Thursday, January 2, 2014

Feed Your Birds!

Well now- here comes the REAL cold weather.  This last cold weather ain't nothin'!  This will be the coldest in the last 18 years.

How about a fun drinking game.  Take a shot every time you hear "Frozen Tundra" for the Packer game.  Game time temp will start at about 2 and drop from there.  Then Monday I suspect Madison/Columbus will have a high MAYBE -5.   YEE HAW!!!  Madison is always a degree or two warmed then Cbus.

FEED THE BIRDS!!  I was looking to see how birds survive in this weather because if I had nothing to wear but feathers I would freeze.   Well, they have lots of ingenious ways but what humans can do is have food ready for them in the morning.  Keep your feeders full of GOOD food. Black oil sunflower seeds are by far the best.  Suet, either in a feeder or on the ground and peanuts are great. Oddly birds crave salt.


I have officially turned in my papers to run for City Council. Not because I have an agenda but because I care.


The NBA continues to do well  +60 units so far this year.   A friend of mine in Las Vegas has been emailing me for picks and I give him good ones, he picks and chooses all the losers it seems.  I think he has lost a few thousand so far but most of it in poker. He wins as much as he loses in the long run so I'm not too worried. He's a contrairian friend.  Whatever he does, do the opposite.  If he puts his money in the stock market, take yours out.


I purchased a new step ladder.  The one we had was from DJs dads house and was a wooden one built before WW1.  Josh called it The Widow Maker.

WELL - it's awesome. I had forgot what itwas like to feel secure on a ladder that did not wobble like Galloping Gurdy on a windy day.

So something I have always wondered about is how do sewer systems work - seriously

So I found this on youtube

Did I mention we had to buy a new Science Machine?  Oh, some of you call them "Microwaves". 

Costs more to fix them then to buy one.  So I went to Sears and all they had were $140 ones so off to Target and I found one for $65.  But then at the checkout I put on a smile and asked for $10 off even though the sale ended a week earlier.  I got it.

Weird thing was that the guy ahead of me had the same card number as mine - what are the chances and get this, he even had my same pin number. So weird. 


Fireman's Pavilion in Columbus  


Then there is Sarah Palin. She defended Phil Robertson and his remarks about homosexuality but I guess when asked on FOX "News" about the wording she said she had not actually read anything about it.  sigh!


Danville Mill just east of Columbus.

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