Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Art, Weather and sleep and the plague

I was contacted by the Cohort Sleep Study people yesterday about my sleep over at UW-Hospital for their 20 year study.

Seems this is the longest sleep study in the world and a lot of things have been found out because of this study which have been published all around the world!!  COOL!!!

One thing is woman with children will lose 600 hours of sleep per child.  13 percent of men and 6 percent of women have sleep apnea. Before the study 1% was the assumed number.  People with sleep apnea are twice as likely to develop depression. People who sleep less than 6 hours a night are more likely to be overweight and have altered levels of appetite-regulating hormones.


Not only do I get paid for being a sleeping guinea pig they want to have me for a cardio study (again, trying to see why I'm still alive) which is an all day thing for big $$! I think a cardio study might be a little more physically taxing then a sleep study though.

OH there will be blogs!  LOL 

Speaking of children - Caydance is finally out of the hospital and it was REALLY close.  DJ is slowly getting over pneumonia, Josh and Jenny are recovering from the Norovirus.  It was a rough week.

DJ caught a cold January 17th and it never got better until a trip to the Doc.  Pneumonia.  AT THE SAME TIME Caydance gets violently ill and after 1.5 days of sickness a trip to the Doc and she is IMMEDIATELY put in the hospital.  Docs say we almost lost her.  Strep throat which poisoned the blood.  AT THE SAME TIME Jenny is coming down with the Norovirus  so she can not take care of Caydance in the Hospital, But then Josh is a day behind with Noro and DJ certainly can't take care of Sydney.   What a clusterf*ck!

Sydney and I were the only unaffected ones.

Last night was the first night in a week everybody was all home at once with their families.

As Jenny says (and others throughout history). People take health for granted until they don't have it.        

Weather - we have actually been lucky in Wisconsin.  Yea the temps have sucked (9th coldest so far) but because we have been so cold and dry the snow is always like an inch.  We have been to far away from heat for REAL snow.

Not like down south where it is going to be seriously catastrophic.  ONE INCH OF ICE???  that will not do anybody any good.

This is the 48 hour surface map- it might change as the day goes - not sure, but it shows the east coast getting hammered Friday.

 The good news is that Polar Vortex is going away and we will become NORMAL which means there are four systems coming our way with snow in the next 10 days.  Warmer weather means snow!!   Biggest one looks to be around NEXT Friday (not the NEXT Friday which is THIS Friday but the Friday AFTER the NEXT Friday).  I also see LOWS above freezing later next week.


I've getting my disc's for disc golf out!!  Ready for spring! 

I've been contacted by a few people saying I need to go to the ice caves in the Apostle Islands.  Yea - I should but all I would get are amazingly beautiful photos!  So while it would be a fun trip (and a tax write off) I doubt I could sell any.  Beauty normally does not sell.  Weird ain't it.  There are just too many beautiful photographs in the world and that is what many photographers do not understand.

BUT - what the heck do I know.  I'm always surprised when something sells and am confused when something does not sell.   

For instance - no way would I have predicted the below image would get any attention at all.  Yet it does.  It's not amazingly beautiful or anything.

But then one of my favorites that I worked a long time on - gets attention but never sells. Go figure.  Flowers don't sell (for me).  OH people GUSH over it but it does not sell.  The above one?  No one says anything, it's like they don't even look at it and then BAM  "I'll buy it".  So odd! 

I'm talking art because I put in my application for the 1st show this year. The Deforest Dragon Art Fair June 6th??   a wonderful art fair.

I'm still considering Art Fair on the Square in Madison (which is one of the biggest in the country). My problem is I have a entirely new canopy set up but no photos of it because the weather last October was horrid.  If I'm going to spend $600+ to apply for an art fair I need a glamor shot of my canopy.  Praying for good March weather.  I have no level ground in my yard so it's a hassle.

I will be in Ale and Arts in Columbus this year!  Look forward to it. 

Nuff said!!