonderful would that be to start your tooth brush remotely.  How useful is THAT.  I hope you can lock it remotely also!

What can I say about the Packer game that has not already been said.  The most amazing game I have ever seen, seriously.  I was up late last night watching ESPN and other Sports shows reaming the Cowboys!  One had the Cowboy coach throwing Romo under the bus.  OH, nevermind about the game clock management.  

And BTW - THAT is why social media is so awesome. What fun!

The Onion

ESPN Sports Segment Reveals Science Behind Tony Romo's Shittiness

Dallas Cowboys Release Jerry Jones

I cant wait to listen to Dan Patrick this morning. 

I intend of getting some better shots of these windows today when I pick up my artwork and canopy from New World Creative Studio where I was in a craft fair.  The windows were pretty sweet but I had all my stuff in front of them.


Then there is the city council who shot down the new city website last meeting.

This is  what a mock up of what the new website WOULD have looked like.

But all of a sudden Davidson, after sleeping through a month and a half of meetings it seems, wakes up at the last second and brings up all sorts of "problems" because he is an "expert".

The site does not have enough security and hackers could wreak havoc . . . because hackers love messing with websites of cities with a population of 5000?   The new website would not have special software so blind people could read it and basically the website would not be as good as the State of Wisconsin website with all the bells and whistles. 

So the council decides that since this is not a Cadillac website we should not have it.  COME ON PEOPLE!  Do we NEED a cadillac website or do we want one that looks good runs well and gets the job done.  $7000 is not a bad price.  Being a web designer in the past and helping businesses get websites it's not unreasonable.  Sure the wording of the contract seemed vague but should we spend another $10,000 hiring lawyers to get the perfect contract?   GET IT DONE!

Once again they will analyze and analyze to get the perfect website but not a line of code will ever go up!   IN THEORY, I agree with Davidson but super perfection is not needed.  And where the hell was he in the last 4 meetings.  Once again - inaction is running the city.

OH - back to football.  I'll be in the Championship game once again in fantasy football. I crushed the #1 team and don't even have to worry about starting Calvin Johnson tonight.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why I like Winter

DJ came home from work yesterday saying - "I feel like I'm catching a cold".  Four hours later she has lost her voice and has gone to bed.  I took some swigs of sympathy NyQuil and she stayed home today.

MEANWHILE - ever since CHARTER installed the new 30meg download router in our house DIRECT TV has not worked correctly which SEEMS, to be unrelated but . . . . When I was trying to link the DIRECT TV WiFi to the new router the Genie could not detect ANY WiFi.  Then the Mini Genies in both bedrooms, who are hardwired to the main genie - automatically shut off after 10 seconds.

So DIRECT TV is coming today to see what CHARTER screwed up.

I have to post this - anybody that can not take their eyes off a train wreak . . here ya go!  OH - watch the people that get OUT of their cars.  Good Grief.  And as a McKinny friend says "I bet all the people in cars are saying "why am I the only guy who knows how to drive in this weather". I think I have watched this 5 times now - I like to see where the safe spots are, like shuffleboard. It's like a great NASCAR race!!

PLUS - watch the whole thing - just when you think it's over . . . . . .


 Why I like Winter

Well, I don't LOVE winter but if I'm walking around in my socks and need to go to the store it is so awesome to just slip on my boots. They are like giant slippers.  Don't have to tie anything and are warm and comfy.

OK - it's the only thing I like about winter.  I do love the change of seasons and it makes the month of summer so much better.



336 North Sprint Street - just across the railroad tracks.  I'll be there with my indoor canopy and all sorts of cool canvas creations. PLUS -  Live music from Boo Bradley, holiday gift vendors, free craft table, and a chili cookoff and Hydro Street Brewery!  11:00 to 4:00

This is the first Winter Festival for New World so let's celebrate art in Columbus, or Chili. 

Time to run!  Have a sweet day and stay warm. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sharrows Downtown

Funny thing happened on the way to take this photo.  I was all sent to focus and my contact fell out.  Normally not a big deal but I have found that taking photos of my favorite plant, the red Chokecherry is tough because ANY amount of breeze and the branches sway. 

It was calm.

So here I am with my contact in my hand.  I run upstairs put it in and run down.  NOW there is a small breeze  GRRRRR!!

Anyway the shot turned out average, as I thought it would. It's not like we have never seen snow on berries before right?  So I had to do a little playing with it to make it different then the other 2000 snow on berries I have seen.


So there is this Tea Party Website that lists all the names of anybody that signed the RECALL Walker petition . . . . . . along with all prior felony's, tax problems, political contributions, run in with police and any other dirt the tea party can find on you.

I only have  3 run in's and one is because of DJ not buckling her seat belt!  There goes MY political career!  LOL


Sharrow Downtown how has a outstanding coffee shop.  I've had two wonderful Latte's there and you really need to stop in.  While you are drinking your coffee check out the gift shop - some pretty nice things there!! 

