Monday, December 30, 2013

American Hustle

I must say - it certainly has been an interesting football season.

 I think player of the game goes to John Kuhn.

Packers are +2.5 dogs at home next week.

Packers are 19-1 to win the Superbowl
Eagles are 23.5 to 1
Seahawks are 3.7 to 1


Wen to to see American Hustle this weekend staring Amy Adams, Bradly Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale and Jennifer Lawrence.

It's a fictional account of ABSCAM. remember that back in the 70s? Excellent movie.  A little plodding at times but the payoff is great.  The characters are fantastic.

MY problem was the East Gate Theater.

I knew right away something was wrong when the big DTS advertisement announcing state of the art audio was very very underwhelming.  Then the movie starts and it's not loud enough.  Am I going deaf?  Yea - it's not an action movie but this was like watching a stereo movie on TV with the sound 1 notch too low.

The side speakers were not really noticed.  This was like watching a 70s movie with 1970s audio.  I want to be IN the movie, not WATCHING the movie.   

I've contacted Marcus Theater with a polite complaint - I doubt anything will happen but . . I feel better.

Christian Bale should get an Oscar.  I was worried Jennifer Lawrence would always look like Jennifer Lawrence in the movie.  She has been in so many awesome movies lately and she is amazing for a 23 year old Oscar winner but she played Rosalyn Rosenfeld perfectly.  OH and Louis CK who never gets mentioned was perfect.

This is NOT a comedy as it is being advertized.  Not even a Dramady.  It's a Drama with a few laughs but nothing more. 

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