Wednesday, February 26, 2014

OH OH - I'm on a RANT!!

At least I know I'm on a rant  :-)

Had the CDA meeting last night and lots of ideas were tossed about but little action. I'm not ranting about that.  It's just how things are. At least there are ideas and visions which I feel Columbus lacks.

However I think we are progressing out of the dark ages and while I don't agree with Alderman  Michael Thom on EVERYTHING I love his ideas and drive and the get'r done attitude which, again, Columbus lacks.

My rant is the City website which literally, a middle schooler could create a better website.  I know there are issues with who would be in charge (which is a big issues) but then I find out it's 100% HTML?   really?  Are we like Battlestar Galactica trying to stay not one, not two, but three decades behind the rest of the world?   

If we stay with HTML code the Cylons can't get to us?

I was communicating with LeAnne Odekirk this morning who used to live in Columbus and was a marketing person for Sun Prairie (they actually have a person for marketing their city) and we had a nifty website for Main Street all set to go live and then they went a different direction and scrapped it.  Even she said our city website was sort of embarrassing.

The Chambers website kicks the City's butt!

The problem is who controls the content. Right now it's a volunteer, no one is actually assigned and that is why we need to hire a marketing person that has webskills to take us into the 21st century.

While I feel we need to keep the flavor of Columbus as an historic, unique, home town community we really need to market so so much better.

As all the candidates are touting roads roads roads because they feel it's what will get them elected there are bigger things that need to be addressed.   Not that I believe roads should not be a priority it's not like there is a magic bullet and BLAM - we have $500,000 a year going to roads.

Yea - $500,000 is what is needed a year for the concrete!   But there are a few hundred thousand of hidden costs NOT included with the $500,000.  Should we ignore? the infrastructure under the road which is being ripped up?  (just playing devils advocate here).        

whew - OK - I feel better now!

HEY - did you hear I'm running for City Council? A donation would be awesome - I care about Columbus. I'm not just a seat holder.  I have a donate button up there on the right and it would be used to cover the cost of door cards and mailings.

Seems Amtrak is looking for writers to go on trains rides and write about the experience -  DUDE - that would be so awesome!!!  I gotta talk to someone about this!

I love Kindle - being able to download the first few chapters of a book before you buy it is so nice.  I've starting to read Divergent so when the movie comes out I will be disappointed in it.

I watched Enders Game with Elwood this weekend. He loved it, I read the book and thought it was a fluff piece. The book is more of a mind game and not an action book but the movie was action.They did not even cover the main storyline, the very reason there are three other books. And the ending of the book is one of the greatest endings I have ever read, yet the movie didn't even explain what happened.

Divergent looks a little Hunger Gamish but so far it's a good read although I have heard the 3rd book of the series totally blows.  I have not read Hunger Games - movie was great though (have not seen #2 yet).

BUT - this looks like a fun romp    


 If you are a Columbus resident RUN YOUR WATER.  While under snow the frost level is 2 feet where there is no snow (streets, parking lots, driveways) the frost level goes down 5 feet and broken pipes in the coming  -15 nights are a real worry!   Keep that water running a little and called Water & Light to get a discount for doing it.   623-5912   (920??) 

Remember - if a water main breaks in your yard - YOU pay the bill!!!