Monday, February 3, 2014

Jimmy the Stick - Year 19

Pretty much nailed THAT prediction on the head.

In case you are wondering the Superbowl props for the first score of the game being a Safety is 50-1 and has happened in two of the last three years.

Montee Ball has now lost three Rose Bowls and a Super Bowl in the last four years.

Seems some players on Seattle are a little mad that they called off the dogs and let Denver score a touchdown.

19 years ago Jimmy the Stick was invented when a friend of mine decided that a stick had as much awareness of his shadow as a stick.  So I went out to find the prefect stick and for 19 years the same stick has tried to be aware of its shadow.

From almost being held by service men from the Truax Air Base to adventures in the trunk of my car in Las Vegas, from being kidnapped and held at ransom to being buried in a blizzard and not being seen for a week. His adventure could fill a small pamphlet.   

This year something new - a time lapse video as the sun comes up.

This is a very short 28 second video. Every 2 seconds a shot was taken and at the end you can see Jimmy's shadow. 

YET another exciting video!  BUT IT'S JIMMY'S FIRST VIDEO (I'll have to learn how to add music).

Of course after I picked up the GoPro Hero3+, Crows, Blue Jays, Juncos, Sparrows show up for breakfast. 
Sadly it did become aware, or not, of its shadow meaning dry air is still over Wisconsin and 6 more weeks of winter is coming.  This year has been almost an exact copy of the winter of 1996 and if you remember that year, the spring was so bad people were getting angry, there was more crime and so forth.

DJ and I flew to Las Vegas to get married and landed on June 9th.  It was the first sunlight we had seen for over 30 days. Seriously. 30 days of clouds and cool weather. Let's hope things change.

This is a good friend of mine - Mike Marquart, he was in my high school rock band Wonderhorse and for a while the drummer in Flock of Seagulls.  Here he is with Mariel Hemmingway.  His wife was at the Grammy'sand stood near Oko Ono (sp?)

Therefore aren't I somehow with Mariel?

Another member of the band designed the Fort Atkinson bridge and numerous banks in the area.  The bass player recently passed away from cancer and his last known whereabouts was he was running some marathon in Turkey.  Lead singer died in Nam and not sure about the lead guitarist.

Then another friend from High School, a fellow photographer is here. . . .

and my life didn't actually start until I moved to Columbus. 


DAMN YOU FAT LARRY!!  You spilled the bird bath AGAIN! 

I need to make a better platform then the one that came with the heated birdbath.  I did not know fat Larry would fly in.

HELP ME run for City Council!

As you all know I’m running for City Council Dist 2 in Columbus and am hoping I can get your support. I’m currently on the Parks & Rec Board, the CDA and have attended 20 of the last 24 City Councils and have lived in my district for eight years (my opponent for like 6 months??) .

My vision is to continue to make Columbus a place where family’s want to move to, meaning better roads, better infrastructure and a better place to raise a family.

If we start taking care of what we have we can start to lower property taxes AND raise property values.

How can you help? A small donation of $25 or even $10 will go far for a few yard signs (cost $10 each) and flyers and so forth. You don’t have to be in my district to help. Contact me through face book or Donate through my blog upper right. 

Thank You