Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Milkweed and Election day

I had a poor garden year last year.  I'm not sure if it was me or the weather or what but it was not as wonderful as normal.  I know I did more landscaping then gardening so perhaps that was it??

 I bring this up because a friend posted something on Facebook about Monarchs and their decline.

I had a blog a year or two ago about their incredible, magical journey north from Mexico and how the ones we see in Wisconsin are actually the 7th generation from when they left Mexico and we are the final wave.  That is why they tend to look a little beat up.

Seems where they all migrate to is an area in Mexico which used to be about 45 acres but last year was 1.65 acres.

Monarchs need our help and they NEED Milkweed for their babies.  Milkweed is the only plant that can provide Monarch larvae with a chemical that makes the adults toxic to predator.

I'll have some Milkweed this year and am going to ask Curt Hanson if I can sprinkle some seeds on his land and will become Johnny Milkweed this year.   If we can get more schools, public buildings, libraries, golf courses and so forth to have Milkweed it will help save the Monarchs.

VOTE - it's Primary day in Columbus.  Get out and vote for School Board and District 1 & 3 Aldermen.

Go here to find out about the candidates   

Oddly Davidson has changed his tune since he disagreed with the rest of the council that roads were NOT a priority in HIS district,  all of a sudden they ARE a priority. .  All of a sudden he is an expert at what he disagreed with previously.  

Then there is Isaac Crawmer " an active member of our local community for more than a year now

More then a year?  sigh.

The word "road" is mentioned 16 times by the candidates. I'm my stump speech I think I say it once. As I've been on this bandwagon for over a year and I'm not jumping on it for the 1st time.


And then there are the 47 people running for School Board 

Too many to talk about but I can actually vote for them.  I think first candidates to 25 win?