I am sad to announce that Steve Sobiak will be leaving Columbus for greener and friendlier pastures where they actually look FORWARD as opposed to staying the same.  Columbus will really miss his optimism and work ethic.  I HOPE we will fill the the Economic Development/Energy Sustainability roll.  Yes, there is talk of not hiring a Economic Development Director.

What does that tell you about Columbus the City Council.

With that said - I am considering running for the City Council this next year.  And I say that in a legal way.  I can't say it how I would want to say it for legal reason it seems.   So at some point I'll be hitting you all up for $25 to help my campaign (if I actually run which I'm considering).

Columbus needs people that look Forward and feel the key is PEOPLE, not business. Business is of course good but PEOPLE bring business, business does not bring people. You lower property taxes by fixing roads and making Columbus a place people want to move too. Take care of what you have, make it better. 

WOW - what football yesterday.  Amazing games. Green Bay is somehow in the thick of it and can still make it to the playoffs.  "we" need to run the table.  Cowboys next week, Steelers and the Bears.

If The Lions can lose one more game it will all come down to the last game of the year  AGAINST THE BEARS!!  Seriously - how awesome is that!

Of those three games the Bears are the best of the lot.  Lions have an easy schedule, Baltimore, Giants and the Vikings!

We are ALL huge Cowboy fans tonight.  They are talking about the Packers on Dan Patrick at the moment and how Tony Dingy feels the Packers will win the division.  


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Back from Dallas!

2093 miles later we are back from our road trip.

Seriously - I had ONE photo opportunity on the entire road trip.   It was pretty much drive drive drive and then once we got to McKinny (a suburb of Dallas) we were not in a place that was conducive to photographs EXCEPT for the house we were in that had an amazing view of an amazing golf course.
Then drive drive drive home.  We did get the the St. Louis Arch which I have seen before but it is an amazing thing to see.   The tallest man made arch in the world at more then 63o feet high.

So I'll put some photos I took among the words here.

The reason for the trip was a wedding and I bet many of you have seen the groom if you watch TV.  Look for the JC Penny commercials with the choir.  Doug is the tall dude on the center.

The wedding was one of the most entertaining I have ever been to with vows that were tender, humorous and touching.

The road trip was fine as DJ and I made up drinking games along the way.  Take a shot every time you see a Waffle House when going through Missouri and then when you see Adult Entertainment Centers (always closed so I guess there is no sex in Missouri).

  I can not tell you just how freakishly tall that thing is!!

Milo the cat was boarded at the vet and as we let him off he turned his back to me after he gave me a  "I hate you, you are dead to me" look.

When we picked him up a week later I was happy they we decided to buy him again (he thinks he is up for adoption every time he board him).  Oddly when he comes home he is the most wonderful cat ever . . . but that never lasts!

Everyone thinks I'm an alcoholic now because I brought back $200 in Texas beer that you can not get in Wisconsin but most of it was for home brew buddies that wanted a beer brewed by Jester King.

OH - Shiner Bock is the Spotted Cow of Texas it seems.  The house we stayed in had a large screen TV . . . . it was about a 5x8 FOOT screen. Pretty sweet.

Not sure if you can see the windows but at the apex on top are windows you can look out of.  DJ and I did not go up this time.

I did take some photos of what the tiny car looks like to get up there.  It's amazingly small and scary.

We drove the Subaru which now has about 204,000 miles on it and runs like a kitten (what ever that means).

In other news my football system will end up about .500, something like 23-23 with one week to go.

I'm in the playoffs in my fantasy football league.  1st Place in my confidence football pool,  up 24 units in basketball and up 60 units in NHL.  Sports are good.

Then there is Aaron Rodgers.  There was a post on facebook wondering what people thought of Aaron coming back and playing and of the 63 posts I skimmed - 95% were saying sit him the rest of the year.  WOW!

OH - if you think it's going to be cold Friday and Saturday, just wait.  that ain't nothing compared to next week.  I bet Tuesday we will not get above 0.  At least when we are awake.  Midnight Monday will be the high.

A friend of mine posted this and since there is SO MUCH anti Affordable Care Act garbage on the net I have to post this.

Thank-you Mr Obama. After over a decade of no health insurance, both Barb and I will have good affordable health insurance through the health market exchange the first of next year.


Can someone tell me why the house Republicans spent ALL their time in congress trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act????

Next step is to get ALL Americans access to Good, Affordable health care with a single payer system.


I think we should have an arch like this as we enter Columbus.  The Arch was controversial when it was built in St. Louis.  The citizens wanted the money to go towards roads!

I'll save the rest for other times.

Cheers!  Glad to be home - OH - it was 65 in Dallas when we left.  felt like spring.  They have the weirdest grass down there. I think it's called Buffalo Grass.  It's like live grass but totally brown.

An interesting thing about McKinny is that there are Donut places everywhere but many just have a big sign  DONUT!!    I suppose it's like Wisconsin with stores that just say  CHEESE! 

see ya!