Thursday, December 26, 2013

Here comes the REAL Artic Blast

I hope everyone had a happy holiday and are excited to get back to work today.  But it almost feels like Thursday so the weekend is near.

I took this photo in Columbus.  One of my favorite houses and the snow was perfect.


Yesterday while having our green beanless Christmas supper/lunch our Coopers Hawk sat on our deck railing watching. 

Coopers Hawk taken a month ago
We need to name him.  I think he was lusting after our turkey. Coopers Hawks give another meaning to our bird feeders.  They used to be called Chicken Hawks because farmers thought they ate chickens.  I suppose Dove Hawks or Kestrel Hawk Hawks are a weird name.  

They eat other birds.  Sort of the Jeffery Dahmer of birds I suppose.  Maybe I should call him Jeffery.

Anyway we did not have green beans because the very last thing our microwave was suppose to heat were green beans BUT . . . . it died.  Who knew microwave's die.  It's like pens running out of ink, I did not know that happened.  So we could get it fixed for $80 or just buy a new one for $80. 

Then there is UPS and Fed Ex being overwhelmed and everybody complaining.  Come on people, you ordered at the very last minute and then blame the delivery people? 

Here is the thing. The economy is zooming (except for Wisconsin it seems - so weird, in fact Wisconsin lags behind ALL Midwest states except ILL) and everybody is buying online.  Then the news is talking about the lack of sales in retail stores in the Christmas season and wondering "why".  Then the next sentence they talk about the overwhelming number of packages being delivered (or not) from online sales.     hmmmmmmm!

A record number of sales online, delivery overload from those sales and brick and mortar stores falling short for some unexplained reason.  

Have you seen this online show "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee"  by Jerry Seinfeld?  I've only watched a couple but the very first one he drives around with Kramer (Micheal Richards) and it's pretty interesting, seriously.  Just one on one random conservation. Richards talks about his tirade 7 years ago on stage and both wish they would have had more fun filming Seinfeld. Richards (a rated 2100+ chess player) talks about  and playing chess with a homeless guy and getting smoked. 

It's a 17 minute show.

Jerry talks to Michael Richards  


Weather - hold on to your hats.  We ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to cold.

There is a powerful arctic blast heading our way.  The biggest of the year so far and should be arriving full strength by Monday. Wind chills will be in the -35 range Monday morning and we might not get above zero for a few days.

OH - looking at my feeder I'm waiting for Jeffrey to fly in as there are 12 doves and a few dozen sparrows and Junkos at the feeder.

Madison has had 7 nights below zero this month, the most since all the way way back to 2008 but we should have at least 2 or 3 more this month.  The -12 on Christmas Eve was the coldest December reading since 2000 when we were at -21.

Madison has also received 20 inches of snow which is above normal. 

The Packer game should be REALLY cold and windy.  If Rodgers plays he will get frost bitten fingers and never play again!   IF he plays.  I would not be surprised if he doesn't.  What if he sits and we win anyway - THEN, will he play in in the 1st playoff game. 

The way the Packers have handled his injury is pathetic. No one says anything and are leaving Aaron out to dry. McCarthy has press conferences and says nothing cryptically, Thompson only comes out of his hole in the spring and Mark Murphy talks about mending fences with Favre. No one has actually said how serious the fracture was so all of us arm chair physicians are left guessing every week until the last moment.  This week?  Next week? Sit him the year?  How bad was the fracture, why is it a secret?

Now we have 5 crows walking around eating old corn bread. 

So that is my story - Today buy a microwave, get a bunch of stuff to wire the basement and something else DJ told me to get that I can't remember what it was.  

OH - I took this shot of Columbus after the latest big snow.

  See ya next time.

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  1. I think Jeffery is a figment of your photoshop skills. Notice the lack of snow in a picture supposedly taken at TG