Friday, February 28, 2014

Brrrrrrr - not another commettee!

Accordion to a recent survey, replacing words with the names of musical instruments in a sentence often goes undetected!


I'm getting tired of the talking heads on the news telling us how miserable we are. COME ON PEOPLE - deal with it.  OH - IT'S SO COLD WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!

Well, we can run our water a little here in Columbus.  The frost level under the snow is 25-35 inches but where the real problem is in under the streets where all the plumbing is and the frost there can go down to 5 feet.

But then there is California getting rain and people are complaining - OH IT'S NOT ENOUGH!!  Stop whining people, IT'S RAIN, isn't anything better then nothing.  And then there are so many accidents because . . . . . .people don't know how to drive in rain?  Really?  You mean the tops are still down on their convertibles??

I can not feel sorry for them because they cannot drive in rain.


After today's high (about 4:00) we will have 72 hours of falling temps don't to 5 or 6 below Monday BUT - then we will have an entire week of getting warmer every day.  This is the back side of the polar mass.

We are having what Europe had last year and we all (this blog did) laugh at them last year.  sigh  sorry sorry


Ryan Braun hit the 2nd pitch he say out of the park in Spring Training.  Yea - the games have started, spring is on it's way!


Gotta Bottle an Oatmeal Stout today and am researching a new style of beer (for me) for a competition.  A Saison (Farmhouse) beer.     hmmmmmm  I'm not even sure I have ever drank a Saison.  I think Ommegang Hennepin is a Saison.


There is a plan being proposed by the Mayor for a Marketing Tourism Commission which is a step in the right direction but I think it's not a GREAT plan.  My worry is that the people on the Commission are not professionals and like everything else in Government will take way to long to make decisions.

We need to hire a marketing/tourism PERSON!  Not yet another group of people making slow and ponderous and non-professional decision.  The more people in a committee the longer everything takes.

UNLESS - this committee works in conjunction with a marketing/tourism and is only an advisory board.

I'm not against committees but they are not a replacement for real marketing.